the Chemical contamination of food

Food and drinks is a common term when it comes under cordial reception industry. However, employees working under this sector of the cordial reception industry tend to overlook a really of import facet in this industry, safety and hygiene as they continue to affect their superior or invitees with their work efficiency. Safety and hygiene which both have frequently been neglected caused assorted jobs and struggles affecting employers, employees and even the invitees or clients of the industry. In some instances, the carelessness of safety and hygiene had cause a loss in concern, repute and besides legal deductions to companies in this industry. Often there are instances whereby a extremely reputable nutrient and drink mercantile establishment have lost their repute and concern due to negligence in their nutrient readying.

Safety and hygiene is so critical that we can non disregard the importance of it, particularly in the nutrient and drink industry. Good and hygienic nutrient attracts crowd. You will come across a scenario whereby people queue up merely to be served in a nutrient mercantile establishment compared to another mercantile establishment functioning the same nutrient a few doors off. The chief ground behind this scene is that, the mercantile establishment serves quality and hygienic nutrient.

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What draws the significance of safety and hygienic nutrient? It all comes about the deduction of nutrient taint and the carelessness in the readying. Stale nutrient cause by hapless saving and expired groceries are the illustrations which caused nutrient taint. Occasionally, we discover foreign objects in our nutrient and this is due to carelessness and sloppiness in nutrient readying.

Physical taint of nutrient

Food taint falls into three chief categories of definition, and they are physical taint, chemical taint and besides biological taint of nutrient. Physical taint of nutrient is defined as any foreign objects that falls into our nutrient during the fabrication or readying procedure. During the fabrication of nutrient, sloppiness plays a really of import function in the taint of nutrient. Often we come across packed nutrient with uneatable foreign objects in it. This is caused by the sloppiness and carelessness of workers in the procedure of fixing the nutrient.

1.1 The wear and tear of machinery ‘s parts by chance got assorted into the nutrient. Lubricants that are used to grease nutrient processing machineries are besides one of the physical contaminations that got into nutrient. There are some nutrient processors that do non follow with FDA demands to utilize merely unstained steel in nutrient readying.

1.2 Human parts such as hair, fingernails, jewelleries and vesture parts are some of the contaminations that fall into nutrient. Employees working in the nutrient readying sector are non cognizant of the importance of proper frock codification while fixing nutrient. This carelessness greatly affects the safety and hygiene of nutrient readying.

1.3 Storage of nutrient is so of import that many mercantile establishments do non pay much attending to it. Foods prepared are non instantly served to clients. This requires good managing such as covering of nutrient to forestall traveling objects from polluting the nutrient. Insects are prone to teem around aromatic nutrient and may do nutrient taint. There are so many factors related to physical taint of nutrient that it is impossible to depict each and every item herewith. Thus we will go on with some other factors such as chemical taint of nutrient.

2 ) Chemical taint of nutrient

Chemical taint of nutrient is defined as nutrient being contaminated by other chemicals by chance. What are those risky chemicals?

2.1 One of the critical chemical that contaminates our nutrient is pollution. Pollution can be classified in to the pollution of air, H2O and dirt.

2.1.1 Pollution of air occurs when pesticide sprays are being used excessively close to foodstuff doing the air covering the nutrient material to be full of risky pesticide sprays. In farms, pollution of air occurs when a big sum of pesticides spray are being used on to the plantations doing the nutrient to be chemically contaminated

2.1.2 Pollution of H2O happens when untreated H2O is used in nutrient readying. Water which is non decently stored in containers might hold been exposed to contaminations. Iron pipes which are used to present H2O might incorporate unwanted elements which might respond with nutrient which is risky to wellness.

2.1.3 Pollution of dirt happens in plantations where our veggies are being planted. Often husbandmans over-use carnal drugs and agrochemicals which result in the taint of dirt. Dirt may even dwell of toxic metals from toxic waste being disposed at the country of plantation. These chemicals when consumed or ingested are highly risky to wellness.

2.2 Food additives are frequently added to nutrient to heighten the gustatory sensation or to widen the shelf life of the nutrient. However, these additives are subjected to specify exposure degrees and international nutrient safety criterions. Food over exposed to nutrient additives might ensue in a chemical alteration and will be risky to wellness. For case, the World Health Organization ( WHO ) has recognized a few chemicals such as Bisphenol A, Melamine and Acrylamide to be a wellness issue when there are excessively being added into nutrient.

3 ) Biological taint of nutrient

Biological taint is defined as nutrient incorporating natural happening substances which are toxicant or risky when consumed.

3.1 Employees ever neglect hygiene in nutrient readying. We have come across instances where employees work in nutrient and drink sector do non rinse their custodies after utilizing the lavatory. Employees should understand that 1000000s of sources stick on to their custodies after they use the lavatory. Other than that, things that we touch mundane such as money, stairway railing or shopping carts are full of sources unseeable to our bare eyes.

3.2 In nutrient readying industry, proper frock codification should be implemented. This happens when workers tend to sneeze and cough when they are working. This causes a batch of bacteriums or sources to set down on the nutrient, doing it to be biologically contaminated.

3.3 Food besides can be contaminated biologically when natural nutrient is being processed on contaminated surfaces. There are instances where financially hapless states trying to do bigger net income by pretermiting safety and hygiene. Raw nutrient which is processed on surfaces contaminated with virus, bacteriums, sources soil and dust, will be highly unsafe to wellness when consumed.

This concludes the three contaminations that affect the safety and hygiene of nutrient.

Question 1 ( B ) : What is the definition of portable H2O, explicate its utilizations.


Water is the most critical resource to life on Earth. Water covers 70.9 per centum of the Earth ‘s surface and even 60 per centum of our human organic structure consists of H2O. Without nutrient, human can populate up to 49 yearss, nevertheless without H2O human being can merely populate up to 7 yearss. Clean H2O is highly indispensable to human and other life signifiers.

1.1 Portable H2O is defined as H2O with entire dissolved solid contents at about 150ppm which is suited for imbibing and healthful intents.

1.2The Earth we are remaining in is full of H2O beginnings. However, non all of this H2O is fit for ingestion and healthful intents. In order to bring forth portable H2O, different H2O from different beginnings is treated with different ways and methods in order to bring forth portable H2O.

1.2.1Sea H2O undergoes desalinization procedure by distillment. Then the H2O will be treated with brassy ousters. The desalinated H2O will so be remineralised to accomplish the coveted solid content degree.

1.2.2Water which has been used for healthful intents can besides be treated in order to obtain portable H2O. The healthful H2O will undergo aerophilic decomposition to take all unwanted residues to obtain clear H2O. Then this H2O will be treated with coagulants and Cl dosing.

1.2.3 Water from river or lakes can besides be treated to obtain portable H2O which is fit for ingestion and healthful intents. River or lake H2O will be treated with coagulant and subsequently on Cl dosed to obtain portable H2O.

1.3 Nowadays, portable H2O is used widely in all Fieldss of nutrient and drink industry. Portable is used to guarantee the safety and hygiene of the H2O used. We might non cognize the quality of H2O fluxing from our pat but we do see jammed portable H2O as an confidence of safety and hygiene.

1.3.1 Portable H2O is developed to forestall any unwanted pathogens, diseases vectors or waterborne diseases that are normally found in H2O. It besides prevents ingestion of contaminations found to be in Catholic Popes presenting H2O beginning.

1.3.2In nutrient and drink industry, portable H2O is used widely as imbibing H2O or in nutrient readying. Portable H2O is specially treated in order for it to be fit for ingestion. Portable H2O may non be of merely jammed mineral H2O or imbibing H2O. Portable H2O may besides be referred to as filtered H2O by aftermarket filters attached to our H2O pipes. These stand entirely H2O filters filter H2O to a desirable solid content and cleanliness degree so that it is fit for ingestion.

1.3.3Portable H2O is besides used for healthful intents. As said earlier, H2O may incorporate of waterborne diseases and pathogens may be harmful to worlds. Portable H2O is used in bathing or cleaning procedure so as to avoid any diseases or illness to human being.


In decision, safety and hygiene is a really of import facet non merely in cordial reception industry but besides our mundane life. Good safety and hygiene must ever be practiced so in order to accomplish better life. Good safety and hygiene must non merely be practiced in nutrient readying, but besides the nutrient we eat. Always use portable H2O which is free of all waterborne diseases, pathogens and virus vectors for ingestion and healthful intents. In nutrient readying, ever pattern good safety and hygiene so as to avoid any contaminations from polluting the nutrient in any of the agencies.

Question 2 ( a ) . What should the director do about and employee who reports to work with the following symptoms: febrility, coughing and a sore pharynx?


Cordial reception industry is an industry which consists of nutrient and drink, touristry and lodging constitution. Most of the clip, employees of the cordial reception industry have to service and function invitees or clients. That is why employees have to pattern good safety and hygiene at all times.

Food readying is one of the Fieldss in cordial reception industry. This field requires really good pattern of safety and hygiene. Employees must be in proper frock codification all the clip and must disinfect their custodies to avoid any sources on their custodies before fixing nutrient for clients. This is really of import as clients might be infected if sources appear on food-stuff.

In hotels and lodging constitutions, front office forces have to confront a batch of clients daily. Employees have to pattern good safety and hygiene to their ain training in order to go forth a good feeling to clients as the front office gives clients an feeling of the whole housing constitution.

2a. 1 If an employee studies to work with symptoms of febrility, coughing and a sore pharynx, the director should go to to this employee instantly. The director must place the earnestness of the employee ‘s unwellness. If the employee have serious marks of illness and may be contagious, the employee should be stopped from work instantly.

2a.1.1 Worker with contagious illness should non be allowed to work, particularly in the cordial reception industry as the cordial reception industry. This is because workers frequently have to be in contact with clients. If employees are down with contagious illness, clients will besides be infected.

2a.2 The several worker should be instantly stopped from work. No affair how serious the illness symptoms are, employees should n’t be allowed to be in contact with invitees or clients. If invitees are infected by employees or workers, the eating house or hotel will lose their repute. In some instances, eating houses even got involved in legal deductions merely because of clients who are infected with illness because of employees.

2a.3 The worker or employee that reported to work with sickness symptoms like febrility, coughing and sore pharynx should be quarantined from other workers. As said earlier, these symptoms are contagious. We surely do non trust that because of one black sheep, all the workers and employees are being infected of any illness.

2a.4 The director in charge should instantly direct the several worker to the panel physician. The employee should be given medicine to stamp down his or her illness.

2a.4.1 The worker should so be given medical-leave which regard to the earnestness of his or her unwellness. The worker should be advised non to come back to work unless that he or she does non hold anymore of illness symptoms.

2a.5 The director and supervisor in charge should so look into all the pieces of work that the ill employees have been in contact with. The pieces of work that the employee has been in contact with should be disinfected instantly to avoid any sources from infecting other workers.

2a.5.1 The director should besides look into all other workers and employees who have been in close contact with the ill workers. They should all be sent to the panel physician for diagnostic. If they are found to be ill, they should be given medical-leave every bit good.

2a.6 Directors and supervisors hold a really of import duty in supervising employees and workers. They should be cognizant of the conditions of workers and employees at all times. Workers and employees have to be dismissed from work if they are found to be ill or holding any uncomfortableness.

2a.7 Finally, the director in charge should rede and warn all workers and employees to non describe to work when they are holding illness symptoms. This takes into history of the safety and hygiene of the cordial reception industry where employees and workers have to be in contact with clients straight or indirectly.


Sickness symptoms like febrility, coughing and sore pharynxs are marks that lead to other contagious diseases. The fatal H1N1 and SARS are illustrations of contagious illness or diseases that originates from febrility, coughing and sore pharynx symptoms. Directors and supervisor must be watchful and cognizant of the employees ‘ status at all times to avoid any indecent occurrences.

Question 2 ( B ) Why is manus rinsing so of import?


Safety and hygiene as one of the most of import facet in cordial reception industry and must be practiced at all times. In cordial reception industry, employees are required to hold close contact regardless of direct or indirect with clients. That is why, safety and hygiene is really critical in this field. In cordial reception industry, we ever want the best for clients, the safest and even the cleanest.

In nutrient readying section of cordial reception industry, employees must bear in heads that although they might look clean but they are non free from all kinds of sources and micro-organism. Employees must at all times disinfect or clean their manus before proceeding in nutrient readying procedure.

In many other sections of the cordial reception industry, most of the employees have to cover with clients. Most of the clip, employees have to agitate custodies with clients as a mark of a trade or a mark of friendly relationship. However, non all of the employees are cognizant of how much transportation sources or micro-organisms are involved in this manus shingle.

In order to pattern good safety and hygiene at all times, all employees of the cordial reception industry must be advised of the importance of rinsing their custodies.

2b.1 Washing manus is define as the act of cleansing one ‘s custodies with or without the usage of H2O or other signifiers of liquids, at times with the usage of soap. Since we know what is rinsing custodies but why is it so of import? Why must employees of the cordial reception industry wash their every now and so?

2b.2 Washing manus disinfects our custodies. Washing manus is really the best defence against all diseases. Our custodies contact 100s of foreign objects daily. All these objects contain 1000000s of pathogens and most of them are harmful to wellness. These sources stick to our custodies like gums to the underside of your places. Since nutrient readying is one of the field in the cordial reception industry, what happens when these pathogen are being transferred from employees ‘ custodies to the nutrient they are fixing?

2b.3 Our custodies are capable of transporting 1000000s if sources doing unwellness like colds, grippe and diarrhoea. We have come across instances where we claim that we have consumed dirty nutrient. However most if the clip, these “ dirty nutrient ” that we are mentioning to, are contaminated nutrient by sources transferred from employee ‘s custodies. At times, we even do non rinse custodies before devouring nutrient claiming that we did non touch anything soiled. We must be cognizant that no affair what we touch, we are prone to being infected by sources.

2b.4 Employees of the cordial reception industry must besides be enlightened of the importance of drying their manus after rinsing custodies. It is proven that moist custodies dispersed 1000 times more sources than dry custodies. Employers play a really of import function in fixing the appropriate sanitizers and manus driers for employees ‘ usage.

2b.5 Washing manus besides prevents Staph infection. Staph is MRSA ( Methycillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureu ) , a sort of flesh eating bacteriums skulking in sweaty countries. As we all might hold known, kitchen is a really hot topographic point. Kitchen attenders must mind of the infection of these bacteriums. These bacteriums are known to skulk around countries where there is perspiration. Kitchen attendant work long hours in the kitchen causes them to sudate a batch. However, rinsing custodies with proper soap or sanitizer wholly removes these bacteriums.

2b.6 Research shows that there are 1000000s of sources concealing under our tickers, watchbands and rings. Employees of the cordial reception industry must be cognizant of this. Whenever employees wash their custodies, they must besides clean of disinfect these jewelleries. However, in some field of cordial reception industry, employees are non allowed to have on any piece of jewelleries in order to forestall their manus from infected by sources and transferred to clients.

2b.7 Employees must besides retrieve to rinse their custodies after utilizing the lavatory. The lavatory is one of the musca volitanss with the highest figure of bacteriums and sources skulking about. Statisticss shows that the figure of sources on our manus doubles after we use the lavatory. This is highly unsafe as we may convey sources of assorted diseases with us on our custodies and may be transferred or infected to clients at any clip.


Washing custodies is the most basic measure in safety and hygiene in cordial reception industry. Employers play an of import function in guaranting the employees to rinse their custodies whenever necessary. The importance of rinsing manus does non use merely to employees of the cordial reception industry but besides to all of us. As said earlier, rinsing custodies is the best defences against all sorts of diseases as our custodies are usage for a batch of intents including nutrient ingestion. In order for a disease free healthy life, ever bear in head the importance of manus lavation and ever pattern good safety and hygiene get downing from manus lavation.

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