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The Movie Traffic and Deviance

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The Movie Traffic and Deviance

            The movie “Traffic” directed by Steven Soderbergh uses deviance as one of its themes. Deviant behaviors are portrayed in the film by some of the characters as their means of going against the law and the government. There are various causes and effects presented in the film that put more emphasis on deviance and how it can be avoided.    The overall drug problem in the film merely affects families, law enforcers and the government as a whole.

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The Movie Traffic and Deviance
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The society presented in the film is surrounded by drug problems caused by deviant behaviors. People use drugs as if they are just doing recreational activities. This is on way of how deviants manage their deviances. It is an apparent problem in the film especially on how to control such illegal and unwanted behavior.

The film also gives out components that can be utilized against problems with drugs.  Along with family, law enforcement and government should establish further understanding of the issue and how to combat deviant behaviors.

The government should avoid too much corruption from drugs and focus more on the sociological dimension. The family along with law enforcers on the other hand should initiate a perspective that will provide interesting tricks concerning deviance in general. Viewers will be more enlightened on how drug problems and deviance are relatively connected. It is a context that classifies criminals in justice courses and at the same time a problematic domain in the society.

            In the film, further understanding was achieved by viewers especially when it comes to solutions to drug problems. International diplomacy plays a major role in battling against drugs and deviant behaviors. Proper rehabilitation and family/government support will also combat such social problem.

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The Movie Traffic and Deviance. (2017, Feb 19). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/the-movie-traffic-and-deviance/

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