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Teen pregnancy nowadays Essay

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Some 63% of teen parents depended on public programs for medical needs and

daily living expenses in 1992. This includes needs for formula, food, heat,

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Teen pregnancy nowadays
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and transportation. In Ohio, the state, private organizations and federally

funded programs together provide assistance to pregnant teens and teen

mothers. The programs make sure that the girls are eating well, receive

prenatal care, and get encouragement to stay in school to secure a future for

There are private organizations and communities that have tried to fill the

gaps of these national programs.

A program in the Covington, Kentucky school

district offers an example that few Ohio school’s have tried. Holmes High

School has incorporated a child care center on campus making it easier for

teen parents to stay in school. “I’d have to try to get up real early before

school to get her to a day care. But now I just bring her to school with me

every day,” says Amy Gilbert, “there would be no way I could afford it [child

care].” Holmes High’s Chapman Child Development Center services approximately

40 to 45 teens. With the help from grants and money from the mothers’ Aid to

Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) checks the center manages to educate

the needs of children to the mothers and keep them in school.

The center is also supported by the Federal Child Care Program whose existence

is being threatened by The Contract with America. When asked what the Contract

means to the center’s future, program director Peggy Browning put it simply,

“It is going to kill us. We will not be able to run this place.”

The center’s goals are to improve the attendance of the parents, increase,

their self esteem, educate parents in the needs of their children, and make

sure parents will be able to work in the future. These goals are steps to

insure and educated teens so they may become productive adults in our

communities. They will be less likely to have children again until there are

Fathers are making more of an appearance since the center opened last year.

Some attend the parenting classes and take time out to sit and play with their

son or daughter. This is unusual. The center makes it easier for the fathers

More programs are needed like this in Ohio where the drop-out rate in 1992 was

at 56% for teen mothers. By cutting funding to AFDC (Aid to Families with

Dependent Children) the government would be directly increasing that rate.

A private organization, Directions for Youth is trying to fulfill these

mother’s needs in another way. They want to make sure the girls have someone

they know they can count on. Teen Connection, a program within the

organization, was established with grants from Franklin County Children

Services to set up a volunteer and teen match.

The volunteer becomes a friend to the teen to encourage her to open up and

discuss whatever she is having trouble with or what things she is excited

The matches spend a few hours a week together doing a variety of activities

either with or without the teen’s child. They may go to dinner, or a movie,

the zoo, or just sit home and talk. When the volunteer signs up with Teen

Connection she outlines some goals she wants to establish. They usually

encourage the mother to continue with their studies at school and to think

Lori Severt, 17, mother of 17 month-old Christopher, and Rhonda Roseberry, 24,

have been meeting for a year now. Since then Kerri Sauber, the Volunteer

Coordinator has seen Lori’s self esteem improve and she has become more

outgoing, a trait lacking in many teen mothers.

To give practical help the Lamaze Childbirth Association prepares teen mothers

for the last few weeks in their pregnancy just as much as women. The

association gives a seven week natural childbirth class in Columbus geared to

the needs of young mothers. With the help of grants from the federal, state

and local level the program can be offered to low income girls with no charge,

and make the birthing process less scary.


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