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The Impossible Movie

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  • Pages 2
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    The impossible The impossible is a great and inspirational movie of the disaster that hit Jakarta and Thailand in 2004. This movie was based in Thailand in a paradise resort in Khao lak Thailand. It all started with a family of five Naomi the mother Ewan the father and the three kids Lucas, Thomas and Simon they were going on an amazing holiday to a resort in Thailand. After Christmas day they went to bed very early after a big day out swimming. They got up in the morning had some fun outside kicking the ball and had a fabulous buffet breakfast.

    After that they got in the pool as a family and swam enjoying the pool and warm weather. Suddenly they saw a huge wave coming towards them Naomi pushed herself against the glass window, Lucas the oldest child screaming for his life dived under the water, and the two boys Simon and Thomas stood there in fear. Shortly after Naomi and Lucas found each other and were struggling to survive they saw dead people, cars and tree stumps rushing down the dirty stream. After they got out of the water they look terrified.

    Naomi didn’t even realise but her leg was torn open fortunately Simon was the first to see it, but desperate to find shelter and help, he was unable to look after her. Lucas could hear a cry from someone and his mum said don’t go to it we can barely survive ourselves. After all of this happened Lucas climbed up a tree to see if he could find help. Finally they found the local Thai search party and they took them to a safe shelter, then Naomi was rushed to the hospital in dying condition.

    Lucas tried to help other people in this huge Thai hospital with well over 10,000 people waiting to get in and writes down surnames to help find loved ones. Lucas successfully finds a lot of loved ones for people while visiting his very ill mother. One day the hospital staff moved Naomi’s bed and because she couldn’t talk they accidently misplaced the surname with the dead lady next to her. Lucas is depressed because he can’t find his mother in the hospital where she was meant to be, and no one seems to know what has happened.

    After three days with barely any sleep Lucas finally Naomi. In the meantime the father and children were trying to locate Naomi and Lucas; they went in a van to all the hospitals in the area and eventually found Lucas after a day of searching the hospital. The family are united back together safe and happy except the mother/Naomi who’s in a dying position. Finally once they had all recovered the family went back to Japan where they live as expats from America.

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