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The Positive Effects of Reading

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  • Pages 3
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    Many people ( including me) are against reading. Many think it is boring and a waste of time and much rather do something else. Others who are against reading look at the sight of a book and instantly think negative thoughts, like, ‘ It is for nerds’ or ‘ It isn’t going to make you any smarter.’ But there are actually many positive sides to a book too. Books and reading give many examples of how it can affect yourself and society. For instance, it can widen your vocabulary, and expand your articulate. That way, when you are talking to someone, or in school, an unfamiliar word may come familiar to you. Reading can give you numerous skills, including those. It can also take you to new adventures and change your view on the things you never notice when you are in front of a screen. It can change your point of view on how you face new ideas and opinions towards or against the story.

    When you see these new ideas, it can really differentiate you in a new better way and can inspire you to do something or a positive act to your planet or social environment. When you act like that towards situations, it can influence the good in you rather than a negative attitude you may learn from the internet or TV. It can influence bad behavior and eventually punishments and loss of rewards. A lot of people would be different if they didn’t have the internet or web society. I know I have an example in comparison for my sister and I. I acted a lot different than her when I was her age. I had a positive attitude towards reading and never knew how to navigate the internet. Another way that may increase positivity towards reading is by a more selective variety of idols.

    Many celebrities and YouTubers have their own biography, and many kids or even adults have their own idols that they look up to or inspire them to be like them. If there was a wider selection of books or autobiographies of the person and their own life written by someone or themselves, it may gravitate attention more towards readers who have an interest in what their reading, rather than not. That way people may learn more about the person/people they look up to and maybe even find ideas of what jobs or curriculars they may enjoy because of that person. Lastly, if there were more books about modern culture. Many people have an interest in video games, sports, or if they are younger, toys and collectibles. A book about that may interest them, as in something they can relate to, learn about, and enjoy. When a book like that appears to their sight, they may find it very appealing and gravitate towards them. I feel like that may be a good suggestion to improve reading by relating to society and pop culture. It may grab interest and can help relate to real-world topics to understand. It also may teach the reader(s) to enjoy books and read even more. It may also discuss topics they may not know about in order to help or assist on something they didn’t know for the object or games they didn’t know about.

    In conclusion, these ways or suggestions may help readers come to better conclusions about reading a book. It also may gain many skills they didn’t know before by reading a book. An enjoyable book to a student or person may gain their knowledge on the topic to learn something new in order to guide or help them on the sport, game, or object they are learning about. It may also influence them on an idol or person they want to learn more about, and as well as influences for school too. Like mentioned earlier, it may expand comprehension or vocabulary to understand words in school better, and with others speaking in society. If you do not like reading a book, these are some exceptional examples and ideas to change reading into an amusing concept.

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