Writing Is A Passion Of Mine

As a freshman, I came into college knowing my writing skills will have to be at a college level. I learned that after writing my papers, it’s great to have others to revise them just so they can give me feedback on something that I did not include or I need to take out. For starters, I was given very helpful feedback from multiple of my peers. Just by doing that it gave many aspects to start working on. One of my peers have gave me one of the best feedbacks.

She told me “to have a great paper you have to pull your audience into your paper” meaning that I do not need a long lengthy paragraphs that’s going to have the readers bored. A boring paper will be hard for the readers to even point out my main idea or the claims. As though, I am a student athlete, I spend time doing my work in mandatory study hall. I have couple of mentors are there to help me. They also help me point out things that I do not see myself in my paper. The mentors are way older and more experienced with writing than I am, with that being said my mentors showed me how to make my thesis stronger and how to make my claims flow with my thesis.

The feedback that received from both my peer and my mentor I put them into use and adjusted my papers as needed. I still did the same steps that I have done before with the: note taking, brainstorming, my outlines, and now I can use what I was taught in my other papers. I also, can see myself as better writer, I can look at my writing and take out unnecessary information that just took focus off the paper, I can make my paragraphs shorter but still can get as much information in there just to pull my audience in. Lastly, I can show clear information that backs up my claims throughout my paper.

Writing is a passion of mine. As though I do not get to write in the style that I would like all the time, I still can get these thoughts that’s on my mind out the way that I like then put it into a right form of writing. I have grown as a writer throughout the years. I did not know how important revising paper were until I came to college. If I would compare high school writing to college writing my papers from high school would need lots of work even though I made A’s on them. Writing proceeds to be a calming act for me, I do not spend a lot of time on my essays so I have lots of mistakes that I did not catch myself before turning them in. 

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