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The Love In Friendship

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    Commonly, defining the word ―love‖ for people is simply as if they were the ones who invented it. No matter how complex the set of emotions, behaviors and beliefs love is, it still became a talk that was regularly mentioned by many people because of their different beliefs. It is acknowledgeable for everyone to have knowledge about love but how can we guarantee that the knowledge we have about it is enough to define its real meaning? Philosophers, writers, professional people and many more have found this topic as a favorable one which results in a long fight about its real meaning. This action is the vice versa of how normal and most people define love because many believe that love implies strong feelings of affection alone. There may be people who disagree with this belief but most still believe that it is true. Therefore, if love is true, what is their definition of love? Is love really true? If love is true, why does friendship between girl’s best friend’s breaks? Is love still true when betrayals, lies, and secrets exist?

    Why love between girl best friends who say to treat each other like real sisters can be still broken and turn into enemies. This paper will prove how one friendship between girl best friend’s is not considered as true and the love that was build can change over the course of time. Selfish Desires People state that friendship is a close association between two people marked by feelings of care, respect, admiration, concern, or even love. In other words, they state that a best friend is someone who will listen to your mistake and accept them. Best friends are said to be someone who you trust and most comfortable at. Therefore, defining friendship depends on a particular person; however, different people may have distinct definitions of and requirements of friendship. For example, young children may refer to someone as their ―best friend‖ two minutes after meeting while individuals from reserved culture may report having only a handful of friends during their entire lives. According to Noah Lemos book entitled ―An Introduction to the Theory of Knowledge‖, he discusses the three clearly mistaken views of the individuals. According to D1, believing something is sufficient for knowing it.

    If D1 were true, then someone who believed a false proposition would know it. Therefore, belief is not sufficient for knowledge. Later on, D2 tells us that one knows that p if and only if one has a true belief that p. D2 says that having a true belief that p is sufficient for one’s knowing that p. But then, one might have a true belief that is not knowledge. Lastly, according to D3, knowledge requires epistemically justified true belief. Therefore, one’s propositional knowledge about love is either true or false. For example, Jessica was taught that when two girl best friends who treat each other as sisters despite not being blood- related, it is love. Then according to D1, Jessica would know that when two girls best friends who treat each other as sisters despite not being blood-related, it is love. But she does not know that. Later on, Jessica met her best friend — Agatha. She believes that Agatha loves and trusts her because she is her best friend. But this cannot be the basis for saying love is true.

    In addition, Jessica believes that Agatha loves her as her best friend if she does not forget to buy her a souvenir in the country that Agatha recently visited in which Agatha gave her one. Jessica’s belief, though true, was not an instance of knowledge. There have been some situations in which love is being discussed whether it is a matter of showing care to one another or entrusting each other trust. The concept of love can be found in one of its context which is love for friendship in which is a type of close relationship love between people who provides a great support system. The concept was shown through various kinds of interests, backgrounds, or occupations. It is known for people for friends to act out as our sources of fun, advice, adventure, monetary support, and self-esteem. At some point, people tend to find a person with the same gender or even the opposite gender to treat as a friend. They romanticize the feeling of having someone to call as their best friend. It is a very big issue to have someone to call as friends but how can we justify that the love inside the friendship/best friend’s is true?

    Trust is fragile. Secrets and lies jeopardize trust and can damage us and our relationships – sometimes irreparably. We all tell ―white lies.‖ We say ―I’m fine,‖ when we’re not, compliment unwanted gifts, or even fib. Honesty is more than simply not lying. Deception includes making ambiguous or vague statements, telling half-truths, manipulating information through emphasis, exaggeration, or minimization, and withholding information or feelings that are important to someone who has a ―right to know‖ because it affects the relationship and that person’s free choice. Although we may consider ourselves honest, few of us reveal all our negative thoughts and feelings about people we are close to. Based on Darlene Lancer, secrets and lies jeopardize trust. Therefore, friendship/best friend relationship is said to be someone who you trust to and most comfortable at than love is not true between such a relationship.

    Suppose, for example, if Jessica were to trust Agatha with her secrets but Agatha happens to tell this secret to other people despite the trust Jessica gave her, and then love is not true. Jessica entrusting her trust to Agatha over her secret while the latter reveal it to other people just shows that love in friendship/best friends is not true. Friendship/best friend might be defined as someone who will listen to your mistake and accept them. What if the person you called as your best friend happens to have hidden anger or has something to say negative behind you? Therefore, it is not love. Accepting one person as a whole despite the flaws is said to be the most important in the role of being a best friend. If you were not able to accept the flaws, therefore, it is not love. In respect to the pragmatic theory of truth, it tells us that a proposition is true if and only if believing it or acting on it is, or would be, useful. If Jessica wants to treat Agatha as her friend, it is useful for Jessica to have true beliefs that Agatha will be always there for her but what if the friendship was made for convenience?

    A convenience friend always wants to hang out with a friend who, it seems, puts everything and everyone else before you. However, when no one can hang out, or they need someone to go somewhere or do something with them and no one else can, they contact you. Friendship means a state of mutual trust and support between two or more people. If it is about mutual trust and support between two or more people then love is not true. Friendship is tending to be romanticized by many people. The feeling of having someone to lean on and call as a friend is a big deal for many because it was their way of showing that someone accepts themselves for who they are. There are two key points that I emphasized in this paper, first, the secrets that were entrusted inside the friendship that can cause an issue and lead to breaking a relationship. Second, are the lies coming from one side to another no matter how it was stated that friendship is about accepting one person as a whole. Therefore, I conclude that love is not true in friendship/best friend based on the provided examples, pieces of evidence and facts above.


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