My Theacher the Person I Admire the Most

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One of the teachers who have had an impact on my school life is Mr.Huyyt. He taught English at CWPPS and stood out from other teachers due to his enthusiasm and thoughtfulness. Unlike some teachers who lack interest, his energy always brought a refreshing atmosphere to our classroom. His passion and care continue to warm my heart even now.

James Huyyt won a spelling competition and impressed us when he began teaching us. Although he was not our first English teacher, we were initially doubtful of him when he joined our class. To address our skepticism, he started the class with a game of guessing people. We each wrote down our characteristics on paper, which were then read aloud to identify the person. Thanks to his cleverness in understanding our desires, we had a fun day and any previous contempt towards him disappeared.

James had an incredible energy and passion while teaching that amazed me. As he spent more time with us, I noticed a unique trait in him. Despite the weather or his mood, he always entered the classroom with high spirits, as if he was excited to see us. He also encouraged us to interact with him, making the class enjoyable and inspiring rather than serious and tense.

James employed clever techniques to pique our curiosity about learning English. Quizzes are a necessary component of a class, but James enhanced them with his own enchanting illustrations to make them more captivating. Additionally, he meticulously crafted handouts, adorned with his amusing drawings, to supplement the textbook and provide the missing information. In essence, he possessed the ability to effortlessly turn something arduous into an enjoyable experience. Moreover, he introduced numerous English songs during our lessons.

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