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The story of the aged mother

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Teaching is one of the most difficult profession, but assuredly it is the most rewarding and noble profession ever.

To become a future teacher we should undergo and surpass different tests, these tests will make us strong, well prepared, and better teacher in the future and person as well. One of these tests is the called “practice teaching”.

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The story of the aged mother
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Practice teaching in the UNP-Laboratory Grade School is a great challenge. Sleepless nights in making lesson plans, rewriting it after checking of the model teacher, and making various instructional materials relevant to the lesson and the learners.

Sometimes, in prioritizing to meet the deadlines of the lesson plans we even skip meals especially our dinner. It did not only put our health in danger but our parents’ pockets too. We are always asking their endless help particularly in financial matter because we need budget to buy colored papers, manila papers, marker pen, and etc to finish our needed instructional materials.

Sometimes, our parents are demanding about their hardship in doing their best to send us in school, but looking at their tired faces all we can see love eyes that pushing us to fulfill our dreams.

Standing in front of our pupils and model teacher makes our feet shake, hands freeze, and heart beat abnormal. Their eyes focused on us give us a nervous feeling, but their smiles are encouragement that motivates us to do our best to face them and deliver our lesson with confident, power, and wisdom. Other may have bad criticism the way we deliver our lesson and about the appearance of our instructional material, but on our part we did not take it on the negative side because we take it as opportunity to improve ourselves and another process to go to the next more prestigious stage in preparing us to shine in our chosen profession.

Some pupils may have unwanted attitudes that disappoint and discourage us to perform well in teaching, it may hurt our feelings but we realized that we should not let their behavior push us on the ground but a mission to make them realized that we our their friend who can sit beside them, to listen and to laugh with.

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