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The rite of spring essay

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The movie takes place in Paris in 1913 and the 20th century. Igor Stravinsky on of Rupee’s new composers. His ballet The Rite of Spring is about to make its premiere as we learned in class is the music is not liked by everyone to some people it is too modern and is a very controversial. There was one listener that liked the performance and that was Coco Channel who was a well known fashion designer. She wore a beautiful white dress to the ballet.

Now It 1920 and Igor Stravinsky has moved to Paris because of a war In Russia.

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Coco business has taken off UT she Is mourning the death of a friend so when she meets Igor and they are Instantly connected to each other and she Invited Igor, his very sick wife and their children to live with her. Coco and Igor do have an affair but It ended after awhile. The last scene of the movie show that Igor The Rite of Spring has because loved ballet and Is now a masterpiece.

To me this film Is showing how much of a success Igor Stravinsky music was. Like we learned in class the 20th century was a time of change for music and Stravinsky The Rite of Spring was the first big piece of music that showed that change.

It was not liked at first some people were outraged at the amount of changed this piece had. As the movie showed this piece did not get good reviews the night it made its first premiere. The nature of the movie and choreography given by Nijinsky cause a near- riot in the audience but because of this this musical work is probably the most influential works in the 20th century. Yes this film is historically accurate it is shown in the first scene of the movie when they re-enacted the opening scenes. I did some reading online and the way the choreography was done and the costumes were done satirically correct.

The dramatic impact this had on the crowd was also done correctly because of the riot it caused due to how different it was for the time period. I would think that the actors have to do a lot of research and take the time to get into character and learn the personality of the person they have to portray. I feel like these kinds of movies have to be hard to act out because the people they played were so well known and a big part of history. They also make things more dramatic than it really was because it is for a film and they have to make very interesting to pep people attention.

The screenwriters take on a huge risk of writing the script for the film. They have to make it historically correct, make the actors roles right, and make the story sound good and Interesting. I feel Like one than one theme fits this movie. Obviously this movie has music for the stage because of The Rite of Spring Is done and ballet Is shown In this movie. The other clear one to me Is that music In public because the ballet was done and shown In front off public audience. This movie was not exactly what I thought It would be. The version I watched was In French so I had to read the subtitles which was a little different than normal.

Also I TLD realize that Coco and Igor had a relationship Like they did. I feel Like Igor was not that a great of a man if he would do that to his ill wife and kids. Overall I thought Channel and Igor Stravinsky had the relationship they had. I also did not know that Igor had the family issues that he had with his wife being so sick. I thought that it did very good Job at showing how the first time The Rite of Spring was shown the people did not really like it and kind of had a riot over it. I feel like the real Coco and Igor were probably happy with it.

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