Self Esteem Teen Girls and Marketing

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Deferent forms of advertising, such as magazines and television, play a large role in the low self-esteem In young teenage girls. Self-esteem is a feeling of having respect for oneself or ones abilities. A person’s self-esteem can determine whether the individual decides to have a positive outlook on life or a negative one. Young teenage girls are the likeliest candidates to fall prey to low self-esteem because they are the most targeted age group for most advertisements. “50% of teenage girls are using restrictive measures to lose weight at any given time” (Marker-strainer).

Many fashion and beauty magazines, such as Seventeen'” Magazine and Teen Vogue, all use airbrushed and digitally altered quenches on the Images of their models in their magazine covers. They may make the waist smaller or make the model appear to be slimmer. These images promote an unattainable standard of beauty, which cause young girls to feel poorly about their bodies, which can lead to an eating disorder. Many television ads contribute to the over socializing of teen girls. Young girls worship celebrities and often imitate what they see. A very famous celebrity that young girls look up to is Mille Cyrus.

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She was formerly known as Hannah Montana, the kind and sweet girl next door, now turned Into a wild, out of control, drug addict. She has been seen participating In many lewd activities in public, wearing close to no clothes, and lately on the Vim’s, she was seen trekking on Robin Thicket (famous singer/songwriter). Seeing this, a young girl will think that acting and dressing like a respectable young lady may not get her noticed, but instead behaving wildly and dressing like a prostitute will get her attention. Many television and magazine advertisements only focus on the outward appearance of a person.

They don’t focus on the things that matter such as self Improvement or self respect. It can change a her view of social reality. She may take this information and judge other people solely on appearance and how they fit into the media’s make believe standard of beauty, rather than actually getting to know them. Television and magazines have been a primary source of information that teaches teenage girls messages about beauty and how to achieve It. Research has shown that “Long-term exposure to mainstream media has subtle and cumulative effects on shaping views of social reality’ (Hendricks and Burgeon).

Though we cannot stop the publications of such magazines or the airing or the advertisements on television, It is important that young girls develop a mind of their own and not look down on t Off promote. Bibliography Marker Strainer, Dianne. “I’m, Like, SO Fat! “. Book. New York: The Guilford Press. 2005. 5. Print Hendricks, Alexandra Burgeon, Michael. “The Relationship Between Fashion Consumption and Body’. De. Pamela Gibson. San Diego. 2003. 5. Print. Fisher, All. Dove@ Self-Esteem Program. 2013. Organization Guarani, Anita. “How To Raise Girls With Healthy Self-Esteem”. Article. NY. June, 2012. Web.

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