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Essay – Super Powers

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  • Pages 3
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    Having super powers is something that many kids dream about when they are young. When you are little, you do not realize the extent of how these powers would change your life. There is a choice to be made when you possess super powers; are you going to use them for good or evil? That is where your morals are put to the test. Flight would have to be the first super power I would to choose. With this super power traveling the world would not be a problem. There are many places and people I would like to see on earth and learn about.

    Superman can fly and this is what sets him apart from many of the other super heroes. By having flight, helping people would be easier also. Not only would I have a view from the street, but I would have a view from the sky too. Being able to fly also gives you easy opportunities to steal, and take what you want. You can outrun any police officer, or even any soldier. This is where your morals would be tested. Could you withstand the urge to do what you want? The next super power that I would want is invisibility. This power would give me the ability to be like a “fly on the wall”.

    It would be especially useful if I were working for the government to get super secret information from enemies. But even if I wasn’t working for the government, listening to what people talk about when I’m ‘not around’ would be very interesting to hear. With this power would come great responsibility. Such a power can easily uproot your morals since you can do bad things without getting caught. You could discover passwords, and people’s credit card information. This also could lead to stealing from banks without anyone noticing.

    The third and final super power that I want is time travel. With this power I would love to travel back to the dinosaur era, when Cleopatra was queen of Egypt, and even during WW II to witness how everything took place. Traveling to the future would give us insight of what we need to do now to help protect our environment for the future. Time travel would be the most beneficial to historians and scientists to figure out the gaps in our history and help us in the future. But you would need to be extremely careful with time travel because of the butterfly effect.

    The butterfly effect is when something so little, as in you being in the past, can change something really big in the future. Would you be able to resist the urge to become powerful in the past even though it would change all history? Looking at both the positives and negatives of each superpower really has showed me that I am perfect the way I am. No matter how perfect a human is, I believe the temptations would overcome even the Pope’s morals. You truly would have to be a “superman” to stay a well balanced and moral person. This is why in the end, I would much rather be an average Jane than be an evil, and sinful superwoman.

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