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This study is traveling to cover the hereafter of constabulary

ferociousness, what it is, where and when it happens, and what

we can make to halt it.

We as the public demand to recognize that there are ever

two sides to any narrative. When we hear that person was

injured of even killed by a police officer we automatically

think that the officer was incorrect for what he did, when in

world he may hold been salvaging his life or the lives of

others. Most police officers wear? t travel out on patrol

looking for some one to ache. Most of the clip when some

one has a run in with the jurisprudence it is for good ground. You

might here that John Doe was shot to decease by the constabulary

while he sat in his auto Saturday dark, but what you

likely won? T here is that John Doe had a 9mm pointed at

an officer, and he was a slaying suspect.

If you merely heard

one side of that narrative so it would be easy for you to

presume that the constabulary shot up hapless Jon when in world,

Jon and anyone else should hold known that if you point a

gun at a constabulary officer so you are likely traveling to acquire


On the other manus this besides works the other manner excessively.

You might here that Officer Curtis was killed in a auto

clang while on responsibility last dark. What you might non here is

that Officer Curtis was trailing down an at large slaying.

The point is that if you merely listen to one side of the

narrative so it is easy to believe that things happen for no

ground, when there is a good account for them.

Although many instances of constabulary ferociousness can easy be

explained there are many more that are existent instances of the

constabularies utilizing inordinate force. I am certain that everyone saw

the picture of the Lousiana State Trooper who was shouting at

the lady and pulling here out of the auto before she could

of all time acquire her place belt off. If this was a unsafe

condemnable so it would hold been justified but the lone

thing that lady was guilty of was rushing, barely a

serious offense.

There was a instance in Los Angles where a adult male was stopped

for rummy drive and hit the officer when other officers

arrived they handcuffed the adult male placed him on his tummy

and six officers sat on him. The adult male subsequently died, the

officers said that they were seeking to keep him. I

hold a

difficult clip believing that it took six officers to

keep down a intoxicated adult male who was handcuffed on his tummy and

had been making cocaine. An necropsy showed that there were

a figure of factors that could hold been blamed for the

adult males decease ( blood intoxicant degree, cocaine in his blood, the

officers puting on him while puting on his tummy, ) all

of these things could hold been the ground that this adult male

went into cardiac apprehension. Because of all the other

possibilities the officers were cleared of any and all

incorrect making.

Some topographic points such as New York, and Los Angles have a

much larger job with constabulary ferociousness than topographic points like

Delaware, Ohio. One ground could be because of the higher

offense rates in those countries. Police officers may be afraid

if they let jobs germinate into a confrontation where they

are on the defensive so they my face bodily injury, so they

take affairs into there ain custodies, Besides some constabulary may be

tired of taking out Americas rubbish, so they are taking out

there ill will on every other felon. Both of these

ground are non truly acceptable because the constabulary know

what there occupation is traveling to be like before the put the badge

on so they should merely mellow out for a piece and merely make

at that place occupation like they are supposed to. In the hereafter I don? T

think that constabulary officers will be able to acquire off with as

much crushing up of felons as they do now because Oklahoman

or later person is traveling to travel to far and do something

like assault an off responsibility constabulary officer and so they will

be in problem for assailing one of there ain and they

won? T be able to conceal from that.

If people start to see the constabulary get in problem for

their actions the maybe they will get down to hold a better

attitude towards them. On the other manus if the constabulary are

ever acquiring in problem so felons may believe that

they can arouse the constabulary into assailing them so that

the constabulary really acquire in problem for making there occupation and

the felon will likely acquire 1000000s of dollars merely for

acquiring assaulted when they likely deserved it.

So the public faces a tough determination. Do we check down

on a constabulary officers authorization to make what is needed to

grok a felon to maintain a few officers from mistreating

their power or do we merely catch the officers who are out

of line in biting apparatuss?


THE FUTURE OF POLICE BRUTALITY Research. (2017, Jul 14). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/the-future-of-police-brutality-essay-research/

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