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Directions: The undermentioned inquiry is based on the attach toing Documents 1- 13 ( The paperss have been edited for the intent of this exercise. ) This inquiry is designed to prove your ability to work with and understand historical paperss. Write an essay that: ? ? ? ? Has a relevant thesis and supports that thesis with grounds from the paperss. Uses all or all but one of the paperss. Analyzes the paperss by grouping them in every bit many appropriate ways as possible. Does non merely sum up the paperss separately. Takes into history both the beginnings of the paperss and the author’s points of position.

You may mention to relevant historical information non mentioned in the paperss.

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Question Evaluate the undermentioned statement sing new imperialism of the late 19th and early twentieth centuries: “Imperialism is a progressive force for both the oppressors and oppressed. ” Make extra mention to beginnings to back up your statement beyond the certification that is offered. Some extracts taken from: Teaching With Documents Copyright © 2001. Peter Pappas. World Wide Web. edteck. com

Document 1From: Imperialism and World Politics. Parker T. Moore. 1926 To get down with. there are the exporters and makers of certain goods used in the settlements. The shapers of cotton and Fe goods have been really much interested in imperialism. Their concern involvements demand that colonial markets should be opened and developed and that foreign rivals should be shut out. Such purposes require political control and imperialism. Finally. the most powerful of all concern groups are the bankers. Banks make loans to settlements and backward states for edifice railroads and steamer lines. They besides make loans to colonial plantation proprietors. importers. and exporters. The imperialist concern involvements have powerful Alliess. Military and naval leaders believe strongly in widening the white man’s regulation over the ‘inferior races. ’ To this company may be added another element—the missionary. Missionaries went Forth to prophesy a land beyond this universe. But they frequently found themselves the builders of really earthly imperiums. Last. but by no agencies least. allow us add politicians to our list of imperium builder.

Document 2From: O. P. Austin. “Does Colonization Pay? ” The Forum. 1900 Modern progressive states lying in the temperate zone seek to command garden spots’ in the Torrid Zones [ chiefly in Africa. Latin America. and Asia ] . Under [ the progressive states ] way. these topographic points can give tropical green goods. In return. the progressive states bring to the people of those garden musca volitanss the groceries and industries they need. [ Progressive states ] develop the district by constructing roads. canals. railroads. and telegraphs. They can set up schools and newspapers for the settlements [ and ] give these people the benefit of other approvals of civilisation which they have non the agencies of making themselves.

Document 4From: An Anthology of West African Verse. David Diop. 1957 The White Man killed my male parent. My male parent was proud. The White Man seduced my female parent. My female parent was beautiful. The White Man fire my brother beneath the noonday Sun. My brother was strong. His custodies ruddy with black blood The White Man turned to me ; And in the Conqueror’s voice said. “Boy! a chair. a serviette. a drink.

Document 5From: Sekou Toure. West African patriot. 1962 Colonialism’s greatest misbehavior was to hold tried to deprive us of our duty in carry oning our ain personal businesss and convert us that our civilisation was nil less than savageness. therefore giving us composites which led to our being branded as irresponsible and missing in assurance. . . The colonial powers had assimilated each of their settlements into their ain economic system. Our continent possesses enormous militias of natural stuff and they. together with its possible beginnings of power. give it first-class conditions for industrialisation.

Document 6From: Cecil Rhodes. British imperialist in Africa. Confessions of Faith. 1877 I contend that we [ Britishers ] are the finest race in the universe. and the more of the universe we inhabit. the better it is for the human race…It is our responsibility to prehend every chance of geting more territory and we should maintain this one thought steadily before our eyes that more district merely means more Anglo-saxon race. more of the best. the most human. most honorable race the universe possesses.

Document 7From: Romesh Dutt. The Economic History of India Under Early British Rule Englishmen…have given the people of India the greatest human blessing – peace. They have introduced Western instruction. This has brought an antediluvian and civilised state in touch with modern idea. modern scientific disciplines and modern life. They have built an disposal that is strong and efficient. They have framed wise Torahs and have established tribunals of justness.

Document 8From: German sketch. entitled “Thus colonise the English. ” early 20 th century

Document 9From: Rudyard Kipling. “The White Man’s Burden. ” 1899 Take up the White Man’s load – Send forth the best ye strain – Go. adhere your boies to expatriate To function your captives’ need ; To wait. in heavy harness. On fluttered common people and wild – Your new-caught sullen peoples. Half devil and half kid.

Document 10From: An African adage When the Whites came to our state. we had the land and they had the Bible. now we have the Bible and they have the land.

Document 11From: William Jennings Bryan. “The Paralyzing Influence of Imperialism. ” Speech given at the Democratic National Convention. Kansas City. 1900 If it is right for the United States to keep the Philippine Islands for good and imitate European imperiums in the authorities of settlements. the Republican Party ought to province its place and support it… The Filipinos do non necessitate any encouragement from Americans now populating. Our whole history has been an encouragement. non merely to the Filipinos. but to all who are denied a voice in their ain authorities. If the Republicans are prepared to reprimand all who have used linguistic communication calculated to do the Filipinos hate foreign domination. allow them reprobate the address of Patrick Henry. When he uttered that passionate entreaty. ”Give me liberty or give me decease. ” he expressed a sentiment which still echoes in the Black Marias of work forces. DBQ EFFECTS OF IMPERIALISM 4

Document 12From: Roger Casement. study from the Congo Basin part. 1903 Here Nkwabali took up the narrative from Moyo [ Bangongo main ] : “We said to the white work forces. ‘We are non adequate people now to make what you want us. Our state has non many people in it and we are deceasing fast. We are killed by the work you make us make. but the arrest of our plantations. and the interrupting up of our homes…”

Document 13From: J. A. Hobson. Imperialism. 1902 Imperialism is a perverse pick of national life. imposed by opportunism involvements which appeal to the lecherousnesss of quantitative acquisitiveness and of forceful domination lasting in a state from early centuries of carnal battle for being. Its acceptance as a policy implies a calculated repudiation of that cultivation of the higher inner qualities which for a state as for an single constitutes the dominance of ground over beast urge.

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