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MTV’s “Teen Mom 2” is a popular show that follows the lives of teenage mothers Leah, Jenelle, Chelsea, and Kailyn. It is a continuation of their previous show “16 and Pregnant” and attracts over three million viewers every week. The main target audience for this highly-rated MTV program is women aged twelve and above. The series gives an unfiltered look into the daily struggles faced by these young moms, sometimes making viewers uncomfortable. Unlike “16 and Pregnant,” “Teen Mom 2” realistically portrays the challenges young parents face while still being entertaining. Despite its educational nature on teenage parenthood, the show manages to captivate its audience.

Leah’s relationship with her ex-husband and the development of one of her twins pose challenges for her. These challenges become more intense when she discovers that she is pregnant with her third child.

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In contrast, Jenelle voluntarily gave custody of her child to her mother in an attempt to mature. Her reliance on drugs and alcohol, unstable living situation, and violent behavior towards her mother in front of the child demonstrate a lack of commitment to being a responsible parent. Instead, Jenelle prioritizes jail time, boyfriends, and drugs.

On the other hand, Chelsea is a single mother who receives support from both her family and numerous friends.

After becoming a mother, she decided to leave high school. Currently, she is participating in GED classes and plans to attend beauty school after finishing the GED program. Along with being a single mother, Kailyn faces challenges living independently while attending college. Unfortunately, throughout her journey as a teenage parent, she lacks support from family members.

A major source of stress for her involves constant custody arguments with her son’s father. As a result, she spends most of her time dealing with these disputes in courtrooms.

“Teen Mom 2” undoubtedly has a significant impact on many viewers who find enjoyment in this reality TV show resembling an emotional soap opera.

While the show aims to emphasize the challenges of balancing teenage life with the responsibilities of motherhood, it may inadvertently send conflicting messages to its audience. Compliments to the media for turning these teenage mothers into celebrities, it has undermined the show’s intended impact on its primary viewers. A portion of the audience finds entertainment in witnessing these individuals’ lives fall apart, perceiving them as already destined for a bleak and unsuccessful future. They believe that the young mothers are derailing their lives due to the newfound “fame” brought by the series.

Viewers may perceive the actions of young mothers as leading them down a destructive path, impacting their families. Some viewers may even consider the show as showcasing an aspirational lifestyle. This reality series has the potential to influence individuals to pursue a spot on reality television through imitating such behavior. Similar messages can also be communicated by other reality shows such as “Jersey Shore” and “World’s Strictest Parents”. Despite tackling different subjects, these shows can be interpreted in multiple ways.

The show highlights the innate love and affection that mothers possess for their children. Although certain teenage moms may have desired to become parents at a later stage in life, their unwavering devotion towards their children is evident. They do not feel remorseful about having their babies and are astonished by the transformative effect of parenthood on their lives. Witnessing these young mothers cope with the repercussions of their decisions can be arduous, and it becomes challenging to not empathize with them.

Despite the risk of feeling lonely and isolated, teenage mothers may make harmful choices for themselves and their children. However, “Teen Mom 2” features these mothers successfully achieving various goals such as finding a place to live, pursuing further education, and obtaining well-paying jobs. Alongside highlighting these accomplishments, the show also offers valuable information on family planning services, different birth control options, factors to consider regarding marriage, preventing substance abuse, and raising awareness about violence among sexually active teenagers.

The reality shows “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” are different programs that offer insights into the events they portray. Their main goal is to encourage teenagers to think about their personal relationships and how they may affect their lives. One commendable aspect of these shows is their ability to effectively show the various financial, emotional, and social challenges faced by teenage parents and their families. The creators of “Teen Mom 2” have made significant efforts to convey the message that raising a baby is not easy. It is important for viewers to be aware of this reality series’ purpose.

MTV’s reality show, despite being inappropriate for younger audiences, provides an opportunity for parents to discuss the consequences of sex with their children. The show’s main objective is to educate teenagers about preventing unwanted pregnancy. Amy Kramer from the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy has observed a significant decline in teen pregnancy rates since the 1990s. These shows offer a realistic depiction of the difficulties faced by teenage parents, enabling viewers to make informed choices in their own lives.

While their peers engage in typical adolescent activities like dating and going out, these teen parents must temporarily set aside such experiences. As a fellow teen parent of two boys, I stay up late watching the show to compare my struggles with theirs. It not only inspires me to enhance my parenting skills but also saddens me when I witness their babies suffering due to their parents’ actions. Despite our different circumstances, we are all confronting similar challenges.

My friends and I, who are also teen parents, watch MTV’s Teen Mom for the same reasons: to see how these young families face challenges and stay strong for their children. It brings us joy to witness their journey towards a brighter future. Sadly, MTV is thinking about cancelling Teen Mom 2 because of Jenelle’s concerning behavior. They believe she should not be a role model for other teen parents. Despite many fans expressing their desire for Jenelle’s removal, the producers refuse to comply with this request.

Furthermore, the other three girls who have taken on their designated roles on the show are now also being eliminated. It is necessary to make sacrifices in order to protect Jenelle from her own behaviors. The issue of whether “Teen Mom 2” conveys an inappropriate message to its audience is subject to discussion. The program portrays both the positive and challenging aspects of parenthood, and it has the ability to motivate or discourage teenagers from entering parenthood. Ultimately, discussions concerning Teen Mom’s influence on its viewers are intertwined with the broader culture of reality television.

Despite the decline in teenage pregnancy rates in the United States, it is crucial to prioritize measures aimed at preventing it. “Teen Mom 2” has the potential to raise awareness among teenagers and foster a more interactive learning environment. While it remains uncertain if the show glamorizes teenage pregnancy, when paired with conversations between adults, it holds promise for educating teenagers about the actual challenges of being a young parent.

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