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An Exploration of a Needs Orientated

Evidence-based practice


Words: 3099 (13 pages)

The objective of this assignment is to examine a needs-oriented approach to care and utilize the Roper, Logan and Tierney (RLT) model of nursing for developing a care plan. The RLT model incorporates 12 activities of daily living and provides a structure for nurses to effectively plan and administer suitable care. By incorporating these activities,…

Three Stages of Nursing Theory Development

Evidence-based practice


Words: 902 (4 pages)

Introduction Understanding the stages of nursing theory development is important in the education and training of nurses. Chinn &amp Kramer defined nursing theory as “a creative and rigorous structuring of ideas that project a tentative, purposeful, and systematic view of phenomena” (2015, p. 255). In the earlier years of nursing history, there was little information…

Six Steps in the Rosswurm and Larrabee (1999) Model

Evidence-based practice


Words: 1932 (8 pages)

Design for Change in Practice Evidenced based practice (EBP) is an empowering process for improvement in the health care professions. Rosswurm and Larrabee (1999) credit the research studies which used meta – analysis, randomized clinical trials and systematic studies of patient outcomes over the last few decades as having started this shift from the “tradition…

Assessment of a Quantitative Nursing Research Paper

Evidence-based practice


Words: 2389 (10 pages)

Introduction Quantitative research critiquing is an essential process in the synthesis of knowledge for use in the nursing practice.  Hence it is fundamental to research utilization and evidence-based practice in nursing.  The process of quantitative nursing research critique is an intellectual activity which will help one decide as to what extent research maybe useful in…

Medicalization by the Pharmaceutical Companies

Evidence-based practice


Words: 2559 (11 pages)

Question one             The society of today has become one where most problems are treated medically.  The people gaining from this are mostly the pharmaceutical companies.  Some of the doctors’ duties are slowly being replaced by the advertisements on the Internet on how one can know his/her medical condition.  The major reason to this is…

Frequently Asked Questions about Evidence-based practice

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How do you explain evidence based practice?
Evidence-based practice is a conscientious, problem-solving approach to clinical practice that incorporates the best evidence from well-designed studies, patient values and preferences, and a clinician's expertise in making decisions about a patient's care.
How do you write an evidence based practice essay?
Write your paper, using the evidence you gathered in your research. State your findings or arguments clearly and concisely. Include studies that contradict your hypothesis. Explain why that study might have produced different results, such as a small sample size or lack of rigor in data collection.
What is evidence based practice in social work essay?
Evidence based practice (EBP) refers to integrating professional expertise with the best available external research, and incorporating the views of service users (Beresford, 1996).
Why is evidence based practice important essay?
“the conscientious, explicit and judicious use of current best available evidence in making decisions about the care of individual patients. ... The importance of evidence based practice is to enable nurses to provide high quality care, improve outcomes for patient and families and to run a more efficient health service.

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