The Invisible War about Sexual Assault

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The Invisible War

Sexual assault and abuse, whether verbal or physical, are horrendous crimes. It is crucial to acknowledge that sexual harassment can also be categorized as sexual abuse. Many individuals strongly advocate for harsh penalties against perpetrators of sexual assault. This perspective becomes even more apparent when considering the experiences of Kori Cioca, Michael Matthews, and Hannah Sewell, all of whom have suffered sexual assault while serving in the military. Their stories underscore the urgent need for severe consequences. For example, Michael Matthews’ ordeal is extensively portrayed in a film that delves into the shocking details of his experience. As an Air Force member, Michael was victimized by these attackers while actively serving. During his service, two men raped him, resulting in failed marriages and multiple suicide attempts due to the deep trauma he endured. Unfortunately, justice has never been served as Michael’s abusers remain unpunished. Another compelling example supporting the necessity for strict punishment for sexual assault within the military is found in Kori Cioca’s case.

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The film focuses on Kori’s experience in the Coast Guard in Michigan, where she was sexually assaulted by her sergeant while on duty. The movie depicts the physical and verbal abuse she endured during this traumatic incident. As a result, Kori now suffers from a permanently dislocated jaw that causes constant nerve pain and is irreversible. Despite seeking help for her disability from the Veterans Administration, Kori has consistently been denied assistance. This tragic event has completely shattered her life, and she now struggles to maintain a positive outlook for her daughter. This highlights why severe punishment is necessary for sexual assault crimes as they not only devastate lives but also leave victims traumatized. Imposing strict consequences on offenders would provide comfort and security to survivors, knowing that their attackers cannot harm others. Furthermore, it is vital for society to be aware of the identities of sexual abusers within the military. Hannah Sewell’s heartbreaking story in The Invisible War further illustrates the consequences faced by military personnel who become victims of sexual assault.

Today, Hannah is a young woman who is still seeking justice, traumatized by the horrific experience she endured. What makes her story particularly poignant is that she was a virgin prior to the rape, so her innocence was abruptly taken away within minutes. The incident occurred on February 1, 2008, and unfortunately, she received no assistance from anyone. The profound impact of her assault led her to contemplate suicide by hanging herself from a US flag pole, accompanied by a detailed note recounting the harrowing ordeal she had undergone. Astonishingly, her assailant remains active in the US Navy and has even been decorated with medals since then. Thus, justice has yet to be served.

Hannah was undeniably a proud and resilient woman before the assault, highlighting another example of the devastating consequences of sexual assault in the military and emphasizing the urgent need for strict punishment in such cases. Sexual assault is unequivocally wrong and should be treated with utmost seriousness. In essence, any form of assault in the military inevitably inflicts significant harm on victims like Kori Cioca, Michael Matthews, and Hannah Sewell whose distressing accounts serve as further evidence of its dire effects on individuals serving in the military.

Therefore it is imperative that military personnel who commit assault face equal legal consequences as those outside of service.The text highlights the horrifying consequences of sexual assault in the military.

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