The Inspiration of My Interest in Pursuing a Career in Teaching

They say if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. that is why usually teacher refer to their job as a calling and not work. One does not go into teaching thinking about how much money they are making or how many kids they are sending out the door. Teachers go into teaching to make a difference and because they love what they do, so when it comes to people in education, nine times out of ten they are positive and wonderful people trying to touch lives.

Among these wonderful teachers is Bob Roso, the notoriously difficult Jesuit English teacher. He is a tall thin old man, with a massive heart and an outstanding comprehension of English and literature. It is often said that one year under this man will give one the ability to write circles around the less fortunate students in other classes. I was lucky enough to spend two years in his class and there I developed my first true friendship with a teacher. He made such a big impact on my life that I decided to also become an English teacher. Mr. Roso is one of the best examples I can give of a teacher that does his job right, and makes a difference. First and for most a teacher is there for his student. Mr. Roso embodies this to a T.

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Though he is often seen as one of the more strict and aggressive teachers, his office is always filled with his students either seeking help on a paper, or discussing the wonders of literature. He makes sure to inform every class that no matter what the topic, he is there to listen and help. I would often go to his office to discuss works of literature I found interesting or to talk with him about suggestions for what to read next. It always astounded me how many students would be in his office for no reason other then to talk and learn. I believe this is one of the things that made him such a wonderful teacher. He formed relationships with students as though we were friends which opened students up to go to him and be excited to learn more.

I always felt he was smarter then he gave off. He is extremely down to earth and never pretentious as to not make you feel he is showing off, but through talking to him you could just hear how brilliant he was. That is another important quality of a teacher. If I felt that he was trying to seem smart or if he was showing off, I would never feel comfortable or open to learn from him. But because he would never do that, I got to figure out for myself just how smart he was and form my own opinion on it instead of him trying to make me see him that way. I think this is extremely valuable because instead of him telling me that he was worth to learn from, I found it out on my own and decided myself that he was worth learning from.

If there is one word to describe his class it is control. I have never been in a class that was more loud and entertaining, and yet at the same time completely under the control of the teacher. Part respect and part fear, Mr. Roso never had issues with students in his class. Being able to control a class room is no easy feat, especially with students like me. I remember the first year I had him I slept almost every class. He would always throw stuff at me and give me detentions, but my desk was right by the industrial window unit and it was just to easy to conk out in a face full of sweatshirt.

One day he had enough. It was the class right before lunch and I was enjoying my scheduled nap. But when I woke up something was not right. The lights were off and no one was in class. In my sleepy hazy I got out of my desk and went to the door but found it locked. Confused and mildly terrified I realized there was something tapped to my hair. I reached up and pulled a detention from my hair. On it is read “Sleeping in class/Being in class without a teacher.” It this light-hearted approach to his discipline and control that truly allows students to not harbor any resentment towards him and yet respect him enough to participate fully and learn without disruptions.

A “community of learners” is a phrase thrown around by teacher and people in education. It describes the ideal classroom situation where everyone feels accepted and comfortable enough to be vulnerable and learn. If one puts up walls in class because he nervous about his peers, he will never ask questions or correct his mistakes because of embarrassment. It is vital for a teacher to create this environment in order for the student to be open enough to learn. Mr. Roso does this with ease. In the first week of class he always starts out with a play.

He always says, “if you can full heartedly act in front of someone, you will never be embarrassed in front of them.” So, he would assign random roles to random people and would push to make them act as well as they can. If a student did not make his part convincing enough, he would yell to do it over again until the student would truly give it all they got. At first it was embarrassing but we slowly found it easier and easier until we were belting out our lines. Even the shy kids eventually grew to love play days. This is vital to teaching. Every student it different and Mr. Roso is the only teacher I have ever seen that was able to make ever kid feel welcome and involved enough to learn.

Perhaps the most important part of teaching is making a difference. I am not the only student Mr. Roso had that has decided to follow in his footsteps. In my class alone, there are two other students that are currently studying to be Jesuit English teachers because of Bob Roso. It is truly hard to not see him and what he does and not want to be like him when I get older. Every class was not just about English. I learned more in that class about life and how to live then I ever learned about English, and that is saying something!

Teachers spend every day with younger people constantly changing lives, so they are usually youthful, loving, and happy people. Mr. Roso showed me this and made me want to join the ranks of these wonderful people. I look forward to the day I work alongside such wonderful people and shaping the future of our world one play at a time.

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