The Importance of Pets in Our Lives

The widespread ownership of pets among people and the money and the effort they spend on them testifies that the majority of owners derive a great deal of benefits from the pet’s companionship - The Importance of Pets in Our Lives introduction. For some people, pets can be part of the social interaction or the social support system. Also importantly, pets are considered to be a good source of reducing stress, alleviating and other illnesses among people. Why do people consider pets as good companions? The relationship between people and certain animals becomes very deep and profound, pet’s owners now consider their pets as their closest friends or even as kids.

On one hand, some people can feature the relationship between human and animals as the key that helped or will help a lot of people suffering from feelings of loneliness, isolation, or even disappointment. For example, some people are childless, or feel neglected by their families or even friends. Also, some people can lose trust in their closest relative or a friend, so they look at their pets as the best loyal friends and the ideal companions. There is an anonymous quotation: “He is you friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.

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You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion. ” On the other hand, animals as companions have several influences on human’s life, such as “childhood dreams” and they can even play a significant part to shape their owner’s future. In Elizabeth Beth Anderson’s book, she said:”my early childhood experiences certainly shaped my choices. My first love was Geeta, a dignified, aging shepherd-collie mix, who offered me unparalleled comfort as the youngest sibling transplanted alone to a new city when my divorced mother remarried. ” Anderson, p. Elizabeth.

“ The powerful bond between people and pets. In her book also she included a quotation by George Eliot, “animals are such agreeable friends- they ask no questions, they pass no criticism. ” So, when some people choose certain animals as their companions, they really have a deep reason behind that choice that can come either from personal experience or outside influence. Other benefits that pet owners gain; are interaction. People start to engage with each other through their pets. For example, when people walk their pets, the pets try to get close to the other pets, and at the same time people start to introduce each other by asking their pets’ name, what’s their gender and so on.

This socialization creates new friends, not only for pets but also for their owners. In addition, pets are also playing a unique role in humans’ health. Pets can be a life safer. Based on research by www. medicinenet. com, pets now play a great role in emotional, physical, and mental health. For instance, pets can lower blood pressure and cholesterol for their owners especially when suffering from stress, depression, or overweight. Thus, pets are good treatment. Furthermore, pets can detect several of diseases and conditions.

In Dr Marty Becker’s book “ the healing power of pets”, he explained how pets have this unique feature to make people healthier and happier. There are pets that can sniff out cancers that are undetectable to highly trained doctors with more advanced medical equipment. He said there others who can sense when their owner is about to have heart attack, seizure, or panic attack; and many who provide a safe passage in the world for the physically or emotionally challenged… increasingly medicine is recognizing the special relationship between pets and people as one of the most powerful weapons in fighting diseases and treating chronic conditions.

To conclude, there are mass of benefits of owning pets, therefore people love to have them. A lot of discoveries surrounded animals have successfully proven each time that these creatures can really grow self-confidence in the owners. Through that confidence,people no longer will feel disappointed or lonely as they find great companions. Also, pets become as social transit to connect people in their communities. Moreover, there is another main reason people love pets; the health advantage, they are as a life saver. In fact, many doctors are routinely prescribing pets for their patients. (Becker, Marty “The healing power of pets”.

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