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Love And Friendship By Emily Bronet Analysis

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  • Pages 5
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    In this poem Love is symbolized as the “wild rose- riar” and friendship as “holly tree”, and The ‘wild rose-briar” is sweet and its “summer blossoms scent the air”, but what happens in the winter? As for the “holly tree”, one “may still leave thy garland green”. This poem refers love and friendship as being, indeed, beautiful things, but it implies an opinion stating friendship is always there to lend a helping hand when love lets you down. ANALYSIS Analyzing a poetry of Love and Frendship is very important. Not only getting the beauty of words, conducting the analysis will also make the reader omprehensively find and understand that poetry.

    Hence – in obtaining a good understanding of the poetry, the reader need to paraphrase the poem and determine several points such as: symbolism, the denotation and connotation, imagery, figurative language, musical device and theme. To easily understand the poem, arranging paraphrase is needed because paraphrase means to restate a poem in different language as clearly as posibble. By Paraphrasing the poem of Love and Friendship, the result can be Love is like a briar rose, Friendship like a holly tree Friendship becomes dark when love grows

    But does friendship or love grow more constantly? Love is very sweet in the spring, And in the summer its scent fills the air; But when winter arrives, Will you still be in love? Then you will leave the love you focused on And return to the friendship you ignored, So when your love dies out Your friend will still be there for you According to Love and Friendship by Emily Bronte, it is described that love and friendship are both essential, as they affect human beings in every stage Of life and also play with human emotion.

    But in the first stanza, love and riendship often don’t agree with each other, and it seems as though one will conquer over the other at some point. The introduction of this poem is to clarify to the reader what each plant symbolizes. Symbolism gives a freedom to add double levels of meanings in the litetary work. Symbolism can take different forms which is in generally an object representing another to give it an entirely different meaning that is much deeper and more significant.

    Like in the poem of Love and Friendship it is started by comparing love to a “wild rose-briar,” and friendship to a “holly-tree”. A rose is used to symbolize love because a rose is a beautiful flower, but also had sharp thorns on its item. This mirros what the poem reprsesent about love, it believes that even though love is beautiful thing and gives a person wonderful feelings, there is a downside to it and it can be painful in the end. Rose universally known symbolize passion and love, but also anger, blood and instability.

    Holly is used to symbolize friendship, holly – said to be green. Green represents life. This is of importance because while the color represents life, friendship along with vergreens’ color last for a lifetime. Denotation is the dictionary meaning and Connotation defined as the suggested or the possible meaning. The denotation meaning a ‘X’vild rose-briar’ means a rose flower with a thorn which is growing in the natural environment but if it is in the connotation meaning this “wild rose-briar” represent love seems beautiful but it can also bring a pain because of its “thorn”.

    While friendship here symbolized as “holly tree” which is “dark when the rose-briar blooms. The denotation meaning of holly tree is a holly woody perennial plant which its color is not as interesting s rose-briar blooms, but in the connotation meaning this “holly tree” represernt during times of romance, friendships fall to the wayside and love takes over all feelings and emotions – “its summer blossoms scent the air. ” However, it says, during hard times – “winter” ” the rose-briar does not hold up; it dies, leaving none of the beautiful flowers behind.

    Holly, however, lives on even in the coldest of months. Holly is the plant that will “bloom most constantly. ” Friendship, then, lives on even when romances fade away. Love and Friendship also has kind of imagery, imagery means a picture mind as the esult of the use of human sense like sense Of seeing or vision, hearing smelling testing, and feeling. Like in the second stanza which is says: “The wild-rose briar is sweet in the spring’ it’s found the sense of feeling and “Its summer blossoms scent the air” which the sense is smelling. Love and friendship” also consistently uses imagery throughout the poem comparing a holly tree to friendship. This imagery to explain that friendships are always growing despite what is happening around them. For example, “That when December blights thy brow, He may still leave thy garland green. This line is comparing winter to the obstacles life can forced. When winter arrives most plants go dormant, but the garland is still green anyway. It is saying that life’s obstacles can make friendships more difficult to manage, but not impossible.

    Sometimes the most difficult things in life are the ones worth fighting for. using imagery to identify the outside forces that affect friendships stresses how strong bonds of friendship can be. This use of imagery also challenges the reader to recognize that friendships are not easily broken, and can withstand even the toughest weather. The whole poem, in fact, is an extended metaphor like in the first stanza which love is being depicted as a sweet rose-briar and friendship as a holly branch.

    By illustrating the two concepts in this fashion, this poem is able to effectively suggest to the reader a thoughts on their coherence. The metaphor allows the reader to paint a picture in their minds and apply it to the general motif of love and friendship. This poem also used a personification at the last stanza- December. December cannot leave a garland green, but in this case, it can, because it as used to show the holly’s endurance and strength. Since the holly is Strong, it also means that friendship is strong.

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