The Cars Checklist for Research Source Evaluation

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The CARS Checklist for Research Source Evaluation WEB MD http://www. webmd. com/ Credibility The editors and reporters bring their experience from some of the world’s most respected newsrooms such as National Public Radio, CNN, Chicago Sun-Times, Associated Press, Time-Life Reuters Health to name a few. The editors’ select the most important and relevant health events occurring on a given day. They often contain interviews with the medical researchers who authored them, plus interviews with objective experts who can put the research into context and tell the reader what it means in today’s world. Accuracy

WebMD provides valuable health information, tools for managing health, and support to those who seek information. The content is credible & timely. WebMD’s responsibility is to make a clear distinction between news and other information, so readers can readily distinguish independent editorial information from paid, promotional information and other non-news content. They also provide current & seasonal interest such as “Allergy Seasons”, “Back to School Health;” public health awareness, such as “Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” “Diabetes Awareness Month,” and “Healthy Heart Month;” and emerging health trends.

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Reasonableness It is committed to providing information on a wide variety of health topics. It rely on the reader, to choose the information that is most appropriate for them. It also made readers aware that information on WebMD should not be used as a substitute for professional healthcare. Support The majority of stories originate from studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals. The WebMD content staff blends award-winning expertise in medicine, journalism, health communication and content creation to bring the best health information possible.

The Independent Medical Review Board continuously reviews the site for accuracy and timeliness American Heart http://www. americanheart. org/ Credibility The American Heart Association (AHA) publishes medical scientific statements on various cardiovascular disease and stroke topics. The statements are supported by scientific studies published in recognized journals and have a rigorous review and approval process. Accuracy The AHA panels study timely issues such as quality health care, stroke center identification, disease management, and other topics.

These panels examine the complex issues around their topics, issue recommendations, and considerations for clinical and public policy. These reports are reviewed by the AHA SACC (Scientific Councils American Heart) before publication. Reasonableness The American Heart Association uses common language for the evaluation, treatment and outcomes of patients with a range of cardiovascular conditions. Its mission is to provide credible heart disease and stroke information for effective prevention and treatment.

AHA also provides a list of other Web sites that may have information relating to stroke and cardiovascular health and medicine. More importantly, AHA recommends consultation with a doctor or health care professional. Support All AHA scientific statements, guidelines, and scientific/statistical advisories go through peer review. SACC members are invited to serve as peer reviewers. If SACC does not approve of a document or if SACC has specific recommendations and suggestions, those concerns are brought to the writing group.

The writing group is expected to address the comments and modify the document as warranted. KP. ORG https://www. kaiserpermanente. org/ Credibility The health information on this Web site is the responsibility of the Kaiserpermanente. org Quality Committee. The Quality Committee is composed of Kaiser Permanente licensed health care professionals, health educators, members of the management team, and health writers. KP. org complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information.

The Health On the Net Foundation (HON) is a nonprofit organization designed to raise the quality of online health and medical information. Kaiser Permanente. org received the following awards: Innovations in Healthcare Award for Consumer Empowerment from the Adaptive Business Leaders & The eHealthcare Leadership Awards recognize the best Web sites of organizations in the health care industry. Accuracy KP. org website is committed to providing its members and users authoritative and reliable health information.

To achieve their goal of providing online information that is thorough, well-written, accurate, up-to-date, and unbiased, they have developed a rigorous set of ethical and editorial standards and processes. Reasonableness The information and online services provided through the Web site are not meant to replace the advice and cares receive from a physician or other health care professionals. It has features such as “Contact a pharmacist” to provide general drug-related information and “Contact a nurse” which can provide general medical information for non urgent questions only.

The information will help to be better able to participate with health care providers in making informed decisions about care. The services provided through this Web site are for non urgent purposes only. Kaiser Permanente authors and contributors to this Web site are to disclose any potential conflicts of interest they may have. It includes financial relationships or other affiliations with businesses that promote or sell products or services that are the subjects of the health information being considered.

If such conflicts of interest exist, the person would be excluded from contributing to that particular topic. Support All health information authored or produced by Kaiser Permanente staff is reviewed at least every two years. In addition, health topics will be updated as needed when significant new information is published in the medical literature. Health information on the site that is licensed or purchased from outside sources is periodically reviewed under guidelines set by those sources.

Kaiser Permanente provides links to Third Party Web sites to connect easily to additional sources of health information. External health-related Web must meet all of the following criteria: The Web site is provided by an organization known to Kaiser Permanente, it offers relevant products, services, and/or health information, the health information on this site meets standards for thoroughness, accuracy, relevance, and timeliness.

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