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The Meaning of Lindbergh’s Flight

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“The Meaning of Lindbergh’s flight” is a section in the book “Studies in American Culture”. The purpose of this section is to portray the reflections and meaning of Charles A.

Lindbergh’s flight. The meaning of Lindbergh’s flight lies within the story. Author John William Ward starts off by describing the flight in small detail. As the paragraph proceeds he adds great detail about the flight and Lindbergh’s remarkable feats.

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The Meaning of Lindbergh’s Flight
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On Friday, May 20, 1927, at 7:52 A. M, Charles A.

Lindbergh took off in a silver-winged monoplane and flew from the United States to France.Lindbergh became the first man to fly alone across the Atlantic Ocean; However, Lindbergh showed the least bit of conceit.

It was obvious that he was oblivious of his great success and how it would instantly change America forever. Lindbergh flight’s was not only characterized as a symbol of America, it also represented Americans. The graphic details contain the significant meaning of his flight.

Let me start off by explaining these meaningful details.

The author describes the scene as being subjugated by experienced aviators.These consisted of the European side, American side and a few other commanders, all of whom we’re well known and some who’d already set world endurance records. Lindbergh, the hero was unheard of and unknown. Unlike Lindbergh who would fly a monoplane worth 10,000, his rivals flew luxurious expensive tri-motors.

It seemed impossible for Lindbergh to challenge his well-equipped and well prepared opponents. Unfortunately, tragedies soon started to occur that would halt all of Lindbergh’s American rivals.During a test flight two American pilots were injured, delaying their flight. Another commander and his co-pilot lost their lives during their final test flight.

Two of his other rivals took off in their romantically named ship “The White Bird” and were never seen again. As the world waited, Lindbergh became more incredulous; however, his competition had been cleared and he decided to fly the pacific. He took off across the continent and landed in St. Louis.

Two of Lindbergh’s other (once injured) rivals we’re ready to compete again.Bad weather had approached and left Lindbergh and his remaining rivals in dismay. After fretfully waiting a week, Lindbergh received a report that the weather was clearing over the ocean. He hauled his plane onto a wet dripping runway as mechanics painfully loaded the plane’s gas by hand.

Adverse winds flaying and thrashing the young man on an unkempt and muddy runway did not retain him. His decision to keep going was that of a hero’s. He landed in Aerodrome, Paris, France after 33hrs. 30mins.

Lindbergh thought he’d simply flown from New York to Paris; however, he didn’t notice he’d done something far greater. He hadn’t realized his personal life would no longer be his when he’d reached Paris; it was now the publics’. Lindbergh was the character and the spirit of America. He was the set example of what America wanted to portray to others as “The American”.

His determination, dedication and fate represented the spirit of “our” people. He was the inspiration that America needed. America was ecstatic. The passage states, “Lindbergh is a sort of symbol….

He is the dream that is in our hearts,” concluded that the American public responded so wildly to Lindbergh because of “the thrill of possessing, in him, our dream of what we really and truly want to be. ” Evaluation The meaning of Lindbergh’s flight is a very inspirational and heart-felt story. From reading the passage I was able to build my own intuitive and bring forth my personal emotions and perspective on the meaning of his flight as I believe you should. The details insisted that his flight was not easy.

In fact, it was more of a challenge being that his components were well known and well prepared.However, the author and other Americans insisted that Lindbergh was the character of America. Lindbergh was baffled and incredulous before most of his rivals died or were injured. If his rivals were still competing would he had completed the challenge? It seems to me that the big differences in the story were amongst the competitors, most of whom were wealthy and well known.

Would Lindbergh have been such a great hero if he we’re one of the great wealthy commanders with the expensive tri-motors? Or was he praised and glorified because he was solo and flying a self-made inexpensive monoplane?The passage states, “He stands out in a grubby world as an inspiration. ” By the looks of his rivals, Lindbergh was not the best fit for the flight like America and its struggles in the 20’s; however when Lindbergh completed his expedition it gave our country and our people hope. It let “us” know that all though we may not be in the best condition we can still prevail. I believe Lindbergh’s flight was one of the greatest achievements in America’s history.

Back then Americans were more appreciative to the life-threatening quest young Lindbergh conquered.However in the 21st century athletes such as football players and basketball players are praised. These people may be talented but young Lindbergh’s courage and will was far more than talent. Was it also possible the Mr.

Lindbergh opened doors for other aviators? This could be likely being that two captains by the name of John Alcock, an Englishman, with Arthur W. Browne, an American, completed the task of flying the first heavier-than-airplane across the Atlantic from Newfound-land to Ireland nonstop, winning a total of $50,000.

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