Why Cats Are Bad Pets

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In ancient Egypt, cats held a position of high respect due to their elegance and grace. They were even associated with the goddess Bast (Bastet). The loss of a cat was mourned as if it were the passing of a loved one, and causing unintentional harm to a cat was considered a serious offense. Cats served as protectors of homes from demons, grave robbers, and spirits by guarding the Gates of Hell. It is puzzling why people find this creature adorable, affectionate, and friendly when it was worshipped as divine and connected to human fatalities. Who would desire an animal linked to Hell and its malevolent beings? While animals are not humans, these feline companions should be treated solely as pets rather than being seen as equals or “man’s best friend”. Unlike dogs, they cannot accompany us everywhere we go; when left unsupervised at home, they may engage in misbehavior such as scratching furniture or meddling with forbidden objects.

Cats are notorious for their messy hair, which they leave all over the place – on the couch, shock absorbers, drapes, sympathy cards, and even your clothes. They have no regard for personal space and frequently walk on shelves, knocking over picture frames, candles, and decorations. It’s highly probable that when you return home, you’ll discover your belongings scattered on the floor. In the kitchen, it often feels like cats are always underfoot as you move around; their actions may seem deliberate in disregarding personal space.

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If you choose to sit on one end of the sofa and occupy a single cushion, the cats will feel compelled to jump onto your lap and remain there until you must leave. However, if you depart and return, it becomes challenging to regain their favor as they will have no desire to engage with you. They possess numerous prima donna qualities. At times, they yearn for your undivided attention, yet in an instant, they want no interaction whatsoever and may even hiss if approached. Consequently, they completely disregard your attempts to call them by name. Their behavior surpasses that of women going through menopause.

While bathing a cat may not be necessary like with dogs, it is still important to address their hygiene. Cats have a tendency to lick themselves, but this can be unsanitary considering where their tongue has been. Moreover, even though cats don’t require regular baths, they do ingest some hair during grooming which forms wet hair balls that are eventually coughed up on various surfaces like wood flooring, rugs, and beds. Another unpleasant behavior exhibited by cats is spraying urine when feeling threatened. Un-neutered male cats mark their territory by spraying indiscriminately around the house. This can lead to foul odors on furniture, floors, clothing, and more.

It is uncommon to witness people taking their cats for car rides or walks in the park. The experience of bringing a cat in the car can be chaotic and noisy, both for the person and the cat. Throughout the journey, all you hear is their miserable meow emanating from the carrier at the back. To dampen their piercing cries, blankets are used to cover the carrier. Persuading them to go on a walk is as challenging as dragging a heavy brick because they prefer the comfort of their home. On the other hand, dogs delight in going on walks and view car rides as special treats. They happily engage with you, can be taught tricks, and even dress up for Halloween. While occasional bathing may be necessary, having a dog as a pet provides companionship unlike dealing with an unruly child.

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