The Diamond Neckless

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“The Diamond Neckless” is a story written by the renowned author Guy De Maupassant. It combines themes of greed, vanity, forbidden desire, and wealth. The story centers around Mathilde, a charming and beautiful woman who yearns for a life of luxury and recognition. However, she ends up marrying a clerk in the ministry of education and living a middle-class life.

Her husband, Loisel, noticed that his wife was unhappy and, with love and good intent, he brought home an invitation to an exclusive party for the affluent society. However, instead of the reaction he had hoped for, she became bitter and started complaining about not having anything to wear. Without hesitation, Loisel gave her the money he had saved to buy a gun. Yet, she continued to complain, this time about needing jewelry. In response, her husband suggested borrowing some from their wealthy friend, Mrs. Forrestier. Finally, she was satisfied and the couple attended the party. Mathilde truly enjoyed herself.

The woman enjoyed socializing with the upper class and felt a sense of belonging. She was the center of attention, receiving many compliments on her necklace and beauty. It felt like living in a fairy tale, reminiscent of Cinderella. However, when the night ended, reality struck her. Mathilde realized she had lost the necklace, turning her world into a nightmare. The next morning, her husband searched for the lost piece but returned empty-handed and filled with worry. He suggested keeping it a secret from their friend and trying to find an exact replacement instead. To do so, he even sacrificed his inheritance and borrowed money.

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