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Find You’re Inner Diamond – Audrey Lorded



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    Audrey Lorded was an African American feminist. She was the author of the poem, “Coal. ” She used “Coal” to portray what she feels and give new emphasis to her thoughts and feelings. The poem is her reflection and pride of her background and deep thoughts. She expresses this poem with how she relates to society and her relationship with them. The title of the poem Is an example of Imagery, written In first person, a free verse, and she speaks to us in her voice. The poem starts out saying “l is the total black, being spoken from the earth’s Inside.

    There are many kinds of open. How a diamond comes Into a knot of flame, How a sound comes into a word, colored by who pays what for speaking. ” this line is written in first person so it relates clearly to her, so we know it is a direct reference to her. She differentiates herself from the rest of the “Blacks” by saying that her true identity is not what you expect from the typical “Black person. ” She’s different and unique. When she says “I” she refers to her dual identity that she faced along with many other African Americans.

    The term dual consciousness Is what best describes what she was trying to explain. This means that she was trying to put together her two different personalities including her African American side and collaborating it with her American upbringing. The poem Is written In free verse because there Is no meter, no rhythm or pattern instead its quite similar to a speech. The imagery that the poem withholds is the growth from the development that comes from the darkness that the coal Is made of Into the diamond that Is Inside and the light it sheds.

    This is a good example of Lord’s life because she is struggling with her self-image and tries to figure out what she is capable of and her empowerment thin. “Some words are open,’Lake a diamond on glass windows/ Singing out within the crash of passing sun/ Then there are words like stapled wagers/ In a perforated book-?buy and sign and tear apart-?And come whatever wills all chances” These lines show the development and growth that she experienced. She proves that our true self is not colored but instead it’s just like a diamond, which shines.

    This relates to how the coal is dark from the outside but with light there are diamonds that appear from It. Then she goes onto say that “some words feel like an Ill pulled tooth tit a ragged edge, and how some words feel like passing crash of the sun, how some words bedevil me. ” This shows that words simply cannot enfold all the parts to a person’s Identity and personality; If someone does that then there will definitely be something missing or left out.

    There are more imagery which her ongoing personal struggle that goes on in her life as an African American woman, which allows everyone from society to name someone as black or white. They then Judge them from their skin color because they don’t know what really is in the inside of the person, because everyone is a diamond from their inner self, its just that not everyone Is capable of visualizing that because they’re too busy criticizing someone based on what they see from the outside.

    Coal and diamond have a relationship that says, “l am Black because I come from the earth’s inside/ now take my word for Jewel metaphorical language shows that the coal is like darkness and it comes from the inside of the earth, and the light is pure and allows the diamond to become beautiful and extravagant Just like how everyone needs to see the beauty of the inner person and be diligent as the person grows slowly.

    Recognizing ones self-worth and self- respect is the only way one person can respect anyone else. She wants everyone to have a better understanding for individuals and realize their growth so you could respect them and look beyond what the eyes can see. No one is any less than anyone, especially based solely on their skin color. Her inner self is like a diamond, one that is beautiful and illuminant. Society always labels everyone but she tries to love herself despite going through all that.

    She embraces her sometimes “unimportant identity’ with power and strength Just like a diamond embraces beauty and is alluring. Women use feelings and emotions as their primary language to get their point cross, whereas men use more stronger and manly tone in their work. Lorded wishes that women use their poems and emotions to get their points across so that they can break the barrier that society has set for everyone their words can empower people to change. She uses strong metaphorical references to state her thoughts. Seeking like gypsies over my tongue to explode through my lips like young sparrows. ” This shows that she is waiting to free her words that have been on her tongue and she’s been waiting for the correct time to break the silence and let her thoughts and feelings free. Take my words for Jewel in the inner light” what she means from this is that the people who are still trying to take her words as a Joke they are the ones who wouldn’t let her reach what she wants in life because she’s taken as a Joke.

    Lorded put together an inspiring poem that shows the struggle that many people have been facing throughout history. Find the inner diamond in yourself first, find your self- worth and become a diamond then you can do the same for anyone else as well. Don’t be Judgmental or racist everyone has a way of growing internally and externally. Empower your minds and souls so you become a better individual.

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