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Romeo and Juliet Ball Gossip

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Dancing, music, laughter, and love, there’s nothing like a Caplet party, however, the party wasn’t all fun and games. Three young men were spotted sneaking into this party. At first, no one knew for sure exactly who these men were. I thought to myself, maybe they were Montage’s trying to crash this party and make it a disaster, causing more Of a feud be;men the families. I interviewed Table to get more information on these men. Table response was, “This by his voice should be a Montague” which meant that they were in fact Montage’s, and that he was definitely not pappy to see them.

L wanted them to leave” he said “they were never invited in the first place and had no right to be there”. This quickly stirred up as a conundrum in my head, and I wondered why the Montage’s weren’t kicked out. “l was furious when Caplet told me that the Montage’s were welcome to stay.

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Romeo and Juliet Ball Gossip
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He didn’t want any trouble but I wanted them gone! ” stated Table. It seemed as though he wanted to create more conflict between the Montage’s and the Caplet’s, however, Caplet would not allow him to create a big scene. The Montague men weren’t the only interesting men t the party.

A young gentleman by the name of Paris was also spotted at the party. He seemed to be spending a lot of time with Caplet’s daughter, Juliet. Could this be the start of a new relationship? It could be, but my sources soon revealed to me that Caplet still thinks that his daughter is too young to get married and wants Paris to wait until she’s a little older. On the other hand, Paris and Lady Caplet seem to wintriest to marry Paris. Lady Caplet was seen trying to bring them closer together at the party. Paris doesn’t seem to e the only man in Gullet’s life.

She was spotted kissing an unknown gentleman at the party. He was in masquerade, so no one could tell who he was, but he was indeed another uninvited guest. Some people believe that this man could’ve been one of the Montague men trying to trick Caplet’s daughter into falling in love with him. Rumor has it that it was none other than Romeo, the son of Montague.

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