Motivate People To Fight

The Great War, lasted four great years. The war leads to a large evolution of proficiency and weapons. Many countries had been involved in the Great War many more than any other preceding war. It involved such a large mobilization of all the nations, not just vast armies that turned the war into such a large epidemic. It was one of the remorseless conflicts in all of history. The Great War paved the way for many major political changes, including revolutions in many of the nations involved. The fact that war never changes is that the things that motivate people to wage war don’t ever change. The overall spectrum of war keeps changing seemingly with each new conflict that appears, which from that creates new terms to define itself but generally for the most part the basic needs of war never change. They’re set in stone they will never move back or forward.

Cultural Wars are the most destructive class of dispute as they can recklessly make it an egocentric war. In difference, cultural wars can literally become a valued reckoning ritual that spotlights a war that is no longer worth fighting, and peace is the best mixture for all. Cultural wars are a pessimistic game when brought up, but if they are in sorted out they can be approached as a void. In contrast, cultural wars are wars of cruelty. They’re wars of enormous genocide and the single alternative win is when the opposing party is completely gone. Overall, the only way to become victorious in this manner of war is to talk to the majority of the people that the cultures are not different to stop these horrible actions.

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A National resource war is a standardized war. Where a country starts war with another country with an announcement or horrific actions. The main goal of a resource war is to make a resource equilibrium. When these matters end, strength between countries can be enhanced on by enlarging the economic ties between them. A great example of this is after the Second World War when the US and Japan’s relationship, also the European Union, both accompany this. Eventually by reducing the likelihood of bitterness, due to the remarkable economic ties both countries where able to become outstanding superpowers.

Policy Wars, which are more commonly known dispute of a revolution. The standard inspiration of the common soldier is still a very key principle in establishing where on the whole cycle will rest. During revolutions, the main goal is to enhance the quality standards of the citizens. The practical reason to desire abolishment of slavery or any other horrible societal reasons. To rally citizens to act against horrible ideals are often brought forward through propaganda, including references to liberty and equality which helps a country push forward on to a bright future.

The concept of “War is a rock” always appears when one needs to move a mountain, we start by moving the small stones. Knowing what motivates groups to fight together gives us the knowledge to break them apart, stop them, and create enduring peace. Many of the individual ideas presented hereinafter not new and their wisdom has been highlighted throughout the ages by many great wars. That is now being defined as the spectrum of war, based upon motivations, and also by advancing the practical solutions they will never be able to change anything that is set in stone.

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