The Explanation of Why I Now Desire To Go To The College

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Before going on a mission and afterwards I have worked in several places with different jobs, seeing that a high school graduate like me would find it difficult to compete with my peers who have a college degree, my salary is not too large, it is difficult to improve my career, and also job opportunities fewer.

One of the things that makes me want to study at university is to get knowledge, knowledge that is specifically taught at the university according to the majors and interests that we want so that I have the skills and knowledge that I can apply in my workplace. For example in the Department of Information Information that I will take in it is taught about programming, management, and business.

To be able to compete I must have that knowledge because In the modern era all activities have been switched into electronic or digital systems, for example, e-commerce or e-business and to follow the progress of the times we also have to use the same system . And at the university also the ability for communication, teamwork, critical thinking, and problem solving will be trained which is very important not only when we work in the office but also when we make our own business.

When I worked I saved money to help with my preparation for college because I have not been able to pass the test to be accepted at BYU-Hawaii, I still can’t pass the minimum score. It pulls myself into doubt. However, up until now, I still strive to achieve that goal. I know that this is one of the many challenges I have to pass.

Besides working I also tried to make a small business with some of my friends in making and selling snacks and what I learned while making business not only important knowledge but social relations or networks and at BYU Hawaii I was able to meet people from many countries with backgrounds that different and also different skills so that it will increase my insight to be able to achieve the goals that I want.

BYU Hawaii also has an international student scholarship program that will really help me to pay the tuition because I am not from a rich family and it is very difficult to pay for my own tuition, both of my parents are only high school graduates so I have seen and have my own experience how difficult it is for my parents to make money so that it encourages me to go to college. My decision to work is to help my parents but if I can go to college and get my degree, I can help them more and not only them but my future too, I feel that BYU Hawaii will help me achieve everything that I need .

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