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Blood Diamond analyse

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Blood Diamond – Film analysis

Main events  Chronological, flashbacks, parallel story, reverse Suspense, foreshadow
The most important sequences in the movie is when Solomon finds the huge pink diamond and buries it, and when Dia points a gun at Danny and his father Solomon. Chronological, the son is taken by the RUF.

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Blood Diamond analyse
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Parallel story, Solomons son on one side
What is to come (Foreshadowing):
When Solomon meets his family at the camp, we know that he is going to get them out of the camp in the future.

And when Solomon buries the diamond, we understand that they are going to look for it later in the movie. RUF was a big part of this period. What they did wanted to do was to shut down the corrupt government, by kidnapping children, brainwash them and make them child soldiers, and they made the people look for diamonds. RUF was a popular organization in Sierra Leone because of the government and poverty.

It is about the “fight” for a decent life
People‘s abilities to easily manipulate each other
How cruel and heartless humans can actually be
The love story:
Without including the love story it would be a totally different movie, it attracts the viewers The main characters fall in love
Without her help they would not had made it that far

Cinematic effects (camera, sound, light):
Camera shot: close-up, medium shot, over the shoulder shot, long shot Camera angle: straight on angle, high angle, low angle, bird’s eye

Don’t exploit others
Take care of your friends and family
How products has been made and imported, how extreme it really is Child soldiers
To tell the story of troubled Africans
What is the message of the movie?
To make people realize what the Africans experienced
Trade of diamonds, what they actually sacrifice
To show people that you can make a difference
To see things from another perspective

Important characters, relationship, changes

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