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The Indian Food Processing Industry

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The Indian Food Processing Industry The Indian Food processing industry is a sunrise sector that has gained prominence in the recent years. Availability of raw materials, changing lifestyles, and relaxation in policies has given a considerable push to the industry’s growth. This sector is among the few that serves as a vital link between the agriculture and the industrial segments of the economy. Strengthening this link is of critical importance to improve the value of agricultural produce; ensure remunerative prices to farmers, and at the same time create favourable demand for Indian agricultural products in the world market.

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The Indian Food Processing Industry
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A thrust to the food processing sector implies significant development to the agricultural sector and ensures value addition to it. Ministry of Food Processing Industries The ministry was set up in 1998 and the industry segments that come under its purview are: * Fruit and vegetable processing(including freezing and dehydration) * Grain processing * Processing of fish(including canning and freezing) * Processing and refrigeration of certain agricultural products, dairy products, poultry and eggs, meat and meat products.

Industries related to bread, oilseeds, meals(edible), breakfast foods, biscuits, confectionery, savoury snacks, malt extract, protein isolate, high protein food, weaning food and extruded food products(including ready-to-eat snacks) * Beer, including non-alcoholic beer. * Alcoholic drinks from non-molasses base * Aerated water and soft drinks * Specialized packaging for food processing industries http://www. scribd. com/doc/7379243/A-Project-Report-on-Bingo

The Potato Processing Industry India is the third largest potato producer in the world after China at #1 and Russia at #2 and before the United States at #4. Potato production increased more than 850% since 1960, due to both increased production area and yield. The per Capita Potato consumption in India has risen from 12 kg/capita/year in the early nineties to over 16 kg/capita now, with a slight decline in recent years However, the potato processing industry is expanding fast.

The sector developing most rapidly is the snack foods sector, including potato chips. Market leader is Frito-lay with a 45 % market share. Haldiram’s has a 27% market share. The market is far from stable: recently ITC , an IT/cigarette company making huge inroad in the CPG market, has managed to get a market share of 11% with its potato chip “Bingo” in just 6 month. Also a dairy manufacturer (Amul) just announced to move into the snack market. Key weapon in this war for the Indian snack market are the Indian flavours.

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