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What Is Love Essay

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Love, a word that most of us hear everyday. Many of us use it in our everyday language, but without giving it any thought. Love can have many different meanings and is often misunderstood. There are numerous meanings and definitions for this overly used word. Love brings joy, hope and beauty into ones lives, but it can also bring heartache and pain if interfered with. There are specifically four types of love: friendship love, security love, romantic love and lastly unconditional love.

The love between yourself and someone that you have full faith and trust in and are completely comfortable with is known as friendship love. You may know a lot of people but you tend to only share friendship love with those closest to you. This kind of love can change dramatically down the line. One person may feel more attracted towards an individual, and the feelings of that individual may be misinterpreted, therefore leading to a destroyed friendship. Friendship love may not always be the idea of love that each and every one of us understands when we first hear the word love.

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What Is Love
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The second type of love that each and every one of us experiences is security love. Security love is the type of love that you may have received from a parent or loved one. This is the one kind of love that is needed for someone to survive. Its even part of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Everyone needs to feel security in their life, and the way they can feel that, is through love itself.
Romantic love can be defined in many ways, depending on how a person is looking at it and what their outlook on romantic means. It includes the sweaty palms, the kissing, the sexual desire and the need for your world to revolve around your significant other. Romantic loves occurs many times in a persons life. Often, many people don’t fall in love with the person they are involved with. They ten to only love the idea of that person and who they are. Romantic love usually wears off after awhile, but it may.

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