The Functional Requirements Of The Suspended Ceiling Construction

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Advice to the client on the choice of the proposed ceiling to be installed in the public exhibition infinite on the 2nd floor where the suspended aircraft exhibit will be show and the raised entree floor solution will be constructed in the offices on the 4th floor.


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1.2 Suspended ceiling

A suspended ceiling can be defined as a ceiling which are fixed to the model and suspended from the chief construction therefore organizing a nothingness between the two constituents.

The functional demands of the suspended ceiling are: –

Constructed on a building grid sooner a 300mm dimensional system

Resistance to impact and have on

Lastingness to the alteration in clime and temperature

Conforms to the edifice ordinance codification and fire evaluation of internal merchandises

Provide structural fire protection to steel beams back uping the concrete floor

Provide acoustic control as it relates to soaking up and echo belongingss

Supply any sound and thermic insularity

Easily constructed, fix, clean and maintain

1.3 Arrangement demoing a typical isometric drawing of the suspended ceiling grid.

1.4 Sound soaking up

Acoustic control is a really of import facet of control for the museum of air power edifice. The soaking up of sound and the control of echo should be of heavy concern.

Decibels degree in the exhibition hall can make a high of about 41 dBs. However, the acceptable dB degrees for and indoor environment like the museum of air power exhibition hall should be & lt ; 50.This degree of control is acceptable.Acoustic stuff can cut down the dBs level up to 1 dB which is and important decrease in term of sound decrease. The undermentioned diagram shows the decrease in sound due to absortion


1.5 Design Aestheticss

Design aesthetics for the museum of air power is usually with the client ‘s outlook of the demands of the public presentation of the ceiling, and the client has three public presentation factors that they are anticipating the ceiling to execute. The clients has indicated concerns in lighting, airing

The concluding visual aspect for this ceiling, and to let integrating of the clients requirement depends on the type of stuff used. Surface finish depends on texture and colourss.

Pits to let the incorporation of the HVACs system and the adjustment of electrical and mechanical services.

1.6 Care

So design that an equal agencies of entree is provided to the null infinite for care of the suspended system, concealed services and or illuming adjustments by care forces

1.7 Integration

For successful completion of this ceiling for the museum of air power exhibition hall, interaction of the other edifice elements needs to be considered.

Component that demand ‘s to be incorporated into the design of the suspended ceiling is illuming, sprinklers system, diffusors, column rings. Proper synchronism of these elements is really of import

1.8 Sustainability

Due to the addition consciousness of acquiring people to believe green and increase attending is being given to green edifice and sustainable design, particularly as it pertains to the quality of the indoor environment and the present of volatile organic constituents ( voc ‘s ) within it.

Without the usage of air conditioning system to keep the indoor air quality to a control temperature and comfy environing airing systems must be used. The usage of unreal airing system should be to a great extent discouraged. Cost benefits are extremely achieved from the usage of natural airing systems.

Bing environmentally friendly for the client in this building of the museum is a really of import milepost in today ‘s working market

Armstrong airing system and the suspended ceiling will be used in the exhibition country of the museum edifice. This system allows the usage of natural airing. Therefore cut downing the usage of unreal airing and the high cost associated with it.

2. Raised entree Floor System

2.1 Introduction

Raised floor system were developed in response to the hi-tech roar of the seventiess

The raised entree floor system will be constructed in the offices of the museum of air power edifice.

By and large floors are to supply a flat surface with sufficient strength to back up the imposed tonss of people and furniture, supply opposition to fire and a right finish type of surface to have the chosen coating.

For the museum of air power office infinite the Tate ‘s medium responsibility entree floor system panels incorporated with a commercial fire cogent evidence rug to incorporate with the other parts of the edifice and office wall and ceiling coatings.

2.2 Design Aestheticss

Floor coatings are normally applied to a structural base but may organize portion of the floor construction as in the instance of the floor for the museum of air power offices, entree floor system are non structural constituents. Most coatings are chosen to carry through a peculiar map, and client ‘s gustatory sensation and manner such as

Appearance-mainly chosen base on there aesthetic entreaty and consequence but must hold some erosion belongingss

High resistance-chosen chiefly for their erosion and impact opposition belongingss and for high usage countries such as kitchens and offices.

Hygiene -chosen to supply an imperviable easy to clean surface with a sensible aesthetic entreaty.

2.3 Integration

Integration of the floor system and other back uping elements of the office such as ceiling, furniture ‘s and wall coatings need to be coordinated to heighten a changeless and delighting aesthetic expression throughout the museum. Material choice should be closely coordinated with the client ‘s outlook and the needed concluding coatings. Tate ‘s floor solution provides a broad assortment of colorss and coatings to suit any design solution.

2.4 Sound Insulation

Noise is produce by vibrating object which cause bantam atoms of air around it to travel in unison. These displace air atoms collide with next air atoms puting them into gesture and in unison with the vibrating object. This uninterrupted concatenation reaction creates a sound moving ridge which travels through the air until at some distance the air atom motion is so little that it is unhearable to the human air.

Taking this into consideration transmittal of noise and betterment the acoustic comfort in the office and other parts of the edifice can be achieved by the decrease of quiver.

Vibration can be reduced or eliminated by adhering to the following

Choice of the equal flooring panels and thickness

Distances between the floor joists

2.5 Fire protection

Fire is every 1 concern, merely as safety is every 1s concerned. Interior coating is capable to a broad scope of edifice codification demands refering to fire. The combustibleness of an interior finish stuff is rated by proving the fire spread of the surface of the stuff. Therefore the burning evaluation for the museum of air power internal coating should be rated zero ( 0 ) on the burning of stuffs graduated table. Tate ‘s floor solution is zero combustible therefore our choice of it usage.

2.6 Lastingness

Strengths of stuff is and of import portion in the lastingness of any stuff. As it applies to the floor panels, the lastingness depends on a figure of factors which is as follows.

Size of the floor joist

Thickness of the floor panels

Composition of the floor stuff

Distance between the supporting bases

All these factors will find the dead burden, imposed burden and the overlying burden that the floor can transport ; Tate ‘s medium responsibility or heavy responsibility panels selected for the museum of air power office floors have these executing features.

2.7 Maintenance & A ; Cleaning

Care in general to any constituent or system is certainly the life span of it. Raised entree floor systems care is limited to cleansing of the floor surface on a agenda care program.

In the building stage of the raised entree floor system, care should be incorporated from the design stage to let service technician the ability to entree their overseas telegrams and all other informations or telecommunication line, via entree panels non-destructively to the floor system.

2.8 Recommendation and Conclusion

Appraisals of assorted raised entree floor systems were conducted, but after careful consideration the Tate ‘s rise entree floor system is the most suitable solution for the office of the proposed museum of air power edifice. Tate ‘s floor system is light weight and easiness to manage. The panel is besides 100 % interchangeable and the frame on which these panels are constructed has an first-class foundation and electrical continuity.

Tate ‘s floor system is besides wholly non-combustible and has really good anti-static belongingss. Load bearings capablenesss for assorted burden demands

Manufacturers ‘ portfolio

This manufactures ‘ portfolio contains information on the merchandises and constituents that are incorporated into the raised entree floor on the 4th floor and suspended ceiling systems on the 2nd floor in the proposals for the museum of air power edifice

1. Raised entree floor system

Your clients and renters expect your counsel to plan and spec workspaces that accommodate today ‘s engineering and environmental issues every bit good as tomorrows. An under floor service distribution system provides a state-of-the-art solution to the complexnesss of HVAC, power, voice and information cabling systems, and the customary restrictions these systems present to edifice proprietors and designers charged with run intoing the ever-changing demands of edifice dwellers.

With Tate ‘s Insides as your sure spouse, you can show to your clients that you bring expertise to the tabular array to:

cut down building cost ;

provide flexibleness in future re-configuration

save unneeded costs involved in traveling walls and internal wiring, telegraphing and HVAC systems ;

cut down lost productiveness and velocity gross coevals as renters and work squads more rapidly travel into upgraded infinite

supply high-technology solutions utilized by the universe ‘s taking engineering trade names and most sophisticated companies ;

introduce underfloor systems that enhance the beauty of the work environment ;

spread out floor-to-floor infinite for more attractive and up-to-date insides ;

supply “ green ” office environments for better air quality ;

better the comfort degree of persons as they work ; and,

allow renters to accommodate cost-effectively as technological progresss change the ways in which they must work.

Our entree floor systems assure strength, stableness and efficiency, which well contribute to a edifice ‘s structural unity and value. Every system constituent has been designed, developed and strictly tested to guarantee that overall public presentation exceeds even the most rigorous international criterions.

Architects and edifice proprietors have relied on Tate ‘s Insides since 1975 to help in their client needs assessment, design cost-efficient usage solutions, provide the highest quality installing that does n’t ensue in a call-back, and maintain their raised entree floors to maximise its wear-life. Excellent undertaking direction and scheduling enhance you and your clients ‘ experience of the universe ‘s most renown high quality entree floor systems.

And you ‘ll appreciate the wide scope of picks you can supply your clients with Tate Access Floors. You ‘ll happen high-end coatings for executive offices and council chambers, attractive design picks for anterooms and other public infinites, every bit good as extremely functional options for call centres and telecom and computing machine suites, including:


Rug tile

Wood laminate



Vinyl laminate



Additionally we work with designers and edifice proprietors to convey their computing machine suites and other countries into ADA and OSHA conformity, from confer withing and be aftering to retrofit and installing of new shocking systems.

The force per unit area is on you from all waies, a world we understand. We know that as general contractor, you ‘re expected to convey design constructs into world within clip restraints and technology restrictions, non to advert tight budgets. So every provider you select must acquire it right the first clip, from bringing of goods to picture-perfect installing and clean up.

You ‘ll appreciate our path record for public presentation excellence, from a thorough needs analysis that prevents work breaks and alteration orders that cause dearly-won holds for you, to extremely trained and experience crews that know how to work safely and fruitfully to put in underfloor systems that create the expression and high functionality your clients expect. Of the 7,000-plus occupations we ‘ve installed, less than 2 per centum of those required a individual call back to do accommodations, a client service record of which we are highly proud.

You ‘ll happen a wide scope of picks you can supply your clients with Tate Access Floors, from high-end coatings for executive offices and council chambers, and attractive design picks for anterooms and other public infinites, to extremely functional options for call centres and telecom and computing machine suites, including:


Rug tile

Wood laminate


Raised Floor Cleaning & A ; Maintenance

Tate ‘s Interiors has installed and maintained computing machine floors and office for stopping point to 30 old ages. We know that it takes specially trained persons and a full line of computing machine floor constituents to acquire the occupation done right the first clip. We have full service capablenesss including work force and a complete stock list of constituents in Houston, Dallas and Uk. We can offer immediate response to your demands for service on computing machine room floors or raised floors in your office countries.

To maximise your investing in your raised entree floor, regular care is a must. No one understands the Tate Access Floor merchandise better than our trained forces. We can assist you widen the wear-life of your raised flooring with:

Panel rotary motion for even wear

Foundation accommodations

Replacement of broken border trim

Replacement of warped panels

Refurbish delaminated panels

Sub-micron filter hoovering

Sealant applied to subflooring

Topographic point cleaning to take discolorations

Professional surface cleansing

Detail cleansing of entry points

Tate ‘s under floor cleansing service helps protect your employees from airborne contaminations which can besides choke off circuitry, increase the hazard of fire, lead to inadvertent halon discharge and contribute to a scope of wellness jobs and increased employee absenteeism.

A regular care plan will maintain your computing machine floor looking like new, and make a pleasant and professional environment staff, direction, and clients will appreciate and esteem. Our cleansing besides satisfies many insurance audits, which may assist cut down the cost of insurance.

You can choose for an one-year, semi-annual or quarterly cleansing and care contract for both surface and under floors, every bit good as order topographic point cleansing as needed.


Dust and soil are scratchy to floor surface and harmful to sensitive equipment.

Wax build-up inhibits inactive dissipation

Loose border trim or swaying panels can take to a trip jeopardy and increased liability.

The followers inside informations are demoing the versatility of the Tate ‘s entree floor system and it ‘s entree panels for care and easy installing of services

2. Suspended Ceiling ( Main exhibition country )

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