The Eric Millerberg Trial for Killing Alexis Rasmussen

The instance of the decease of 16 twelvemonth old Alexis Rasmussen began with the find of her organic structure in a distant portion of Morgan County, Utah, on October 16, 2011. At the offense scene, research workers found a severely decomposed organic structure in a shallow grave, covered by a boggy piece of froth in the forests.

After scrutiny by the Utah State Medical Examiner for alveolar consonant records and fingerprint designation, the tester confirmed the individuality of Alexis Rasmussen, who was reported losing on September 10, 2011. It was 38 yearss since she was reported losing.Brenna Cain, Alexis’ best friend, testified about their relationship with the suspects, Brenna’s neighbours, Dea and Eric Millerberg. Alexis was hired by the Millerbergs as their baby-sitter to watch their babe, but subsequently on they became friends.

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Alexis and Brenna would on a regular basis be at the Millerberg’s house or acquire a hotel room, where they would be partake in drugs, intoxicant, and on occasion sex. Cain besides testified that when she confronted Eric Millerberg about Alexis being losing, he denied cognizing anything about her disappearing and that he would ne’er make anything to ache either of them.The forenoon when Alexis didn’t return place deeply concerned her female parent, Dawn Miera. She went to look for her at the Millerberg’s place, and found a really frenetic Eric Millerberg.

Alexis had told her female parent that she was babysitting for the Millerberg’s the dark before and that she wouldn’t be home until subsequently in the dark. Dea Millerberg testified in return for unsusceptibility of the offenses she have committed. She revealed that the dark Alexis died, the Millerbergs spent a dark of shooting Methedrines and diacetylmorphine while smoking marihuana and imbibing intoxicant.When Alexis was taking a shower, she told Dea that she felt cold and was agitating.

This is when Alexis collapsed and Dea found white mucose organizing around her oral cavity. Dea tried to revive her, but it did non work and Alexis had died. In a panicky province, the Millerberg’s hid Alexis’ organic structure and subsequently, with the aid of Eric “Peanut” Smith, transported her organic structure to a distant country in Morgan County, where they buried her. The charges imposed on to Eric Millerberg were obstructor of justness, improper sexual behavior with a minor and maltreatment and profanation of a human organic structure.

While Dea Millerberg was besides charged with the maltreatment and profanation of a human organic structure, because she testified against Eric Millerberg, she was granted unsusceptibility which means that anything that she testified in Eric’s test would non be used in her ain test. This instance featured many facets of forensic grounds used for designation of the organic structure, designation of the chemicals in the organic structure in order to find the mode, cause, and mechanism of decease, and the analysis for any types of bodily hurt that may hold besides attributed to the decease.In footings of corroborating the individuality of the organic structure found at the offense scene, fingerprint analysis was used to find this designation of Alexis Rasmussen because fingerprints have single features for placing a individual. Since many of the DNA grounds and ocular verification could non be used due to the interruption down and putrification of a organic structure that has been dead for over a month, fingerprint analysis was critical in calculating out the designation of the organic structure.

Along with fingerprint analysis, the forensic testers besides used her dental records for designation, since alveolar consonant records have individualized features that can be used for this intent of placing the organic structure. The ground why other grounds for designation was non used was because the fingerprints and dental records already confirmed her individuality foremost, the DNA grounds and ocular verification may non hold been needed. One beginning of grounds that played a function in this instance is the confession and testimony of the parties is involved.Brenna Cain’s testimony about her and Alexis’ prior engagement with Methedrines, diacetylmorphine, marihuana, and intoxicant along with underaged sex at the Millerberg’s place set the control group for the types of chemicals to look for in Alexis’ organic structure.

Dea’s confession of what happened the twenty-four hours that Alexis died besides provided the footing for the chemical sensing in Alexis’ organic structure. The toxicology scrutiny in the study made by the county medical tester had findings that confirmed the testimony of Dea Millerberg and Brenna Cain.In the autopsy study, the testers found a deadly dose of both morphia and Methedrine in her system. Assistant Medical Examiner Joseph White testified that Alexis had fantans clip the deadly sum of Methedrines in her system, along with the pep pills and morphia.

The deadly dosage of any drug is called the LD50, which stands for “Lethal Dose for 50 % of the population” . This deadly dosage is determined as a dosage that is a criterion of step. These finding of doses are administered to lab rats and mice to mensurate the LD50 for a peculiar substance.The LD50 of Methamphetamine is 55mg/kg with rats and 57mg/kg with mice.

LD50 is ever portrayed as the sum of the substance in mgs per kg of organic structure weight. This LD50 is most likely the method in which the Assistant Medical Examiner used to find Alexis Rasmussen’s organic structure to hold seven times the sum of Methedrines, or seven times the 55-57mg/kg of Alexis’ organic structure weight. In the studies about this instance, they did non advert how the substances were detected.I would conceive of at that place would hold been tonss of issues with happening this information from the deteriorated flesh of the organic structure.

One manner, as mentioned in category, is through sensing of the substances through hair analysis. Chemicals in the blood stream are stored in the follicles of the hair. These chemicals could besides be detected in the blood and piss of the victim, but after more than a month, the blood and piss may non hold been utile in the organic structure.Typically the chemicals would be separated from the blood or piss and put through a gas chromatograph to happen out precisely what chemicals were in the organic structure.

Equally far as the scrutiny for lesions that Alexis might hold sustained, which could hold attributed to her decease, Medical Examiner Joseph White could non govern out the possibility of other hurts, such as choking, knifing, or blunt force injury because the organic structure was so decomposed to a point where those hurts could non be recognized.There was besides no indicant of verifying Dea Millerberg’s testimony that Eric Millerberg had sexual intercourse with Alexis besides due to the organic structure being undiscovered for more than a month and seeds would non be alive for that long. Equally far as the opposing point of views of the defence, the method the lawyers went about it was to seek to discredit Dea Millerberg’s testimony, by explicating how Dea’s testimony is the lone grounds there is and that she could hold been the chief perpetrator of the offense and turned Eric Millerberg in to the whipping boy of the offense, while she acquire granted unsusceptibility for attesting.The defence argued that there is no manner to turn out that Dea wasn’t the one injecting seven times the deadly dosage of Methedrines into Alexis.

It could hold been a entire possibility that Eric could hold been merely an accoutrement to conceal the organic structure, that Dea was the 1 who committed all the offenses. At the terminal of the twenty-four hours, nevertheless, the jury took really small clip in convicting Eric Millerberg.The three twenty-four hours test ended on February 14, 2014, where Eric Millerberg was found guilty to child maltreatment homicide, every bit good as, improper sexual behavior with a minor, obstructor of justness and profanation of a human organic structure. The jury of eight deliberated for two hours before doing the concluding finding of fact, while condemning was set for March 18, 2014.;

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