The Role of Flight Attendant

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An annotated bibliography on the ins and outs of being a flight attendant Ferguson, . Careers In Focus Aviation. 109-111. Print. In Fergusons Careers In Focus he talks a lot about the history on flight attendants. One thing I found very interesting was although the first passenger flights were in 1911 the commercial aviation industry did not take off until the Kelly Air Mail Act of 1925. This act encouraged the growth of the first commercial airlines. To get the airlines to take off the government encouraged passenger travel and offered airlines subsidies to lower the price of passenger tickets.

A few things that had kept passengers from flying were concern for their safety and price, However the Air Commerce Act improved Consumer confidence. American Airlines were the first to have at the time what they called stewardesses, who were trained nurses and only women were stewardess. “California Occupational Guide Number 79. ” Flight attendant. N. p. , n. d. Web. 31 Oct 2012. http://www. calmis. ca. gov/file/occguide/flightat. htm On this website I learned more about the job its self. Flight Attendants help make the flight safe, comfortable and enjoyable for all airline customers.

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Flight attendants main goal is to ensure passenger safety. They have to make sure all of the FAA safety standards are followed. Flight attendants have to start their day with a crew meeting going over the flight and any children or special needs on the plane. After that is finished they must bored the plane and check to make sure all of the first aid and safety equipment is in check. Once that is completed they must make sure all of the beverages and food is stocked and ready to be served. This is just a few of the duties for a flight attendant.

“Flight attendants training on line. ” Flight Attendant Interview Questions. sega from being normal to being flight attendants , n. d. Web. 31 Oct 2012. <http://www. flightattendantcabincrewtraining. com/interviewquestions. htm>. On this web site there are many of the interview questions you may come across while attending an interview to become a flight attendant. Within the questions it explains to you how best to answer them. A question that really stood out to me was ‘How do you measure talent?

’ This question stood out to me because I had never heard it and would not know how to answer it. I have found that with a lot of the questions they ask you are your opinion but they are looking for a certain answer so in my eyes it is like a trick question. One other question I found very odd was ‘Tell me about your culture at your pervious job. ’ For this question they want to know what you or your last employer did to enhance job performance and help the crew members grow, develop and take responsibility. The questions on this web site will prepare me for the interview process.

“Flight attendant Facts. ” Qualifications. N. p. , n. d. Web. 31 Oct 2012. <http://www. flightattendantfacts. com/flight_attendant/flight_attendant_qualification. html>. This web site taught me all the need to knows before even applying. A flight attendant must be anywhere from 18-21 to apply. A high school diploma and at least two years of customer service are needed. There are minimum and maximum height requirements. You also have to be able to life heavy aircraft doors. You must take good care of yourself and have a good appearance.

Gazdik, . Vault Guide to flight attendant careers. 61-68. Print. On page 63 I learned a lot about reserves. In a quick summery reserves are, being attached to your cell phone at all times day or night because you’re on call 24/7. For the first year to five years you could remain on reserves. Being on reserves is basically staying on call for other flight attendants who can’t make it to the airport or ones who may get sick. Reserve is not all bad, you may get 15 days off a month but still get paid as if you’re working forty hours a week.

While on reserve you can only bid for eight days off for the month and the rest if the time you are playing the waiting game. One of the tougher parts about being on reserve is that if you don’t fly entire international flights, but the level of service tends to correlate to the length of the flight, across the board. There is a lot that goes into being on reserves and I have barley touch the topic. . “Job Out Look. ” Flight attendant. N. p. , n. d. Web. 1 Nov 2012. http://careerplanning. about. com/od/occupations/p/flight_attend.

htm This source showed me some of the advancement opportunities available with my career of choice. After going through training and then being on reserves, flight attendants will bid for regular assignments and get their choices based only on seniority. Because this is a career and many stay in the career for long periods of time it takes a lot longer to advance then a good hand full of other jobs. Gazdik, . Vault Guide to flight attendant careers. 61-63. Print. I have decided to use this source again because as I read further on into it I also found a lot of neat information on the uppers and

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