The Problem of Syrian Refugees’ Immigration in Canada

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Recently, Canada has been accepting into the country a great number of refugees. Refugees are different from immigrants in that immigrants actually have a choice to go to a different country and to remain there. On the other hand, Refugees do not have a choice except to flee their own country and to go to where they will be accepted into a different country usually because of imminent danger. Canada in the past has permits entry into the country approximately 100,000 refugees from all over the world.

This year alone, Canada has accepted more than 25,000 refugees from Syria, Canada is doing a fine job of receiving refugees but can the country do more? Many Canadians believe they can really bring in many more but there is so much to do. Homes and jobs need to be provided for these people when in fact Canadians still have problems of their own – what is the right thing to do? The right thing to do is to make it a main priority to ensure we do what we can to help as Canadians to give these Syrian refugees a home and to help them to feel safe. Canada is a safe, multicultural country and has a lot to offer. It is the Canadian way to help others whenever possible and that is what makes Canada great.

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The total number of Syrian refugees Canada has accepted to date (Feb 27, 2016) is 25,080. The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has promised to double this number by the end of 2016. The Liberals under the leadership of Justin Trudeau have said that they expect to bring 25,000 more refugees by the end of 2016. Canadians recognize how scared the refugees must be right now because they don’t have a place to call home.

In view of the conflict in Syria, 25,000 seems so small considering there are an estimated 4.7 million that registered as refugees since the beginning of the civil war. The land in Canada is 54 times bigger than Syria and more than half of the 4.7 million refugees are under the age of 18. The minor aged people have been out of school for months if not years. These children are forced to grow up and start to care for their families as they go through something you can call “hell.” The more educated each and every Canadian is about the refugee crisis the better off we will be on trying to save the lives of these people.

Canada believes it is doing the best it can but Canada is only second to Germany in making official availability to the refugees. If all Canadians could educate themselves on this issue and to really get engaged in this conversation to try to bring more refugees to Canada and save more than our goal then that is something that really could make a Canadian proud. A Canadian is someone who helps people because it is just the right thing to do! Canada would do well to destroy the low target or goal of 25,000 and try to make it 30,000-40,000 if not more! It is an opportunity for refugees to thrive and contribute to society and the more people who contribute only serves to make Canada an even greater country.

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