The Important of Semantics Knowledge in Teaching English Essay

Tri Yatmono S. N: 52 1000 262 Class: B afternoon Semester/SKS: V/ 2 Deadline: at November 09, 2012 Subject : Semantics Lecturer: Wahyudi, M. Ed Mid Term Test Do you think it is important to apply or to use semantics knowledge in your teaching English to Senior/ Junior High School Students? Semantics knowledge is one of the most important element that should had by the teacher when they want to teaching English to their students in the class, and I think as the good teacher I should apply my semantics knowledge to teach them exactly to improving their language skill.

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The Important of Semantics Knowledge in Teaching English
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As we know our students has different background, and it must be different culture also. So, we can show that from the difference itself, the students also have the different learning experience. In this time the teacher should know how to solving the problem of students when they want to produce a language. It is important to use semantic knowledge to teach High School students because that the good time for teacher to recognize or to make them aware, whether the students make a mistake in learning English or not.

The teacher can repair or corrected some errors that students make in using or speaking English. And then, it is important to apply semantics knowledge to teach High school students because as we know almost all of High School Students is still have age under 20 years old, I think in this time the students has a critical thinking that always want to know about everything. So that is why we have to have enough knowledge related language linguistics that can help you to give them or to tell to them the solving of the problem that they have found in English language.

And the next, the important of applying semantics knowledge to teaching English to High School students is as the good learners and the good teacher in processing of learning English as Foreign language, it would be better if we use English as the medium instruction to have a communication in the class. Both of the teacher and the learners should always make it to be custom that indicate there are a subconscious process in learning English.

And then, it is important to apply of semantics knowledge in teaching English to High school students because the students not only learning about speaking but also all of the language skills, such as listening, reading and writing, so they must be active and creative in getting their language ability. We talk start from reading, the students should know and make a comprehending of the information that they have found after they read some sentences or paragraph. If they do not know what the meaning of the word, and how they can identify sentence by sentence, it will be difficult for them.

The second, in writing students required to write some sentences or paragraph in good constructions, if they want to have or produce a good writing. The students should know how to choice or use the word that suitable based on the context. And the last, it is about listening. In listening comprehension students should know many of vocabulary and how the people pronounced the word, because in English there are so many words that have the same sound, and it needs more explanation from the teacher.

This thing needs the role of the teacher in guiding the students to get the good result. And to be the guider or teacher you have to apply your ability or knowledge especially semantics knowledge. The teacher should teach their students to find the suitable meaning of the word when they are in reading the text. The teacher should guide their students to know how to write a sentence or paragraph in good constructions, structure and grammar, and how they can choice the suitable word based on the context.

The teacher must be patient in explaining to their students how to recognize and know about the sounds of the word that will be pronounced by other in speaking. And then, it is important to apply of semantics knowledge to teaching English to High students, because nowadays it has developed a learning process based on IT or refer to Technology Development. It can be probabilities in learning process, students will found so many term and so many language features has changed follow the dynamic of the world.

As the good teacher their semantics knowledge is very needed to help the students to understand all of that aspect. Finally, the essential the important of applying semantics knowledge to teaching English to High School Students is helping the students in all of the side, whether in their competencies in study or social interaction. That is be able to teach or corrected the mistakes or errors that students have found in their learning process.

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