The Business Behind Getting High Essay

The Business Behind Getting High

No one really knows how long marijuana has been smoked by humans, but one thing is for certain: marijuana has been smoked by all types of diverse people for many different reasons. Some smoke the plant for medical reasons, others just to relieve stress and be in a better attitude towards life. One problem that has always seemed prevalent with marijuana is the stereotype towards “potheads” or marijuana users. Marijuana smokers have always been associated with an unfashionable lifestyle that does not suit an average American citizen.

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The Business Behind Getting High
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They have been classified as “hippies” or “losers.” Law enforcement and political officials believe this “drug” is bad because there are so many criminal sanctions that take place for the procession of marijuana. They also say that marijuana is addictive and leads to long term health problems such as cancer; studies show however, that both of these accusations are untrue. The legalization of marijuana in the United States would drastically reduce crime rates and medical problems, and begin to make the country more stable and efficient through its positive uses.

People have smoked marijuana for thousands of years. Jack Herer states in his book “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” states the origin of the plant:
By the 27th Century B.C.E., the Chinese cultivated Ma (cannabis hemp) for fiber, medicine and herbal use. Three thousand seven hundred years later (circa 1000 A.D.), China called cannabis Tai-Ma, or great hemp, to differentiate it from the minor fiber plants, which were now grouped under the generic fiber term Ma. Their pictogram for true or great hemp is a large Man, indicating the strong relationship between man and hemp.
The name “marijuana” comes from the Spanish name mariguana. Drug slang for this word includes but is not limited to Mary Jane, pot, bud, green, grass, reefer, weed, ghanja, and sometimes dope. There are many chemicals in this plant, but the one that causes the effects of.

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