Europeans Victimized the Indians of North America

I do belieChristopher Columbus came to North America in 1492. The Europeans were new to this world and didn’t know how to react. There were many differences between the two cultures. The Europeans were more civilized and the Indians to them were barbaric.

Many of the customs of each culture were different. The Europeans not only thought they were strange, but also inferior. Europeans also thought they had no religion. Europeans also disapproved of the relative equality of men and women.

Europeans thought male Indians were lazy and scored them for it. When the Europeans first came to the Americas they brought along some diseases. These diseases would turn into plagues and kill off most of the Indian population. Another major conflict of this time was the Europeans intention to dominate the land.

Columbus announced “not to pass by any island of which I did not take possession” and soon having the idea of enslaving the Indians. The Indians were furious and challenged Europeans to possession of their land. The Europeans eventually got greedy and wanted all the land. The Indians of course didn’t like this idea so they would battle over the land. The Europeans usually won because they had more advanced weapons.

So in the end the Europeans were the greediest and always got what they wanted in the expense of someone else’s life. So in regards to the question ve the Europeans victimized the Indians of North America.

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