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The issue of cultural and national stereotype is important to people in all over the universe because it leads the manner of thought in peculiar state to interact with people in different civilizations. It is really necessary to understand and appreciate other civilizations in order to pass on and develop international relationships in footings of human status and economic activity. This essay is divided into three subdivisions. It will get down by comparing and contrast the two articles between Piller’s article “Intercultural Communication” which describes about stereotype of advertisement and selling and Yong’s article “East meets west” which is about cultural stereotype The 2nd subdivision will analyze how much Yong and Piller agree with cultural and national stereotypes can assist to understand constructs in footings of human status and economic activity. Finally. the 3rd portion will give some illustrations of my ain experience. which relates to an component in the articles.

Both Yong ( 2009 ) and Piller ( 2011 ) offer interesting penetration into the field of cultural and national stereotype. However. there are some similarities and differences. The similarity of these two articles is the construct of stereotype. Yong ( 2009 ) describes his article about cultural stereotype which influence to the different manner people think while Piller ( 2011 ) describes about stereotype in advertisement and selling. There are a batch of differences in these two articles. First. Piller’s article is different from the Yong’s in beginnings and composing manners. Piller’s article was written in more academic manner that is ever used in text editions while Yong’s article was written in a diary and used different manner of authorship and vocabulary Secondly. mentions manner is besides different. Piller wrote the mentions by adverting the name and day of the month of the writers at the terminal of each sentence while Yong mentioned beginnings by composing the name and some backgrounds of the writers to explicate the content and give some illustrations to the readers.

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Harmonizing to Yong’s article. cultural and national stereotypes affect the manner easterners and westerners think and react to different civilization in different ways. Yong ( 2009 ) mentioned that there are popular beliefs that easterners have holistic positions while westerners think more analytically due to their doctrine. However. Yong provinces that this is non a sensible decision because many recent research workers believe that easterners have the ability to believe like westerners and westerners can besides believe like easterners. Nisbett’s survey explains the two ways of thought in easterners and westerners ( Nisbett. cited in Yong 2009 ) . He studied how American and Chinese pupils describe images of a poulet. a cow and grass. Most American pupils choose a poulet and a cow and depict it by adverting that they are both animate beings. while most Chinese pupils group a cow and grass together and depict about the relationship between a cow and grass because a cow eats grass. This experiment can show that civilization differences can caused the manner of thought and do people from east and west think about the universe in different ways ( Nisbett. cited in Yong 2009 ) .

Furthermore. Yong besides presents Oyersman’s survey to explicate that different ways of thought can be dominated by societal context. The survey analyses 67 similar surveies. which show how societal context can alter the manner of thought. For illustration. the experiment. which asks the East Asiatic voluntaries to believe about playing individual athletics. many of the voluntaries from a individual cultural background show their differences behavior which are non rely on their cultural background ( Oyersman. cited in Yong 2009 ) . This experiment shows that traditionally collectivized and individualist civilizations could demo differences in behaviour of people from east and west to hold both holistic and analytic thought.

Besides understanding the manner of thought. advertisement and selling are besides relevant in national and cultural stereotypes ( Piller. 2011 ) . The article negotiations about the usage of lingual stereotypes in advertisement and selling communications. She demonstrates this article that clients can be influenced by foreign construct and explains this state of affairs by giving some illustrations of intercultural communicating in Japan. Japan refers the tourer infinite. which is Hakone. to Switzerland by taking cultural and lingual symbols and images from Switzerland. The intent of utilizing lingual and cultural difference in advertisement is to construct up genuineness to mention to an original and to pass on positive facets that associate the cultural or lingual construct to a merchandise ( Piller. 2011 ) .

Cultural or lingual construct can be the chief manner of advertisement and selling. Foreign linguistic communication is sometimes assorted to make intercultural branding image to suit mark market in each state because civilization and national stereotypes can be utile to sell merchandises and services ( Piller. 2011 ) . It has been widely recognized that many states borrow words from foreign linguistic communication to call stores. merchandises and services because cultural and national stereotypes can demo typical senses of each civilization in order to construct positive features and accomplish client satisfaction. For illustration. the Nipponese cocoa trade name uses the Gallic word ‘Nina’s derriere’ to call the store. Even though clients can non understand the existent significance of buttocks. the Gallic word can be used to imply high quality nutrient in order to convey a good image to the trade name.

The usage of intercultural and lingual stereotypes in concern is non merely gives the positive facet but it can besides do marketing communicating jobs because sometimes it is non suited for certain market in footings of obscure words and significance ( Piller. 2011 ) . Piller gives some illustrations of the manner to make a trade name name like Chevrolet Nova. which means does non travel in Spanish or Mitsubishi Pajero. which means jacking off in Gallic and the manner to interpret advertisement mottos like Pepsi’s slogan ‘Come alive with Pepsi’ which was mistranslated into Chinese linguistic communication as ‘Pepsi brings your ascendants back from the dead’ ( ‘Pepsi in China’ 2010. cited in Piller 2011 ) . This could be an obstruction for a house to come in new markets if they do non understand cultural and lingual stereotypes in each market.

Equally good as the illustration of blending word from foreign linguistic communication mentioned above in Piller’s article is related to my ain experience. In Thailand. there is an herbal tegument attention and life manner trade name called ‘Erb’ . The sound of this trade name is like ‘herb’ in English and it besides like ‘erb im’ in Thai. which means ‘radiant glow’ . Besides the name ‘Erb’ is easy for international clients to understand the significance. the trade name image is besides expressed positive feelings of a booming happy and healthy individual by its name. So. this Thai trade name has tonss of capableness to spread out its subdivisions to other markets such as Australia. New Zealand. Canada. Switzerland. Taiwan and Hong Kong ( Erb Asia. 2012 ) . Harmonizing to Piller ( 2011 ) . I think that the usage of English in ‘Erb’ is seldom show English civilization stereotype because it is used to demo merely modern and high quality individualities. It can be seen in this illustration that this name still provides a sense of Thai onto merchandise because the chief end of Erb is to “reinterprets traditional Thai [ Thai ] indulgences [ and ] conveying a touch of cloud nine to modern life” ( Erb Asia. 2012 )

In decision. when comparing Yong ( 2009 ) and Piller ( 2011 ) . it can be said that both articles are focused on cultural and national stereotypes in different ways. Yong’s article ( 2009 ) is about people thought but Piller’s article is about concern. It is more focussed on the grade of understanding in both articles. Yong does non hold that stereotype can do easterners and westerners think in different ways. He believes that people from east and west can believe like each other. It depends on their conditions such as societal context. For Piller. whose article focuses on advertisement and selling. believes that there are both positive and negative facets of utilizing intercultural and lingual stereotype in concern.

The positive facet is about trade name repute and customer’s satisfaction while the negative facet is about words intending and mistranslation from one civilization to other civilizations. However. the illustration of my experience about Erb has shown that cultural and national stereotype had an consequence on this trade name in a positive manner because its name can easy pass on both Thai and English significance in one word. So. it tends to be easy to make client perceptual experience without misconstruing the significance.

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