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The Day a Stereotype was Broken

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The Day a Stereotype was Broken

People have this preconceived notion that blonde women are dumb or intellectually challenged.  Whenever I watched television shows when I was younger, I observe that blonde characters are often depicted as fools.  They may be remarkable in terms of appearance, but they always seem to lack intelligence. For the longest time I believed what the television told me: blonde women were dumb.

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The Day a Stereotype was Broken
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This was the reason I was shocked when our class met our new mathematics teacher in sixth grade.

Our math instructor Mr. Wilkins had a pressing health concern to address, so he was on leave for several weeks. One day, this well-dressed blonde woman entered the class room and introduced herself as Mr. Wilkins’ substitute. Her name was Rebecca Hughes and she told us that she would take over our math lessons until Mr. Wilkins recovered from his illness.  Because I had this belief that blondes were not smart, I was suddenly confused.

  I asked myself, “How can this woman teach me about math?”  I initially believed she knew nothing about math herself.  Math was never my favorite subject, and I thought that I would probably not learn anything until Mr. Wilkins came back.

I was wrong.  Miss Hughes proved to be a very smart woman.  She was unlike those blonde characters I have seen on television.  She had an unusual way of teaching math; suddenly it was not as boring or difficult as it used to be. She taught math in a way that we have never learned before.  I actually had fun in math class for those several weeks.  Since then, I have stopped looking down on blondes.  In the end, I have learned that intelligence has nothing to do with one’s hair color.

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