The Reasons Why I Want to Go to College

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College can be a very frightening and diverse place. Many people drop out and others stay and see what they can make of themselves. Some people on the other hand don’t even want to go to college. There may be a plethora of reasons as to why. Maybe they just want to stay in work, or perhaps they have already started a family, and then there are the people who do want to go to college. I myself see college as an excellent opportunity to better myself and start an amazing career and so; I want to go to college to gain financial independence, learn to do something I love, diversify myself, and to travel the world.

If I had to rank my reasons from order of most important to least important financial independence would be number one. I have experienced firsthand the effects of having an unstable salary. People who have to rely on the government or other people for help are constantly worrying about how they will pay their bills, buy groceries, and provide other necessities for their family. In a situation where there is an unstable salary or financial dependence everything becomes a hierarchy. Which bill absolutely must be paid? “If I don’t pay the power bill I can pay the rent, but I still need to buy groceries.

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 If I borrow five dollars I can just buy ramen and eat that for the next week until that check comes in.” On average people who graduate from college make more money than those with just a high school diploma. People with a college degree make around $1,100 a week, whereas a person with a high school diploma makes just $638. I believe that financial independence is crucial to living a stable life. If for no other reason financial stability is defiantly a reason to go to college.

 Many people who do go to college and gain financial stability often times find themselves in jobs they hate. They choose jobs because of the salary they will receive instead of doing what they love. Which is many of them choose to leave that job later in their life. I want to go to college in order to get a career in something that I love. I love solving math problems and taking care of animals so I either want to be an engineer or a vet, and going to college will give me the skills I need to work in one of those fields. People who work in a job they love often times are more productive than those who choose a job simply based off of the pay.

My third and perhaps not so important third reason to go to college is to diversify myself. Many people grow up in the same town and go to a school nearby before deciding to settle down in that same town. I want to go to college to gain a unique experience and learn new things. I want to learn of new cultures and meet new people. Some of the best experiences come from trying something new and I believe that college will offer those types of opportunities. “In college, students make new friends and other connections that will be helpful when it’s time to get started in a career. Those friends they make in college will help them get jobs, and these connections and networks will help them throughout their lives”.

 Lastly, I want to go to college because I want to travel the world. Many colleges offer travel abroad experiences and more often than not the trips those colleges offer are cheaper than if a person would just go by themselves. Doing study abroad through schools also provides insurance for if something were to happen.

In conclusion I believe going to college would be a very diversifying experience and want to go to college to experience a plethora of new things and gain financial stability. I would also benefit my life beyond the career world as well. Studies have shown that college graduates are healthier and are less likely to get divorced. The divorce rate for college graduates who married between 1990 and 1994 is about 25 percent. That’s compared with more than 50 percent for those without a four-year college degree. Plus, people with just a high school diploma are nearly twice as likely to be in poorer health than college graduates.

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