Psychological Fear of Getting Into an Accident

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You may believe that your worrying helps you avoid bad things, prevents problems, prepares you for the worst, or leads to solutions. Maybe you tell yourself that if you keep worrying about a problem long enough, you’ll eventually be able to figure it out? Our human nature is to avoid emotions that scare us. Who wants to walk directly into what promises to be a painful experience? Well, you are also hiding from potential challenges that can lead to growth and joy. In this paper, I will argue that it is not appropriate to be worried or anxious, that most of what we worry about never materializes or occurs, and if it does occur, it cannot be prevented.I will first consider two arguments that your worrying helps you avoid bad things and prepares you for the worst,, before replying with two arguments that there is never a reason to be worried or anxious.

It is normal and appropriate for Teens to become anxious in performance situations. Getting stressed about school or taking tests can actually be good. Anxiety is appropriate in certain situations, it means you’re awake, conscious, questioning the machine.. there’s so much to be anxious about. For example, I always get worried about an upcoming exam and it drives me to prepare fully. These examples demonstrate how normal levels of anxiety can be adaptive and helpful to your everyday life. To all my eternal optimist friends. “Everything is going to be fine” is not always the appropriate response to every problem or conflict. The sky may not be falling, but it’s ok to be anxious about a potential negative outcome. I have been in two serious car accidents all within a two month timespan. My car accidents left me bedridden for months, and it also put my family in a difficult situation. I am still learning to cope mentally.

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My first car accident happened on my way going to school, I noticed my tire pressure was low so I went to a near tire shop and went out of my daily routine and that’s when my accident happened I drove on streets I never driven on before, The GPS said “turn left”, so i slowed down trying not to miss my left turn and tried to merge on to the turning lane and BAM i get hit from behind and pushed my car forward and I panic. It was probably the scariest experience of my life, this was something I had never experienced before but i kept telling myself it could have all been prevented if i would have gone straight, if i would have just gone straight to school. You really never know what can happen, it’s such a scary feeling. Luckily, I got over the accident pretty fast, I recovered quickly, bought a brand new car and went back to my daily routine, but I still had some feelings of worry and anxiousness. So how can you never be worried or anxious this would ever happen again? The constant thought of “you never know” was constantly in my head.

When I least expected this would happen again, it did. Saturday night after my performances at my basketball game. The last weekend before the spring semester started, I had about a month with my brand new car. Just like any other day, my boyfriend and I were visiting a friend’s house and we stayed there until 11:30 at night. so I let Matthew, my boyfriend drive my car because I don’t like driving at night. I feel safer when my boyfriend drives due to being involved in a rear-end accident before,. I had still been recovering from the first accident. We’d never even imagine we were about to get rear-ended at a red light, just waiting for the light to turn green. T

he shock and adrenaline of the car accident masked the pain I was feeling at that moment, hearing my boyfriend yell for his leg made me want to help him first before I could help myself. I thought I was gonna die when I had the accident. The panic attack I got when I couldn’t get out of the car, I smelled smoke and I thought the car was going to catch on fire. I could not open any doors. Luckily, some kind lady stopped to help us. I thank god for that lady I hugged her and cried to her and said “why? Why me again? I couldn’t comprehend why this happened again? I called my father and my parents rushed me to the hospital. I can honestly say I developed a fear and became very fearful of driving again. I’ve had to ask my mom and dad to take me to school several times because of bad dreams I got from the car accident. These collective feelings have changed how I think about everyday tasks, and even my approach to life. Such, at any rate, are the arguments that theyre should always be a reason to be worried or have anxiety, but they are readily answered. The thing I’ve had to accept is that the car accidents are now a part of my history, a part of who I am, and like everything else I’ve experienced in this journey called life. There is never a reason to be worried or anxious. that most of what we worry about never materializes or occurs, and if it does occur, it cannot be prevented.

When it comes down to it, anxious people fear the feeling of fear. That’s the most scary part – the way you feel when something makes you really anxious. This leads to avoidance, which then leads to more avoidance, which leads to a progressively smaller, more limited life. I know this well, because I tend to be anxious. I’ve learned to manage it better, but I’m that person who prefers to avoid scary things (heights, certain situations, certain risks). I have recently decided to stop avoiding, as much as I possibly can. In most situations, it is worse for you and your life to avoid what you are afraid of instead of facing it.Taking those small, positive, steady steps to banish your fear will do wonders to calm down your brain and your life.

Identify situations that make you anxious, and approach them instead of avoiding them. For example, if you are afraid of public speaking, talk in front of others as often as possible. Over time, you will find the discomfort fades away as you face the very things that used to cause you anxiety,

Many people think it is normal to be anxious, however, God teaches us differently. He said “Be anxious for nothing…” Nothing means no-thing. This means that there is nothing in the world that is worth being anxious about or over. Nothing is big enough to make you anxious, for God is bigger than everything and can handle anything and everything. Any situation that stirs up worry and fear in you is not of God because God has shown us clearly that it is not His will for us to be anxious Every time God speaks to us, He stirs faith in us, not fear or anxiety, hence as a child of God, you ought to reject anxiety. What then is the scriptural way to respond to issues of life such that we don’t give room to anxiety? The Word tells us it is by prayer and supplication. If anything is of concern to you, instead of getting worried about it or over it, go ahead and make a definite petition to God concerning that need. And when you make your petition to God, do it in faith;Anxiety is a plague; it is a disease of the soul. It is contrary to our health and well-being in Christ. It is a thief of time and of initiative. Therefore, you must deny it access into ur life. You must refuse to let it steal your ability to create and come up with solutions.

. You may believe that your worrying helps you avoid bad things, prevents problems, prepares you for the worst, or leads to solutions. Maybe you tell yourself that if you keep worrying about a problem long enough, you’ll eventually be able to figure it out?

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