The Intrinsic and Extrinsic Factors in My Life That Motivate Me

There are many factors in my life that motivate me, and these factors are both a balance of intrinsic and extrinsic aspects. My sister and mother lead me to my first accomplishment were writing my first original piece of poetry. I found the inspiration from inside the dark recesses of my mind, but turned it into an aesthetic wonderment I also overcame my own negative thoughts along with my mother’s doubt. The only ray of encouragement I had at the time was mentors at the program that did believe in my talent.  Extrinsically I also had a couple of teachers who wished for me to utilize my gift, but intrinsically I also had a fascination of creating beauty, people, love and more importantly a story.

After I performed my piece I felt liberated and I was glad that the audience enjoyed my work, but most of all my mother was there to witness my greatest moment I learned from the experience that anything is possible if one just works hard toward their goal. In future if I do perform in front of people I hope to be more comfortable and confident on stage. However, what motivated from the inside was I always liked writing and thinking what else I could create that no one else has thought of. The reason why I did that program was I wanted to prove to myself that I get myself in front of a crowd of people. But also I wanted to know if I was really passionate about writing or could it be pushed aside as a hobby. To this I’m still not sure what I will do in the future although everyone has both extrinsic and intrinsic some could be more strongly felt than others, and some could be in the middle but they do not know what to do. These also tell us how hard we want to succeed in life.

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