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Wordss are the most powerful arm adult male or adult female can of all time get. the power to explicate thy ideas and experiencing upon another. The power to pull strings. the power to manufacture a narrative. the power to compose a vocal or narrative. is all powers that the English linguistic communication and intelligence around the universe has brought to us.

When I was an stripling I was non the smartest. I didn’t have a gratifying vocabulary. and ever had to work harder so the other pupil equals in my category. My cousin Blake ever says to me “its non what you say. its how you say It. ” That stating ever makes me wonder of the times I sat at that place stupefied and could hold proved myself and everyone else around me that was impeaching me of the incorrect. Then I took into consideration and decided that I was non traveling to allow myself change to a mindless human being. I started paying more attending to my milieus and what people say and how they say it. alternatively of playing on the computing machine. look intoing my myspace I would analyze the synonym finder by seting random words and happening other utilizations for it. and other paths for the word. Having an extinctive vocabulary makes you see more things that life has to offer. like being able to hold a conversation with out anyone roasting you. and being able to discourse to person and really understand them. To walk out side and non be imbecile. but recognize what truly life has to offer. The individual that has no logic is traveling to lose to the individual with logic.

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At times it seems that pupils get leaned on and manipulated into making what others want or think they should make. Because some pupils may hold a disablement or may non be every bit good as the so call “smart students” . that may do them experience that they are non able to recognize the effects that are involved.

Take for illustration. words have besides put us as a state into state of affairss that sometimes we may hold wondered if we would of all time acquire out of. The war is one of those Cases. because of the words that were spoken between the people in control. we are now happening ourselves in what seems to be an eternal war. So we as a people truly need to watch how we say things. because you can ne’er take back the words that you say. Wordss are a powerful tool. and should ever be taken as a two-edge blade.

White prevarications are besides something that people do. and sometimes they may non even cognize or recognize that they are lying.

Students find themselves sometimes in a quandary. because they sometimes model the behaviour of their schoolmates. and that leads to problem. A batch of times. they do things merely to see how far they go. This includes possibly stating a story. every now and so.

Ask any pupil. and I will vouch they will hold that to them they don’t see anything incorrect with stating a story. because everyone does it.

In decision. I merely want to state that I have learned rather a spot about the power of words. and I will be cautious the following clip I start to state something I think may non be the best look to utilize. I would non desire to ache anyone’s feelings or do anyone feel less of a individual because of the words that may come from my oral cavity. One lesson I would truly wish to convey. is that everyone should truly believe before you speak. If I could go forth one thing behind as a reminder to any pupil or grownup. that would be. “ALWAYS THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK” .

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