Teaching English in India

C ‘MALAYALAM’ THE EASIEST LANGUAGE IN THE WORLD to learn and practise (structurally or grammatically) Inventor/discoverer : Jacob Nettikkatt (Nettikkadan) Learning any language other than the mother tongue and getting communicating ability in it, takes quite some time for anybody. But the vernacular of Kerala in South India Malayalam, has a different story to announce. This is due to the invention of a brand new item called “Linguistic Yardstick” by Mr. Jacob Nettikkatt (Nettikkadan).

The invention reveals a new discovery that Malayalam has an exquisite structural distinction, totally different from other languages of the world, a claim which no other language in the world can boast of. THE EDUCATIONAL SCENARIO THAT INSPIRED THE NEW STYLE OF RESEARCH AND INVENTION Under the existing style of research, particularly in Universities or Research Institutes or the U. N. , such an invention would have never been possible, because the GUIDE would not allow such a new approach; he would insist the researcher under him to go through the same rut as he himself had passed through earlier.

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The British introduced teaching of the English language in India, based on the syllabus prevailing in the schools of Great Britain, hundreds of years back. That is because the prevailing educational system in Great Britain was quite satisfactory at that time. But due to many reasons, out of 10,000 students who learned English in India for 19 or 20 years and became postgraduates, not even ten students could speak fluent English confidently. Just because they could not speak English, they could not build up a respectable career at a decent remuneration, especially outside their linguistic limits.

So, most of the postgraduate victims could not build up a good career. The 99% victims of English learning as well as all the scholars, experts and researchers believed that the cause of their failure to achieve communication skill in English was sheerly their own incompetence or lack of calibre to learn English properly. DISCOVERY THAT CORRECTED THE ‘300 YEAR OLD WRONG BELIEF’ As mentioned above, all the victims of English learning as well as the scholars, experts and researchers everywhere believed that the cause of failure was “Learner’s incompetence or lack of calibre to learn English properly”.

But Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan has a different theory to put forward : Teaching English in India was started by the British when they were ruling India, as they wanted to give instructions in English to the Indian people who were employed by them. Otherwise they had to learn so many Indian languages to do that job. But they did not know ‘How to teach English’. So they decided to import the school system prevailing in England at that time, as it was running there very satisfactorily. But when they did import the Contd. Page – 2. -2-

English teaching system from England, they had to leave behind a very important element of learning English in England itself. However, they were not aware of this miscarriage at that time, or even later on . The so called “Experts, scholars or researchers in India”, were also not aware of this fact for at least 300 years. We can explain it theoretically like this : If anybody wants to learn any language other than the mother tongue and be able to handle it satisfactorily, one has to learn and develop three essential capacities about that language : “To read”, “to write” and “to speak” that language.

But when the British imported the English teaching system from England into India, they could bring only two items out of the three, i. e. “To read” and “to write” English. They could not bring into India “The ability to speak English” from the schools of England, because children in England were learning to speak English in their own homes and not in their schools. The actual scenario available in England was that the English children learned to speak English as mother tongue at home and when they came to school, they were able to speak fluent English confidently.

This is like all the Indians being able to speak their own mother tongue when they go to school for the first time. Thus, the teachers in England had to teach students only “How to read and write English in schools”; there was no need to teach them “How to speak English in schools”. So, we have to conclude that the system prevailing in England at that time was “To teach how to read and write English to those who learned to speak English at their own home”. Teachers in the schools of England began teaching the English children ‘first the English alphabet – both to read and write’.

After that, they taught the students words in English, like “cat, rat, mat etc. ” They taught students the spellings, pronunciations and meanings of words. After that, they made the students read English books. Surely, all students understood something at least, because they had the basic knowledge of the English language from their own home. When teachers explained to them about what they read from books, they understood much more. Then they progressed in English, because everywhere they hear English, they speak English and they read English. So, their growth in English was satisfactory, as years passed.

They used to refer to this style of teaching : “The literature style of teaching”. At higher levels of education, the students had to read books of great and renowned writers and answer questions on their content. Even the postgraduates or researchers who underwent PhD programme did not learn about the internal designs, decorations or the structure of the English language (whatever may be the length of dealing with the English language). So, if you ask a PhD holder in English “What do you know about the internal designs, decorations or the structure of the English language ?

”, we can expect the answer to be “I don’t know such things”, “Nobody has taught me such things” or “Such things are not there in the syllabus in schools, colleges or Universities” etc. Thus, when the English Teaching System was brought into India and introduced in the schools of India, the system failed utterly and miserably, because children in India do not get any chance to learn to speak English from their own homes, and when they go to school, the system has no provision to teach them ‘How to speak English in classrooms”.

So our postgraduates and others failed to speak English, because they never learned to speak English either at home or from school. Contd. – Page 3. -3- When Indian students read English books and could not understand anything, because they never learned the basic language at home or in schools, the English education should have come to a grinding halt. But the British were clever enough to continue the process. They told the Indian students “Don’t worry if you cannot understand what you read from English books. Study this ‘Grammar Book’. This is your savior. This will save you”.

Truly speaking, a true Grammar Book could have solved the problem. But what book they brought to India, was not as per the meaning of the word “grammar” in the dictionary. The dictionary demands that a true grammar book should teach “How to make sentences by using words in the language”. The dictionary says “Grammar is a set of rules for making sentences by using words in the language”. But there was not a single rule for making sentences in English in the Grammar Book brought by the British. It was a book “Only to correct the mistakes of sentences in English which the English children learned to make and speak at home”.

In the book they wrote some sentences and gave explanations about the correct meaning of certain words or expressions. When children in England read them, they understood ‘Which is a correct sentence’ and ‘which is wrong’. Thus, that book became helpful to them. But when that book was brought to India and given to Indian children, they had nothing with them to be corrected by that book, because they never learned any basic language either at home or in school. Since then, questions were asked from that Grammar Book or any other book which was given to them for reading.

So, they could answer such questions to get marks and acquire promotion to higher levels. Thus, the school education was carried forward, though the Indian children never learned the English language as a language. They got some information about the English language and some vocabulary. Only the genius among students got the ability to speak English by their own merit. THE MIRACULOUS CURE FOR THE ILLNESS It was Jacob Nettikkadan’s personal research at home for 51 years that produced the solution for the whole problem mentioned above.

In 1978, he invented the “Scientific Methodology For Learning Foreign Languages” which is a systematic teaching of English that will give Quick Communication Skill to the learner and ten times more knowledge about the English language, especially about the internal decorations and designs of the English language. It is a very simple, easy, interesting and fast method of systematic teaching English, just like construction of an English building – first the foundation, then 1,877 rooms on 15 floors to accommodate 1,877 types of sentences (or expressions in English) in 15 Tenses.

This contains over 5,700 innovations over the English teaching system brought to India by the British centuries ago. So, Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan is able to guarantee to the learner that there will be no confusion or doubt when he teaches English today. He challenges if anybody else can promise and fulfill such a guarantee. The greatest distinction of this new invention is that “For the first time in the world, in 20 centuries, ‘science’ as well as ‘Personality Development’ have been used in language teaching”. After adding the 5,700 innovations by Mr. Jacob Contd.

Page 4. -4- Nettikkadan, the new teaching system contains the following items which make miraculous effect in the teaching of a foreign language : (a) Teaching how to make each type of expression or sentence in English (total 1877 types) by using one each simple, easy and interesting technique/ formula (which is as simple, easy and interesting as chewing a chocolate). This alone, when supplied with the fluency techniques, will enable students to make their own sentences in English, as required, to communicate in English easily, with comfort and confidence.

Otherwise, they have to learn it by heart. (b) Making the learners think in English directly. Without this, they will have to think the basic idea in their mother tongue and translate into English, which causes mistakes, delay and confusion. (c) Making the learners produce their own ideas quickly. Without producing their own ideas, they cannot communicate in any language effectively. Instead, they will have to learn by-heart what ideas other people produce. (d) Teaching fluency Techniques and getting 100% fluency at each level, before reaching overall fluency in English.

Without learning to make new sentences, reciting them loudly as well as repeatedly and getting fluency at each level, they cannot achieve overall fluency in the language. (e) Convincing them about “What is being taught” and “Why they have to learn it”. These two items will enhance students’ learning interest to attend the class and learn everything with great inner urge and concentration as well as get perfect knowledge, which they can use in their future life, free from confusion and doubt, most convincingly.

Otherwise, they will get knowledge without much conviction, only to pass the examinations and get promotions, not to use practically in future life and become competent. (f) Making them do the required activities to stimulate mental growth (food for their mind) so that their mind develops, strengthens and functions efficiently and This makes them smart, active, energetic, enthusiastic and confident. Otherwise they become shy, timid, withdrawn, confused and filled with inferiority complex. Mr. J. Nettikkadan uses his own book “The Importance of Personality Development” for this purpose, without which education will be incomplete for students.

This book will make students understand the secrets of functions of mind, by using which they can enlarge the volume and Mind Power, to succeed effectively. in their future life. They will be taught what the good human qualities and vices are, with correct definitions, apart from learning how to possess excellent attitude and behaviour with others in the society lovably. They will also learn what leadership qualities and abilities are as well as how to develop managerial aptitude. All these increase their “employability” and they become a real asset for their employer, who will be happy to pay him high remuneration.

Contd. Page – 5. -5- The slogan of the methodology is : “ 5% study burden; 500% study benefits OR Years of study reduced to hours of study “. The second part of the slogan has been proved by Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan when he taught the final semester MBA students of Bharat Mata College, Thrikkakkara, Kochi, Kerala for 19 hours and many of them confirmed in writing that they acquired more knowledge, skill, self confidence and courage to speak English than what they acquired from their whole life. Some of them had studied in English medium for 19 years. A few of the comments are available in website : www. jacobnettikkadan.

com OR . org OR www. xavierinstitute. com OR . org . REASON TO INVENT “LINGUISTIC YARDSTICK” When Jacob Nettikkadan made his first invention “The Scientific Methodology To Learn Foreign Languages in 1978, he wrote a bi-lingual book in Malayalam and English mixed under the caption “Is English So Easy ?!! ” for Malayalees to learn English by grasping the essential details in Malayalam and learning to make sentences in English. Since the book was not a roaring success in Kerala, he decided to get a new book made in Bengali language and get it published at Calcutta (now renamed “Kolkata”) in 1982, where he was living then.

He found out a Bengali Lady who knew English and made her write the book in spoken Bengali out of the matter he supplied to her in English. He knew spoken Bengali. So, he made her read the book to him and he corrected it. When the book was made, he found out an unusual phenomenon : the portion which occupied less area when written in Malayalam occupied much more space to accommodate the same matter in Bengali language. This made him think “Why this is happening”, as both the languages are meant to convey ideas and there is no difference in the idea at all.

Then he made comparison in other known languages. That search revealed that there was much difference between languages. So, he wanted to know why such things happen. The search confirmed that there is essential portion for expressing ideas and over and above that there is unwanted or avoidable complexity in varying degrees in every language. Then he wanted to do research and invent a “Linguistic Yardstick” that would measure the unwanted or avoidable complexity in every language. For that, he built up stipulations for a scientific

language which will be a “Straight Line for communication of ideas” i. e. without any unwanted complexity. On the basis of those stipulations, he built up a new language called “Uni Lingua” which has been formulated as a sample ideal language for the fastest, easiest and simplest expression of ideas. The newly made language “Uni Lingua” is available in his personal and official websites www. jacobnettikkadan. com OR . org OR www. xavierinstitute. com OR . org . It has been described as the “eighth wonder in the world – technology-wise”,

because in it, an intelligent person can learn the most essential area to get communication skill within seconds – will not need minutes or hours; forget about days, weeks, months and years. UNESCO, France had offered full financial support to Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan to build up that language as a Global Language in 1983-84, but officials in the Education Ministry at New Delhi did not clear it. So, the proposal was dumped into cold storage. But on the Contd. Page – 6. -6- hope of building it himself, Jacob Nettikkadan has made the framework of it in his websites under the caption : “Uni Lingua – the exciting, new world language”.

Those who read and understand the write up on Uni Lingua from the said websites, will get a world level knowledge and expertise about the structure of languages and the Language Science, which no PhD holder from any University in the world may have. That is because the thought or concept and the details in it are brand new invention or discovery. Another fall out of the invention “Linguistic Yardstick” was that “Malayalam” has been proved to be the easiest language in the world, which you can yourself experience very soon from this write up itself.

Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan proved it theoretically in 1982 in his book “Inventions Galore”, but proved it practically by teaching a Karnataka lady Dentist – Mrs. Chethana Krishnakumar Malayalam for two hours and giving her the ability to make hundreds of sentences in that language. She had believed and declared “It is impossible to learn Malayalam”, just before getting the two hour class from Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan. The chart used to teach her Malayalam in two hours, is given below so that you can also learn it and get conviction yourself.

If you do the necessary practice to get fluency of the sentences you make, you can speak some Malayalam language within a few hours. LEARN ‘MALAYALAM’ INSTANTLY, YOURSELF If you have not learned the Malayalam language as mother tongue at home, you can learn it in the easiest way by using the invention of Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan through the below-given charts. The order of sentences in Malayalam is “Actor or Subject “ column followed by “ Receiver of Action or Object” column and finally “Action or Verb” column and not “Actor – Action – Receiver of Action”, as in English.

First of all you have to learn the vocabulary in Malayalam from ‘Chart A’ and also ‘Chart B’. The selection of words has been made most scientifically to give you wide range of coverage for expressions required normally in your life. After getting fluency in making sentences from these charts, it will be easier for you to learn further language by listening to people who talk the language. To make simple, small sentences as children normally use, pick up a word from the “Actor” column under ‘Chart A’.

Then pick up any other word from the “Receiver of Action” column and finally add an appropriate Verb from one of the three Tenses given in ‘Chart B’. Then think of the total meaning of the sentence in a picture form and recite the whole sentence repeatedly till you become fluent to utter that sentence. Then learn the next sentence again like that. What result you will get by learning the two charts given below and making maximum sentences out of them, you can get from schools only by learning for a long period. But such results you cannot get from any other language in the world, even if you use similar charts.

That is because other languages are more difficult to learn. Contd. Page – 7. -7- CHART – A ACTOR Noun (s). Ex. A boy Hcp RECEIVER OF ACTION a boy Hcp B? Ip? nsb (oru anhkuttiye) boys – B? Ip? nIsf (anhkuttikalhe) me – ACTION Pick up a suitable word from Chart B and place it here. B? Ip? n (oru anhkutty) Noun (pl). Ex. Boys – B? Ip? nI? Personal Pronoun Personal Pronoun (anhkuttikalh) I – Rm? (nhan) We – Fs? (enne) R?? us – R? sf (nhangalhe) (nhangalh) (excluding the listener) We – Personal Pronoun ?? us – ? sf (nammalhe) (nammalh) (including the listener) You – Personal Pronoun o

(nhee) Personal You – ns? Pronoun (nhinne) (junior, inferior person, intimate friend of same age) Personal Pronoun You – n?? (nhinghal) you – n? sf (nhinghalhe) (stranger (s), with respect in plural form) Personal Pronoun . Personal Pronoun . Personal Pronoun . Personal Pronoun . Personal Pronoun . Personal Pronoun . You – Xm¶? (thankalh) you – Xm¶sf (thankalhe) (with high respect) He – Ah? him – Ahs (avane) (avan) (without respect) He – Abm? him – Abmsf (ayyalhe) (ayyalh) (stranger with respect) He – At±lw him – At±lsO (addhehathe) (addheham) (with high respect) She – Ah? her –

Ahsf (avalhe) (avalh) (without respect) She – At±lw her – At±lsO (addhehathe) (addheham) (with high respect) Contd. Page – 8. -8- CHART – A ACTOR Personal Pronoun . Personal Pronoun . Personal Pronoun . It – RECEIVER OF ACTION it – ACTION Pick up a suitable word from Chart B and place it here. AXv AXns (athine) (athh) (living beings) It – Personal It – AXv (athh) Pronoun (athh) (non-living beings) AXv They – Ah? them – Ahsc (avare) (avar) (human beings) Personal Pronoun . . Question Pronoun They – (avaye) (ava) (other living beings and non-living items) Who (s) – Ah them – Ahsb Bcv

(arhh) whom (s) – Bsc (arrhe) Question Who (pl) – Bscvmw Pronoun (arrellam) whom (pl) Other This (s) Pronoun Bscsbvmw (arreyellam) CXv (ithh) this (s) – CXns (ithine) Other These (pl) – Ch Pronoun (iva) these (pl) – Chsb (ivaye) See Chart – B on page 9 below -9- VERBS IN MALAYALAM – In three tenses PRESENT TENSE English See/Sees Learn/Learns Teach/Teaches Show/Shows Make/Makes Love/Loves Touch/Touches Eat/Eats Drink/Drinks Write/Writes Read/Read Take/Takes Speak/Speaks Walk/Walks Catch/Catches Hold/Holds Help/Helps Win/Wins Succeed/s Obey/Obeys Hear/Hears Understand/s Sleep/Sleeps

PAST TENSE English Saw Learnt Taught Showed Made Loved Touched Ate Drank Wrote Read (red) Took Spoke Walked Caught Held Helped Won Succeeded Obeyed Heard FUTURE TENSE English Will see Will learn Will teach Will show Will make Will love Will touch Will eat Will drink Will write Will read Will take Will speak Will walk Will catch Will hold Will help Will win Will succeed Will obey Will hear Will understand Will sleep Malayalam Kanhunnu Malayalam Kanddu Malayalam Kanhum ImWp? p Paddikkunnu I? p Paddichu ImWpw Paddikyum ]Tn°p? p Paddippikkunnu ]Tn®p Paddippichu

]Tn°pw Paddippikkyum ]Tn? n°p? p Kanhikyunnu ]Tn? n®p Kanhichu ]Tn? n°pw Kanhikyum ImWn°p? p Unddakkunnu ImWn®p Unddakki ImWn°pw Unddakkum D? m°p? p Snehikkunnu D? m°n Snehichu D? m°pw Snehikyum kvtln°p? p Thodunnu kvtln®p Thottu kvtln°pw Thodum sXmSp? p Thinnunnu sXm? p Thinnu sXmSpw Thinnum Xn? p? p Kudikyunnu Xn? p Kudichu Xn? pw Kudikyum IpSn°p? p Ezhuthunnu IpSn®p Ezhuthi IpSn°pw Ezhuthum FgpXp? p Vayikyunnu FgpXn Vayichu FgpXpw Vayikyum hmbn°p? p Edukkunnu hmbn®p Eduthu hmbn°pw Edukkum FSp°p? p Samsarikyunnu FSpOp Samsarichu FSp°pw Samsarikyum

kwkmcn°p? p Nadakkunnu kwkmcn®p Nadannu kwkmcnbv°pw Nadakkum S°p? p Pidikkunnu S? p Pidichu S°pw Pidikyum ]nSnbv°p? p Pidikkunnu ]nSn®p Pidichu ]nSnbv°pw Pidikyum ]nSnbv°p? p Sahayikkunnu ]nSn®p Sahayichu ]nSnbv°pw Sahayikyum klmbn°p? p Jayikkunnu klmbn®p Jayichu klmbnbv°pw Jayikyum Pbnbv°p? p Vijayikkunnu Pbn®p Vijayichu Pbnbv°pw Vijayikyum hnPbnbv°p? p Anusarikkunnu hnPbn®p Anusarichu hnPbnbv°pw Anusarikyum Apkcnbv°p? p Kelhkunnu Apkcn®p Kettu Apkcnbv°pw Kelhkkum tI? °p? p Manassilakkunnu Understood tI? p Manassilakki tI? °pw Manassilakkum

a nem°p? p Uranghunnu Slept a nem°n Uranghi a nem°pw Uranghum Dd? p? p Dd? n Dd? pw Contd. Page – 10. – 10 – THE CRUELTY TO THE INVENTOR CRUELTY OF PhD HOLDERS AND UNIVERSITIES : Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan achieved the greatest feat in 20 centuries in the linguistic field, when he invented the Scientific Methodology For Learning Foreign Languages in 1978 and started teaching English from 1985 to graduates, postgraduates and undergraduates to give them quick communication skill and much more correct knowledge about the English language in a few weeks.

It must be remembered that he gave communication skill in English by teaching them English afresh in his own style, to those who failed to secure that precious ability out of 19 or 20 years’ study from highly qualified, trained faculty. But, no University or PhD holders who did research in this field and got PhD degrees in this country took interest to know the secret of his success and details of his invention. It is abnormal, unusual, irrational and illogical. The authorities and PhD holders in the University have just to become sensible and wise to do it.

But, many of them will fail to be sensible, because they may not know what is “rationality” and “logic”, since no school, no college or no University is teaching “What rationality, logic and wisdom are”. Without possessing rationality and logic, they cannot produce “wisdom” and show sensibility. “Wisdom cannot be purchased, begged, borrowed or stollen; it has to be produced by oneself. There are some more factors. One such factor is that PhD degrees are granted by most of our Universities without the researcher doing any useful invention or discovery on the subject of research.

So, such PhD holders will have to expose their own vacuum if they recognize and appreciate Mr. Jacob’s invention and encourage it or spread it in the country for the benefit of the future generations. So, they prefer to deny the benefits to the future generations. The second reason is that most of the high level degree holders in our country develop very few good human qualities including the ability to appreciate and admire good things in others, because that is done only where there is proper personality development in the education.

Instead, our experts, scholars and high level degree holders develop the vices such as ‘pride, arrogance, prejudice, jealousy’ etc. So, naturally they will only discourage, ignore and speak against such inventions. The Political power in the country is only interested in counting and announcing the huge amount spent in the name of education; they are least interested to produce any visible results i. e. increase in the knowledge, skill and over all quality of students. They only encourage “easy pass for students” and “100% pass in examinations”.

So, they make rules and persuade teachers to give marks very liberally. Over and above all these, there is a foreign power which is capable of spending billions of dollars, but are not utilizing the fund to better the quality of English language. It appears that they believe that Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan’s inventions and research on English are an insult to the English people. But they can just be sensible and think that the research of Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan has improved the status of the English language ten times better in the world. He has studded or decorated the English language with gems and jewels.

Again he has helped the faster spread of the language through his perfect teaching of the language. But, instead of appreciating him, they are inspiring all the above mentioned classes of people to Contd. Page – 11. – 11 – ignore Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan’s inventions and started to encourage Universities to conduct “Communicative English Degree Courses” for two years or four years, but without enabling students to communicate in English even in four years’ full time course. They cannot use any of the techniques invented by Mr. Nettikkadan, because these are universally registered as intellectual property in his personal name.

The utter failure of the Communicative English course conducted by Universities has made the youth in India lose faith in English courses in general. To discourage this sabotage by Indian Universities, Mr. Nettikkadan has renamed his invention “Original Communicative English” so as to call the University’s course as “Duplicate Communicative Course” – a branded disgrace !! CRUELTY OF THE MEDIA : The media has lowered the standard of coverage in many areas, from impressive and dignified levels to low and vulgar affairs which appeal to people of that level. The media personnel practically ignore the better class people and their standard.

They do not like to give any importance for inventions and discoveries which are very helpful to the society. Over and above that, they supported, encouraged and helped wrong players who introduced inferior method of teaching English and sold books in large quantity during the last few decades. A popular Malayalam daily supported the Malayalam books and an English daily strengthened the book selling in English. After some time, the buyers of books were terribly disappointed with the result of the books, because there was no technology used in them which was helpful to the leaners of the books.

They refused to buy any further books, because they lost hope of improving their English standard, which was thoroughly spoiled by Government researchers as well. Over and above this, hundreds of Spoken English teachers cropped up in the market who had no technological backing, only to frustrate the people who joined the Spoken English courses, because they could only repeat what was taught uselessly in schools and colleges. So, Mr. Nettikkadan, his technology and his valuable books got side lined, while the society got ruined without learning English properly. Mr. Nettikkadan approached the media (particularly the News Agencies like P.

T. I. , U. N. I. and Indo-Asian News Service with details of the 300 year old wrong belief about the reasons of the Indian students’ failure to acquire communication skill in English. But they vehemently refused to accept Mr. Nettikadan’s contentions and circulate the news to the media, so that the public would be aware of the real reasons and learn about the solution invented by him. Mr. Nettikkadan finds only one reason for this : “The powerful loyalty of these News Agencies to the British masters who ruled India for centuries, or probably due to their slavish mentality towards the “white people”, whom they adore blindly.

If there was true, impartial journalism in the media which is not influenced by the power of money, they would have supported the value of the high level technology of Mr. Nettikkadan’s inventions and discoveries and the society would not have perished like this – where the high degree holders, especially professionals, cannot communicate in English and on account of that they fail to secure befitting employment; indirectly affecting the income in foreign exchange as well. Contd. Page – 12. – 12 – Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan is afraid that the media wants to make him the second “Shakespeare”.

All over the world today, Shakespeare is regarded as the greatest poet and dramatist in the English language. But when he was alive, or for 400 years after his death, nobody read his poetry or dramas. He was an unknown person. Mr. Nettikkadan’s reason for this shocking phenomenon is that the scholars, experts and researchers of Shakespeare’s time could not grasp him or the standard of his works. He was beyond their understanding. But because education was soaring upward, after 400 years of his death, the scholars, experts and researchers could reach his level and appreciate the value of his works.

They accepted him and admired him. To avoid recurrence of this in his case, Mr. Nettikkadan is at present ready to explain about the high value and revolutionary impact of his inventions and discoveries to their total conviction, provided the authorities including “the mental illiterates” in the Universities or the media show readiness to listen to him. But after 400 years or even 1,000 years, he cannot expect what happened to Shakespeare, because now a days education is not flying upward, but growing downward like a “snakegourd”. So, after the laps of each year, the gap will only widen and not reduce.

But Mr. Nettikkadan feels relieved that he is not granted the same award as the greatest natural scientist of India is horrifyingly honoured. He likes to quote a portion of his letter addressed to the SCERT, Thiruvanandapuram, Kerala, on 1st August, 2012, who did not want study materials in schools to be prepared by other than the Government researchers themselves: FAKE SCIENTIST’S IGNORANCE KILLS REAL SCIENTIST “In this context, I wish to remind you that the greatest natural scientist of India is now languishing in the jails of Tamil Nadu for no fault of his.

This happened only because the Government authorities appointed some people as “scientists” who had no ‘knowledge of science’ nor any ‘sense of science, NOT EVEN ORDINARY COMMON SENSE’. Many years back, Mr. Ramar Pillai, who did not have much educational background, invented a simple, cheap fuel to run motor vehicles, by substituting the costly petrol. When he got media attention, he was asked to demonstrate his invention in a public place, in front of the media. He used about 95% pure water and mixed it with 5% petrol together with the juice of an unknown wild plant.

After the new fuel was prepared, he distributed it to the waiting two wheelers and four wheelers. The vehicles ran on the newly invented fuel perfectly well. But the Government designated scientists described the inventor as a “Cheat”. The reason given by the “sponsored scientists” was that the new fuel did not contain the chemical composition of petrol. Ramar Pillai never claimed that his newly invented product was ‘petrol’ – an existing product, nor did he claim that his new product will contain the chemical composition of petrol.

He only claimed that the fuel, which will be extremely cheap, will run motor vehicles as a substitute of ‘petrol’ – and the motorists were very happy with its performance. The sponsored scientists’ lack of knowledge of science and faulty imagination caused the killing of India’s most Contd. Page – 13. – 13 – natural scientist. No media raised any objection to the so called “scientists’ unkind remark”. Mr. Ramar Pillai did not have a good educational background. So, he could not take steps to patent his new product.

Had he been supported by the “Government sponsored scientists” and if proper support was given to him to develop the new fuel at that time, India’s face would have been different today, because it would have saved trillions of dollars for the country on account of import of crude oil and refining it into petrol. But, Mr. Ramar Pillai’s luck was not beheaded by the scientists’ ignorance at that time. The Government of Tamil Nadu came forward to support the invention by offering financial and other support. Mr.

Pillai started producing his new fuel regularly in a factory in Tamil Nadu and sold 500 liters of his fuel every morning, for quite some time. 50 vehicles would queue up to collect it @ 10 liters at a very cheap rate. “I was called a ‘Philologist’ (language scientist) by the newspaper ‘Economic Times’ at Calcutta (now Kolkata) in 1982, only because I produced “science” in my methodology to teach English. A person should be considered a scientist, only when he produces ‘science’ and not because he holds a University degree.

Regarding the ‘sponsored scientists’ decision’ to check up the chemical composition of petrol in the new fuel, I have to say that even the severest mental patient in the world would not think of finding chemical composition of petrol in 95% water. It proved that he did not have any knowledge or even sense of science or plain common sense of an urchin child in the street, but he is designated ‘scientist’ of the Government, paid fat salary and had the hope of getting ever increasing pension when he retires. All sensible people should feel ashamed of the whole story.

Now Ramar Pillai is in Tamil Nadu jail; the cause is not that his fuel is not running motor vehicles as he promised, but because the CBI has made another allegation that he is not using 5% pure petrol, but the waste of petrol. If I am allowed to comment about this, I would say that he has proved to be a greater scientist, because his product is cheaper without using actual petrol, which is too costly today, but waste of petrol and producing the desired result. I sincerely believe that this dastardly or heinous crime to put

an innocent scientist, most useful inventor in jail due to the wrong notion or ignorance of some ‘Government designated people’ has brought curse to the whole country and it will continue for some centuries. Even the unusual drought we are suffering in India now, may be due to it. I am telling all these stories to you with a fervent request not to destroy or degrade my invention, which is the product of a supernatural or divine intervention. It is a top class invention, because I am able to produce a good result in 20 days what your researchers cannot do in 20 years.

In the last 65 years of Independent India, your department or even NCERT, New Delhi, has not made any worthy invention, though trillions of rupees have been spent by the Governments in India, whereas I have produced more than what the whole world has produced together throughout 20 centuries, in the linguistic field. If you could not produce anything, it is not a crime, but if you or your department Contd. Page – 14. – 14 – prevents precious inventions as mine, and deprive our countrymen from enjoying the fruit of it, it is certainly a national crime; an unforgivable crime; you cannot escape befitting punishment for it, in due course.

In Great Britain, the people who made the most remarkable inventions are not PhD holders or even postgraduates, but non-matriculates like Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton. But the Universities, who could not make any invention, had the wisdom to accept and recognize those brilliant inventions, taught them to students and did further research in it. But here you have the guts to decide not to make use of any great and useful invention made by a Keralite for the benefit of the people of Kerala !!

For your information, my guarantee and my proposal, made to the Hon’ble Government of Kerala is that ‘if my invention – the Original Communicative English course is introduced in all schools of Kerala, if my English Text Book Easy Way To Learn English in four volumes – is divided into small bits and then distributed to each class, if all the teachers who teach English in schools are trained by me to teach English 100% clearly, accurately, completely and convincingly – without any confusions or doubts, when our students reach class 12, there will not be a single student who cannot speak fluent English confidently.

There will be no unemployment problem, as they will have a highly developed personality, smartness, active habits, high self confidence etc. EDUCATION AS ENVISAGED BY MR. NETTIKKADAN Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan envisages education on a scientific footing. To implement it, the whole existing system has to be dismantled and rebuilt on positive philosophy, starting with framing a proper definition for “education”. You might have never seen a definition on education being displayed in any school, college or University; neither in their prospectus.

Without a proper definition where the purpose or objective of education is made clear, how can the syllabus makers be guided “What to include in the syllabus” for each course ? They will include in it whatever they deem fit, without any clear goal being there in front of them. This single mistake is enough for everything else to go wrong in the field. Then, without a proper definition, how can the authors make the book contents fulfil the objectives of education ? How can the teachers teach the contents of course materials to fulfil the objectives of education ?

So, if we want to be sensible in the educational field, we have to have a proper definition for education first. Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan defines education as : “Education is the process of empowering our children, the youth or others to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and self-confidence to lead an independent life in their future (especially to look after their would be family befittingly) apart from developing the required human behaviour, excellent characteristics, right attitude and above all a lovable interpersonal relationship where leadership, personality development and management play a big role.

” Anybody can improve this definition. Contd. Page – 15. – 15 – BENEFITS OF “DEFINED EDUCATION” If we strive to fulfil the objectives laid down in the above-mentioned definition, we can expect a syllabus which will lead and guide students into their future career with some surety. Then, they should be assured of the required knowledge, necessary skills and self-confidence to handle the work which they expect to undertake in their career. Top priority should be given to equip them with the ability and self-confidence to handle two or three languages with sufficient communication skill.

Over and above these, they should be trained to possess high Mind Power, along with proper personality development including leadership qualities and managerial traits, so that they will be smart, energetic, enthusiastic, co-operative and with team-spirit. The stupid idea of making each syllabus containing everything under the sun, to make the students’ life miserable and their parents’ life full of tension, should be discarded. Only what can be conveniently conceived and taught or learned in one year’s class time should be the total syllabi for a year; nothing more.

But the test should be made covering the full syllabus; not a fraction of the whole thing. To give a general idea about every possible career, some lessons should be introduced on all topics at lower levels. This will help them to assess their aptitude to finally select a career and specialize in it to get sufficient skill in it. An additional gain will be that the passing out candidates will possess good human characteristics, excellent behaviour, lovable attitude and above all an ideal interpersonal relationship. They will look at their employer as “Visible God” who provides them all the necessaries for a good living.

They will try to live on doing most satisfactory performance in the working field to satisfy their employer and be entitled to befitting increments and promotions. They will not think of living on the muscle power or on the bargaining ability under the banner of ‘Trade Unionism’. The employer, again with proper education, will not be a social evil, a crook or a “capitalist” to exploit the labour unjustifiably to make undue profit. STEPS NEEDED TO REBUILD EDUCATION The first step to be taken for the reconstruction of education is to throw the existing syllabi into the dust bin.

The new syllabi will have to be made by people with high Mind Power and life experience, particularly for making them career-oriented. Selecting people on the basis of degrees and high marks to man the educational field, should be totally discontinued. All the tests should be to prove the candidate’s performance ability, willingness and self-confidence to shoulder responsibilities and to face challenges in the field. Their Mind Power, especially powerful imaginative ability, rational and logical thinking power as well as wise decision making etc.

should be given priority over just answering questions learned by heart. Contd. Page – 16. – 16 – The next step is to prepare the course materials for the students to study. After making the materials, either the writer himself will have to review it looking into it from the angle of a student or make trials on students. Then only the materials will prove to be useful and the money spent in the name of education will produce the desired results. Equally important is to train the teachers to make them capable of training the pupils to produce the required quality in them to meet their future need.

They should undertake responsibility to make students understand things taught by them 100% clearly, accurately, completely and convincingly, i. e. without any confusions and doubts. The testing as well as the evaluation should be to bring out pupils with the desired quality and not to increase the number of pass-out students. PRESENT CONDITION OF EDUCATIONAL FIELD Mr. Nettikkadan wants to describe the present condition in the field of education through an example given below : “Let us view three people in front of us : – a three year old child, a 13 year old boy and finally a 23 year old man.

We know that there is a mind inside every human body, though we may not know how to measure its volume or power. However, let us assume that all the three people have the same size and power of mind as that of a three year old child. We shall understand shortly the correct reasons for this. If we evaluate and judge the reactive ability or performance in life of all the referred three people, we can note that the 23 year old adult may be physically well built, but in thinking, speaking and activities he will be equal to or as poor as a three year old child. For easy identification and reference, let us call the 23 year old man “Today’s hero”.

Literally now-a-days our society, nation and many parts of the world, is practically filled with such “Today’s heroes”. This is the gravest problem of our society today. Let us further assume that under our present educational system, “Today’s heroes” can learn by heart questions and answers and appear for examinations to become graduates, professional postgraduates or even PhD holders, especially if they can spend enough money. Next let us suppose that they pay heavy amounts as bribe and secure the posts of teachers or professors, to get very high monthly salary and later on ever-increasing pension ?

What will be the benefit of students who attend their classes? Disregarding this aspect of the society, we have people in high positions in the educational field and political rulers to offer them heavy increase of salary and allowances every now and then, without looking into whether there is any benefit for the society in return or not. Again let us suppose that they become politicians in popular political parties and become the ‘Ministers’ of a State or even at the Centre. How will they use the public money in the exchequer ? How will they behave in the Parliament or Assembly ?

What return can the people expect from them for the heavy burden they will cost the public exchequer ? If such people are designated ‘Director’ of important Research Institutes such as NCERT, SCERT, State Institute of Educational Technology etc. (built with public funds) or similar position Contd. Page – 17. – 17 – where they get the authority to spend people’s money, how usefully can it be expected to be spent ? Will they allow a genuinely qualified and competent person to rise under him or around him ? Will they take any initiative to utilize the inventions or discoveries of people like Jacob Nettikkadan ?

Will they encourage such inventors or their activities ? They can only be the enemy of the people, of the nation much worse than a Chinese or a Pakistani national for the Indian nation !! This is what is to be prevented first, on top priority, to save the nation !! REASONS THAT CAUSE SUCH LOW MIND POWER The main reason for this undesirable condition is that “Such victims get enough food for their body, but not for their mind”. According to the lessons “Mind & Its Functions” in the book “The Importance of Personality Development”, written by Mr.

Jacob Nettikkadan, such victims do not do anything to increase, strengthen or function the faculties of their mind nor the educational system or other elements in the society, such as religion, social customs etc. do not make them do it through persuasion, inspiration, compulsion or threat. Instead, they are made to believe many things (without any reason and against their own conviction) that are not at all useful to them and helping them in their future life. The main organs of human mind i. e. Understanding Power, Thinking Power and Imaginative Power will increase the Mind Power only if they are made to function objectively i.

e. for a purpose. Otherwise, the forth element of mind i. e. ‘Emotion’ (which is like a fluid surrounding the organs and which grows itself automatically without any effort of the owner of mind) will grow faster and flood over the organs. Once the organs are submerged under emotion, the mind will cease to function normally; it will stop growing or strengthening any further. Then, hundreds of emotional problems begin to raise their head in the victim. This can be summarized as “The victims become unbranded mental patients” for all practical purposes. They may refuse to listen to others.

Even if they listen, they cannot understand anything further properly; they are utterly confused on everything. They will not be able to distinguish between good and bad, right and wrong, necessary or unnecessary, urgent or otherwise. For them both sides will look equal or alike. They cannot make correct choice. They cannot think rationally and logically; they cannot imagine anything appropriately or creatively; they will be lazy, usually timid, withdrawn or suffering from inferiority complex. Circumstances can make them the opposite as well : angry, aggressive, oppressive, terrorizing including raping (particularly gangrape) inhumanly.

The book “The Importance of Personality Development” describes hundreds of outcome of such people – which are widely experienced by people in the society today. Such victims can be easily bluffed, cheated or brain-washed through unbelievable or unrealizable promises. Once they trust somebody (usually only the wrong, harmful, crooked, treacherous etc. ) they will blindly believe them and obey them faithfully. To those who want to help them, save or protect them, they will be too suspicious and cautious. They will also adore wrong people and obey them; again they will be ready to pay them whatever they possess in a surrendering style.

Contd. Page – 18. – 18 – HARD SOLUTION FOR THE PROBLEM The solution lies in developing the Mind Power of the incumbent at least equal to or more than his physical age. So, far the only known source of the cure is the contents of the lessons on “Mind & Its Functions” in the book “The Importance of Personality Development” written by Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan. But, it is a Universally registered item and is the personal intellectual property of the author. All the teachers have to follow the footsteps of Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan and adopt his educational philosophy as mentioned below : Every teacher should have the aptitude to teach.

If they do not have enough aptitude for teaching, they cannot be expected to be successful for the purpose. They should not accept the teaching job, because they cannot get any other better job. They should be ready be trained to teach any subject or language 100% clearly, accurately, completely and convincingly. Then the students will have no confusions or doubts. For that first of all, the teachers have to equip themselves with the knowledge on the subject or language they will have to teach in the same way. Without their having the proper knowledge, they cannot impart the same to students.

Secondly, the teachers should have the ability to increase the “Learning Interest” of the students. In the Original Communicative English, and other topics of his teaching, Mr. Nettikkadan has incorporated many exciting discoveries of language science and secrets and other similarly interesting items. On other subjects, these have to be explored and found out. Every teacher should have great command of the medium of instruction and should be able to use “high degree of Communication Skill” in it. The secret of success of Mr.

Nettikkadan’s performance in the class is due to his exceptionally high degree of Communication Skill that guarantees “no confusions or doubts” to students. Lack of Communication Skill and absence of perfect knowledge and command in the subject or the language to be taught, will cause “Confusions and doubts” which kill their learning interest, reading habit, interest to get further knowledge etc. just like people not getting appetite for food when their stomach is filled with gas. Mr. Nettikkadan has incorporated “Science and Personality Development” in his English teaching system, and teaches accordingly ‘What

actually research is, how to do it and tries to make everyone of his students a ‘Fruitful Researcher’ in all spheres of their life, capable of inventing or discovering something new in life. According to Mr. Nettikkadan, the purpose of research is “To find out solution for every problem; to discover answers for all questions which are not known, or to Contd. Page – 19. – 19 – achieve fulfilment of every ambition. This knowledge about research will help every student to solve each problem confronted by him in his life through his own research efforts. Similarly, he can arrive at the right answers for every question in front of him in life.

Likewise, he can also expect to fulfil every one of his ambitions in life through his own research effort. Without the knowledge of research and ability to use it, he can be a failure at these junctures. Apart from this, Mr. Nettikkadan teaches “What rationality, logic and wisdom are”, so that they will produce wisdom in their life, take wise decisions, protect their own interest and look after themselves and their families in a desired way. Mr. Nettikkadan also teaches a brand new topic: “Mind and Its Functions” from his book “The Importance of Personality Development” and makes his students aware “What mind is ?

What Mind Power is ? What the functions of Mind are ? How to develop Mind Power ? etc. He also teaches what “science” is and how to use it in learning and using a language profitably. For the first time, Mr. Nettikkadan teaches English ‘as a language’ and not as a ‘subject’. Again, Mr. Nettikkadan takes the trouble of explaining to his students on every little item of learning, “What is being taught” and “Why they have to learn it” which makes all students to develop “high learning interest” and help them attend the classes very attentively and with high concentration.

His techniques for getting fluency in English guarantee fast development of Mind Power, because they have to put all the organs of mind into use while practising to make new sentences and recite them loudly and repeatedly to get fluency. The sensible solution to the present day problem is to equip all teachers to teach everything described above, by giving them the training from Mr. Nettikkadan. But we need sensible people to take that decision and to implement it.

For all these reasons, all the sensible Indian citizens should insist and clamour for all teachers to get this type of training instead of the existing “B. Ed. ” and “M. Ed. ” degree course, which can be acquired by learning questions and answers by heart, even by “Today’s heroes”. They should also demand that the Government should not spend public money in the name of education without ensuring the above mentioned benefits to the society, and should treat anybody in any high position or authority ‘a national enemy’ who spends money without proper return of benefit in the educational field.

All these steps will ensure the optimum employability of our future generations, where they will be assets for all employers, willing to take up greater responsibilities and capable of expanding the industrial and business/ commercial fields in this country. There will be no unemployment problem as well. If you ask anybody in the existing educational field, particularly from the side of the Government personnel, they may show full satisfaction and happiness with the Contd. Page – 20. – 20 – present procedures and the net outcome of education. This is another symptom of “Today’s heroes”. Mr.

Nettikkadan has offered a “New Book – for Free Reading” – in 15 pages in his websites www. jacobnettikkadan. com OR . org OR www. xavierinstitute. com OR . org. If all the people read it and understand the contents properly, partly they will be on the way to “True Education” or Education in which Personality Development has great role to play. If all these are done, there will be no unemployment problem in our country. There will be no fear of terrorism from the youth. People will be able to live more peacefully, happily and harmoniously, as an educated community. JACOB NETTIKKATT (NETTIKKADAN).

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