The Reasons Why I Want to Go to College and Finish My Education Career

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“If you`re not willing to learn, no one one can help you. If you`re determined to learn, no one can stop you.” Why is it important to get a college education? There are two answers to that question one is because I want to learn new things and find my passion. My other reason is because I want to also get my college degree so that way I can make my family proud of me for being the first person in my family to go to college. College education is important to me, it is an essential part in my life. And a good college education would help me to be more successful in the future. 

Although college education is not equal to good jobs, it does help me fully prepared to find good jobs. I want an education because I have so many dreams for my future, being a photographer, a writer, an artist, a zoologist, animal rescue…etc and I want a higher education so I have every opportunity I can get to become these things. I want, and need, a college education to fulfill my dreams. Ever since I was little I have loved going to the zoo, and the doctors because I love seeing them help people that need it. My favorite one was the Doctor. I thought the job was so cool. When I first got into college my goal is to get a degree and use it to get a job at a hospital so I could help people anyway possible.

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I want to do something with my life, something meaningful, something that I could be proud of and have fun with at the same time. Things have kind of changed over time. Now I’m not sure if I want to work right now which is good for me because i can focus i my education more but I won’t be able to pay for any of the things I want. But I won’t give up hope that I will still work someday somehow. I know it’s not going to be the job of my dreams but I still want that education. 

Educating myself has always been a dream of mine to accomplish. I want that degree in my hand more than anything now because of all the struggles I’ve gone through in my life just to get where I am in school now. I want to keep going, continue forward, and do the best I can. I won’t be fully happy until that degree is in my hand and being framed to put up on my wall to look at everyday. It will be a reminder of how much I had to work to get it. How I didn’t just give up when times get rough.

I Rather have a ” career “than a “job” to be honest I’d rather work hard for something that I love to do then have a basic job a Mcdonalds. There’s many reasons why I want college education. For one, is to be financially stable and have a set career in the field of study that I`m applying myself at. Also furthering my education is a plus in the world. Almost anybody can have a job but only certified qualified individuals can have an career. I don’t have time to waste so I started to apply for college while I’m still in high school. 

My graduation date isn’t until May of 2018. I have goals and requirements that need to be met in my life and college is one of them. I have been looking for a job for three months now and have had no luck, everything seems to be a “bust”. It’s hard without a job, and even harder when you need money to pay for bills around the house.

College, or an education is important to me to help me “secure” my future and set an example for my younger siblings that are going to highschool, or that are still in middle school. I believe having an education opens up many more opportunities for you & I hope to teach/show my siblings this. I’m the type person who enjoys learning and being knowledgeable, so college isn’t too bad to me. A college education is not a key to “security”, but it does show you worked hard and stayed dedicated. Being a college student and graduating from college is a big thing & in my family, I’d be the first with a to go to college and get a bachelor’s degree once I graduate. 

There are actually a couple of reasons I want to get a college education. Firstly I want to accomplish it. Especially since it does cost so much to attend college, I really want to get my B.A. just to accomplish it and know I worked really hard for it. I also would like to get my B.A. so I can go for my Masters and potentially my PHD. I would love to be called Dr. Another factor is the job factor. it just always looks better when you have the degree and the experience. Most people just have one or the other but when you have both you can pretty much land any job that you want And let’s face it, these days to get a really good paying job you either need (have to have) a degree or have worked your way up to your position, in which case most companies will pay for or help you pay for your schooling in that area of expertise.

I actually somewhat like attending classes and going to school it is just really hard for me to live a broke student lifestyle. I love to make money and have money to vacation/travel and pay for things without using a credit card. So in all, I want to go to college to invest in my education and future. To broaden my overall knowledge in life and hope to become a mad scientist genius in the process. I want to use my education to travel the world, learn other languages and eventually have my dream job. That is the reason why I want to go to college and get an education.

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