The Most Important Qualities of a Good Teacher Essay

A teacher is an individual who plays the most vital role in the development of any being. The future of any student depends on the qualities and dedication of a teacher. It is the teacher who creates an interest in students to develop and progress and achieve what ever aims they set for themselves. A good teacher requires skills of Leadership, organization and communication. Firstly, either from a natural ability or through a process of learning, good teachers will have leadership qualities and skills.

They will use this attribute to encourage students to follow the path of learning that has been set for them, and to generate a real interest in the subject. Therefore, instead of viewing the topic as simply a part of the daily timetable, students will look forwards to the experience. Good use of leadership skills can build a leaning culture, with which every student in the class will desire to be a part of and want to become involved.

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The Most Important Qualities of a Good Teacher
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As many leaders within the commercial world are called visionaries, so the teacher with good leadership skills will make their subject come alive in the minds of the student, making it a real experience rather than a journey through hard copy of text books and journals. Secondly, Organizational skills are extremely important to good teaching. This has to be obvious in the way that the teacher has prepared for the lesson they are giving and, in addition, the structure of the lesson, providing a natural flow for developing the subject being taught.

Similarly, if equipment needs to be used or special arrangements made during the lesson, a good organizer will have prepared this in advance. Students will react to the level of organizational capability displayed by the teacher. For example, they are less likely to take a topic seriously if the teacher has to spend part of his or her time lesson trying to work out what they want to do or say next.

Displaying this level of disorganization will lead to students becoming distracted and not taking the learning process seriously, thus limiting the knowledge they receive. Lastly, Understanding the art of good communications is essential for anyone in a position of delivering knowledge to others. This skill involves speaking and listening. With regard to speaking, the teacher has to be able to deliver the subject in a voice manner that will generate interest and response from the student.

However, communication is also about listening. There needs to gaps of silence within the delivery to allow students the opportunity to digest the information they have received and construction questions they may wish to ask for the purpose of clarification, further explanation or to give an opinion. When the student is speaking, the teacher has to use his or her own silence to concentrate upon what is being said, as this will help them to assess how successful they have been at imparting knowledge.

The good teacher will learn as much as the student from this interaction. In conclusion, the future of any student depends on whether it is a good or bad teacher. A good teacher must require skills of Leadership, organization and communication. Of course a good teacher should have more skills rather than these 3 points, teachers should have used their own abilities in order to keep students interests and achieve their gold. But a teacher without any of skills above cannot consider as a good teacher.

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