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The Power of Love and Passion Sample

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What is “Love” ? In today’s universe “love” is a normally used term. mentioning to what believe is merely a relationship based on fondness for another individual or wishing something a batch ; but what does “love” really average. Love has so many degrees of complexness than people believe it to hold. The ancient Greeks saw this complexness and believed that love could be split into four words that embodied what. love was thought to intend. These words were Agape. intending general fondness or a deeper sense of true love unlike Eros.

Eros referred to woo and passionate love or adumbrate love. Philia was the love of friendly relationship and Storge is natural fondness. such as the love felt between parents and their progeny. In this I will be taking a deeper expression into these four powerful words for love. Agape is one of the Koine words from ancient Greece translated to intend love. It was adopted into Christianity as the love of God or Christ for all of world and in return mankind’s love for God.

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The Power of Love and Passion Sample
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Many have thought that this word represents Godhead. unconditioned. self-sacrificing. active. volitional and thoughtful love. Agape has been used in a broad assortment of antediluvian and modern texts. In the bible there is an full subdivision in the bible dedicated to Agape. Grecian philosophers at the clip of Plato and other antediluvian writers have used the word and its discrepancies to denote the love of a partner or household. or fondness for a peculiar activity. Modern writer. Thomas Jay Oord has define agape as “an knowing response to advance wellbeing when reacting to that which has generated ill-being. ” In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Mercutio displayed a signifier of this love when he duels Tybalt and forfeits himself to salvage Romeo from Tybalt’s homicidal purposes. Eros another signifier of the word love in Greek. referred to adumbrate love or romantic love. Eros is a love based about wholly around passion. animal desire and yearning although it does non hold to be sexual in nature. Eros can be interpreted as a love for person whom you love more than Philia. the love of friendly relationship.

It can besides use to dating relationships every bit good as matrimony. Plato refined his ain definition: “Although Eros is ab initio felt for a individual. with contemplation it becomes an grasp of the beauty within that individual. or even becomes grasp of beauty itself. ” Plato does non speak of physical attractive force as a necessary portion of love. hence the usage of the word platonic to intend. “without physical attractive force. ” Lovers and philosophers are all divine to seek truth through the agencies of Eros. In Shakespeare’s drama. Romeo and Juliet displayed this type of love. Philia the 3rd Greek word for love. described the love of friendly relationship. It denoted a general type of love. used for love between household. between friends. a desire or enjoyment of an activity every bit good as love between lovers. It is a dispassionate virtuous love. a construct developed by Aristotle. It includes trueness to friends. household. and community. and requires virtuousness. equality and acquaintance. In ancient texts. Aristotle divided friendly relationships in to three types.

Friendships of public-service corporation are relationships formed without respect to the other individual at all. In modern English. people in such a relationship would non even be called friends. At the following degree. friendly relationships of pleasance are based on pure delectation in the company of other people. Peoples who drink together or portion a avocation may hold such friendly relationships. Friendships of the good are 1s where both friends enjoy each other’s characters. Equally long as both friends keep similar characters. the relationship will digest since the motivation behind it is attention for the friend. This is the highest degree of Philia. and in modern English might be called true friendly relationship. Not all bonds of Philia involves reciprocality Aristotle notes. Some illustrations of these might include love of male parent to boy. senior to younger or ruler to subject. Generally though. the bonds of Philia are symmetrical. In Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Mercutio’s friendship displayed Philia. Storge the 4th and concluding type of Grecian words for love besides known as familial love. refers to natural fondness.

An illustration of this love is the paternal love between parents and their progeny. Storge may be used as a general term to depict the love between exceeding friends. and the desire for them to care pityingly for one another. Another reading is for Storge to be used to depict a sexual relationship between two people that bit by bit grew out of a friendly relationship. Storgic lovers sometimes can non nail the minute that friendly relationship turned to love. Storgic lovers are friends foremost. and the friendly relationship can digest even beyond the dissolution of the sexual relationship. Storgic lovers topographic point much importance on committedness. and happen that their motive to avoid perpetrating unfaithfulness is to continue the trust between the two spouses.

Children and matrimony are seen as legitimate signifiers of their bond. while sex is of lesser importance than in other love manners. This type of love was seen in Romeo and Juliet. Juliet and her Nurse shared this type of relationship as Juliet had been brought up by her Nurse. In decision. love is thing that is far excessively complex to put a definition on. The ancient Greeks saw this and made the four words for love to give a better account into loves many facets and its many complexnesss. Love is non merely a shallow word. for the things that it is used for in the modern universe. Shakespeare showed many different types of love in his many dramas. in Romeo and Juliet he used the illustrations of the four Grecian words for love. This showed that there is more to love than merely fondness. it refers to about all types of relationships. No 1 can put an existent definition on what love is genuinely is. no can explicate what it is. it is merely that is at that place a cardinal inherent aptitude.

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