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The Centipede Summary

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The Centipede Summary When Eddie saw his sister, Delia, beating his dog with a stick, he felt hate heave like a caged, angry beast in his chest. Out in the sun, the hair of his sister glinted like metal and, in her brown dress, she looked like a sheathed dagger. Bury hugged the earth and screamed but he could not bound forward nor cry out to his sister. She had 3 weak heart and she must not be surprised. So he held himself, his throat swelled, and he felt hate rear and plunge in its cage of ribs.

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The Centipede Summary
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Eddie was thirteen when he was took hunting by his father. He saw and first to Bury that moment when he was firing the covey of brown pigeons they encountered in the forest. The father told Eddie that he could use his shotgun. Email for the birds to rise and then fire,” the father whispered. “You forgot to spit. ” He also added. He told Eddie that hunters always spat for luck before firing.

“Can’t we just throw a stone? ‘ Eddie asked his father. “Its taking us along time” “No. You’ve to wait. ” The father responded.

Suddenly, a small dog yelping shrilly came tearing across the brooding plain of grass and small trees. Eddie fired, his body shaking. The CNN. ‘eye to pigeons dispersed in the wind. He saw three birds, ring to stay afloat but then they fell on the ground. The shot did not scare the dog. He circled around them until Eddie snapped his fingers and then it came to him. Eddie went to the bush to get the bird, The dog ambled after him and found the birds for Eddie. The birds were bloody but the dog scraped the blood with his tongue.

He asked his father if he could keep the dog with him. The father did not allow him at first because the dog might have an owner. But Eddie promised to return the dog once the owner sought for it. Bury and Eddie became fast friends. Every afternoon after school they went to the field to chase quails. Bury scampered off and Eddies sister flung the stick at him. Then she turned about and she saw Eddie. “Eddie, come here,” she commanded. He approached with apprehension. Slowly, almost carefully, she reached over and twisted his ear. I don’t want to see that dog again in the house,” she said coldly. ‘That dog destroyed my slippers again. I’ll tell Berth to kill that dog if see it around again. ” She clutched one side of his face with her hot, moist hand and shoved Eddie, roughly. He tumbled to the ground. But he did not cry or protest. He had passed that phase. Delia was the meanest creature he knew. She was eight when Eddie as born, the day their mother died, Although they lived in the same house, its as if they were miles apart.

Delia always looked at Eddie with increasing annoyance and contempt. One of his first solid memories was of standing before a grass hut. The dirty floor was covered with banana stalks. There was a small box that was filled with crushed and disassembled flowers in a corner. A doll was cradled in the box. It was his sisters playhouse. She already told Eddie to keep out of it, but since she was not there, Eddie went in. The doll looked heavy.

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