The Importance of Perseverance in Romeo and Juliet, Dragon Ball Z and the Story of Oscar Pistorius

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In tough situations, the end may seem too distant to visualize. Traveling down the road, bumping into unwanted obstacles, sometimes it may be easier to just give up rather than continue. But behind every goal is a purpose, a reason, the source of motivation which fuels a person’s ambition and desire to continue forward. Especially with the presence of outside encouragement in combination with self-motivation, anything is possible. No matter how difficult, a person can complete anything with enough motivation.  For some students, a simple fear of parental punishment can be enough of an incentive to motivate them to strive for success in school. While my parents do not punish me in a harsh manner, I still relate to the same motivation which derives from pleasing my parents. I do not fear of doing poorly; I strive to do well I strive for knowledge, for A’s, for 40 GPA‘s.

I enjoy the unmatched feeling of receiving a “Good job, son!” or a “We’re so proud of you!” from my parents. Without a doubt, my life would be much easier if I decided to not do my homework, not study, and not care about school. I, however, possess the motivation, the desire, to perform at the best of my abilities. My motivation comes externally as well as internally. I know my parents want to see me succeed, and I also, want myself to succeed. Even after coming home from a basketball game or practice session at nine o’clock at night, I gather whatever energy I may have remaining to do my homework and study. At times, I doubt whether I should do this. I doubt whether I can do this. Then, I remember my purpose 7 for my family, for myself, for my future. “How could you have straight A’s?’ my friends would ask me Surviving at Oxford Academy may be difficult enough for some students as is, yet I managed all A’s with basketball.

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Romeo and Juliet of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, surely had their own motivation as well. Because of the tension between their families, Romeo and Juliet were forbidden to see the other; motivated by love, Romeo and Juliet refused to become discouraged They wanted more than anything else in the world to be with one another. The two would do anything to be together. If they could not live together happily on Earth, then Heaven would be their next best choice. As Romeo enters the chamber to a sleeping Juliet in act IV, he believes she is dead. Romeo admires Juliet’s beauty, touches her smooth skin, and kisses her precious lips one final time, He proclaims his love and takes his own life in order to be with his beloved for the rest of eternity. Juliet, who is truly under a temporary potion, wakes up to see Romeo dead and takes her own life as well Together in Heaven at last, the ambitious lovers overcame the obstacles and challenges of their forbidden love.

Another example can be seen in the animated television series Dragon Ball 2‘ In the show, an alien race, known as the Saiyans, co-exist on Earth. Saiyans look similar in appearance to humans but possess super strength and abilities. They are a warrior race; fighting runs in their veins These Saiyans use their powers for good and protect Earth from evil threats the people of Earth typically depend on Goku, arguably the strongest Saiyan, to save the day. When Cell, “the perfect weapon” created solely for evil, arrives, he challenges and kills Gokut Goku’s eleven-year-old son, Cohan, is left to fight Cell himself, Damaged from battle, left with streams of blood running down the crevices of his body, one arm broken, Gohan’s chances to beat Cell look bleak. With a final push, Gohan gathers all of his energy into one final attack and unleashes his power lread—to~head against Cell’s.

But it’s not enough. Goku speaks to his son as a spirit from the afterworld throughout this struggle “I can’ttnl just can’tml’m just a kid!” Gohan shouts in anguish and frustration, Then his father tells him, “Release it Gohan! Remember all the pain he‘s caused! The peoples he’s hurt! Now make that your power!” Gohan could not let himself, his father, his friends, and the people of Earth down; everyone is depending on him to be their savior, Gohan could not allow Cell to beat him, for it would mean the utter destruction of planet Earth. Gohan remembers all the lives Cell has taken 7 his friends, his family, all of the innoncent people he knew and all of the ones he didn’t know, He harnesses his anger, his wrath, his fury, and unleashes an ultimate blow which obliterates Cell into infinite pieces. Without motivation and encouragement from his father, Gohan would never have been able to beat Cell, a quite remarkable feat, especially for an eleven year old child.

The inspirational tales of the disabled and handicapped reveal the true possibilities which come from motivation. Oscar Pistorius ran in the 2012 London Olympics for South Africa. Oscar, however, was born with a lack of fibula in both of his legs Just before his first birthday, the doctors amputated both of Oscar’s leg. Despite being handicapped by two prosthetic legs, he continued to grow up with a desire and interest for sports such as wrestling, boxing, and rugby. Most people with his conditions would never even think about pursuing a profession in sport, but Oscar Pistorius said in an interview, “You‘re not disabled by the disabilities you have, you are able by the abilities you have.” Some athletes, after an injury, become so frustrated and give up. Oscar Pistorius, lacking two legs, never gave up. He was and continues to be motivated to pursue his interest in athletics. Oscar also experienced additional hardships along his journey to the Olympics.

His first setback occurred in 2007, when the International Association of Athletic Foundations banned him from competing, claiming his artificial legs “gave him an unfair advantage.” The ruling, however, was overturned in 2008, but he still missed the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Oscar continued to persevere in his training, eventually making the 2012 London Olympics and qualifying for the 400 meter race. Oscar Pistorius accomplished his dream and became a part of history by being the first amputee to compete in the Olympics. He pushed the boundaries of possibilities with his determination and heart. Oscar showed it is possible to run without legs, even run in the Olympics. Anything is possible, whether it be receiving an. A on the test, being with your dream girl/guy, saving the world from demise, or running without legs. Anyone and everyone possess the capability to reach their dreams stay motivated, never give up, and always remember the purpose for doing it in the first place, Persistence will pay off, and the goal will be reached.

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